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2014 CIS 110 Chapter 3 Computers and Mobile Devices

A ________computer usually has only one user. person
A ______ kiosk allows you to rent your or buy your favorite items, such as movies. vending
A _______ is a power increase that lasts for less than one thousandth of a second. spike
______ clips that users of video message services send are typically 30 seconds. video
MMS is the term for the _________ message service available on smartphones and other mobile devices picture/video
Pixel is the term for the _______ element in an electronic image smallest
__________ is the term for the technology that allows users to view message details such as the length of calls Visual Voice Mail
convertible tablet has an attached ______. keyboard
A _________ keyboard projects an image of a keyboard on a flat surface virtual
Embedded computers are small and have limited ________ because they are components in larger products. hardware
Earbuds are small _______ that rest inside each ear canal. speakers
_________ are the fastest, most powerful computers — and the most expensive. Super computers
SLR is a high-end digital camera that has ________ lenses and uses a mirror to display on its screen an exact replica of the image to be photographed. interchangeable
Most major corporations use _____ for business activities. mainframes
__________ is a device that plugs in a USB port on the computer or mobile device and contains multiple USB ports USB hub
_______ is a portable, personal computer designed to fit on your lap Notebook
A _________ is an alternative to the use of your finger to enter data on a tablet stylus
A ________ is held with both hands and controls the movement and actions of players or objects in video games or computer game gamepad
A _________ is housed in a bay within a metal frame? rack server
Speed, _______________, and price determine the category in which a computer "fits". processing power
Computer _________ include lower pack pain, emotional fatigue, and muscle fatigue. health concerns
__________ types include financial, ticket and visitor. Kiosk
____________ is the practice of sharing computing resources Virtualization
_______ is the process of initiating contact between two Bluetooth devices and allowing them to communicate with each other. Pairing
Credit cards can use _____ technology NFC
Cloud computing refers to an environment of servers that house and provide access to resources users access through the _______ Internet
________ UPS runs off a battery. online
A _______ protects against electrical power variations. surge protector
A _________ refers to the case that contains and protects the motherboard. system unit
The term ______ includes speakers, webcams, and printers. peripheral
________ purchase includes a variety of software at the same time that you purchase your new computer. Bundled
______feet is the maximum distance two wi-fi devices can be to communicate. 300
A _________ is a digital collection of all the photos, videos, and audio you have captured media library
_______ is a type of USB technology that will support older USB devices Backward compatible
A _______ server is used restore a computer that has suffered a catastrophic failure. backup
You'd would use a _____ to connect your mobile device to a speaker. port
When your Bluetooth headset is in this mode, _______, it is waiting for another Bluetooth device to locate its signal. discoverable
Created by: galvanl