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1 and 1st 9 Weeks

horizontal position of text within the width of a line or between tab stops alignment
capitalize all letters in a word all caps
The [up, down, left, and right arrow] keys, moves the insertion pony or to select from a menu or list of options arrow keys
arrange from A to Z or low to high ascending order
automatically corrects a misspelled word automatic correct
automatically saves document changes in a temporary file at specified intervals automatic save
temporarily indented left margin block indent
a straight vertical ot horizontal line between columns, next to or around paragraphs and graphics, or in a table border
the basic unit of a table, separated by gridlines cell
center horizontal CH
changing appearance of characters character formatting
to press and release a mouse button in one motion click
temporary storage for cut or copied text clipboard
remove selected text so you can paste cut
predefined settings such as margins and spacing default
Arrange form Z to A or high to low descending order
rectangle portion of screen where you view and edit a document dialog box
to hold down the mouse button while moving mouse drag
mechanism of computer that reads a disc to retrieve and store information drive
double space DS
to add, delete, or change text and graphics edit
document that has been created and saved under a unique name; a collection of related data stored on a lasting medium such as a hard disk. file.
Subdivisions of a disc that works as a filing system to organize files; used to organize commonly related files. folders.
Name given to a collection of characters (letters, numbers, symbols etc.) with a specific design font
physical size of text, measured in points font sizes
the way text appears on a page font style
refers to text appearing bold, italicized, or underlined format
bar that contains buttons and options for frequently used formatting commands formatting toolbar
A picture, chart, or drawing in a document graphics
Vertical blinking line on the Word screen that shows your current location and where text and graphics are inserted; a blinking vertical line in a document that indicates where the next character typed will be placed. insertion point.
lists the names of the menus that contain Word commands; a horizontal bar that displays command names. menu bar.
an option for replacing existing char asters one by one as you type overtype
a view of a document as it will appear when you print it page layout view
changing appearance of paragraphs paragraph formatting
a software application that performs specific tasks, such a s Microsoft Word or Excel program
to repeat reversed action or changes, usually editing or formatting actions redo
to insert cut or copied text into a document from the temporary stooge area called the Clipboard paste
The Microsoft database application. access.
a key that is indicated by the underlines character in a command or menu name. access key.
used to execute a keyboard accelerator. alt key.
an element in a dialog box that initiates an action when clicked. button.
an element in a dialog bow that allows the user to select options. check box.
removing the document's window from the Desktop and the file from the computer's memory. closing a document.
pointing to an object and pressing the left mouse button twice in rapid succession. doubleclicking.
The Microsoft spreadsheet application. excel.
added to a file name by an application to indicate what application the file was created in. extension.
a holding place for a piece of info in a header or footer the Work updates automatically. field code.
a unique name for a file. file name.
text that appears at the bottom of every page in a document. footer.
text that appears at the top of every page in a document. header.
the way an application looks on the screen and the way in which the user provides input to the application. interface.
a sequence of keys that executes a command. keyboard accelerator.
an element in a dialog box that displays a list of items to choose from. list.
a list of commands. menu.
A Windows application that consists of several applications, each designed to perform specific tasks. Microsoft Office.
an operation system feature that allows more than one application to run at a time. multitasking.
transfers a copy of the file contents to the computer's memory and them displays it in a window. opening a file.
the Microsoft personal info manager and communications application. outlook.
replaces the original files with the changed file when changes are made to a document and it is saved again. overwrites.
sliding the mouse to move the pointer on the screen. pointing.
the Microsoft presentation application. PowerPoint.
the application window is removed from the Desktop and the program is no longer in the computer's memory. Quitting an application.
an element in a dialog box that allows the user to choose from a set of options. radio button.
dragged to size the window; located in the bottom-right corner of the window. resize tab.
pointing to an object and pressing and releasing the right mouse button quickly. rightclicking.
dragged to bring unseen parts of the document. scroll bar.
a feature of the mouse that can be rolled to scroll quickly through a long document. scroll wheel.
icon in a dialog box that performs an action. shortcut.
displays info about a document. status bar.
a device on a handheld computer that performs the same functions as a mouse; also called a pen. stylus pen.
displays varying links based on the current user selection. the pane is found on the right side of the window. task pane.
displays buttons that represent each open file or application. taskbar.
an element in a dialog box that allows user to enter values. text box.
a horizontal bar that displays the name and type of document. title bar.
a horizontal bar that contains buttons that are clicked to perform an action. toolbar.
the interface of a Windows application. window.
Programs of software written by professional programmers to perform specific tasks and run under the Windows operating system. Windows application.
The Microsoft word processor application. Word.
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