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BNW Characters

Learn the characters by their actions and descriptions.

This character is an alpha but due to a problem in his decanting process he is small. This creates a social divide between him and the rest of society. Bernard Marx
He has a secret interest in Shakespeare. Mustapha Mond
These characters get banished to an island at the end of the book. Bernard Marx & Helmholtz Watson
She is Lenina's friend, she voices the ideals of the World State society by warning Lenina for dating one man for too long. Fanny Crowne
Linda's lover on the Reservation. Pope
This character represents the perfect alpha male in the World State society, he dated Lenina for many months. Henry Foster
She travels to the Reservation with Bernard. Lenina
Father of John the Savage The Director
He is Bernard's only friend. Very large for the typical World State alpha and he, like Bernard, is not content with the World State. Helmholtz Watson
She was left on the Reservation by the Director Linda
John's mother. Linda
He grew up on the Reservation and was brought to the World State by Bernard Marx. John the Savage
This character kills himself at the end of the book John the Savage
These characters have studied the works of Shakespeare. John and Mond
They are at the top of the caste system, wear grey, and do the jobs that need the most intelligence. Alphas
These characters make up the second level of the caste system. They wear purple. Betas
This level of the caste system wears black and is considered to be filth. Epsilons
Third level of caste system. Gammas
Fourth level of the caste system. These people work as packagers, construction workers, and factory workers. Delta
She is infatuated with John and follows him to the lighthouse. Lenina
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