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Unit 1

Unit 1 Acquisition

Server Side Scripts processes on server. Active Server Pages (ASP) (Hypertext preprocessing) PHP
Client Side Scripts processes on browser. html
Static Web Pages Stored on the server and does not change unless programmer edits it. Html
Dynamic Web Pages change according to processing results, interactions with the user, and outputs from a database. PHP
Open Source anyone can develop or modify PHP
Cross Platform Can run on Macs, Windows, or Linux
Lamp Compliant Supports Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl industry-dominant web platforms.
Code declaration block section on a Web page interpreted by the scripting engine. <script></script> - html
delimiter a character or sequence of characters used to mark the beginning and end of a code segment. {} () [] /* */ <> <??> '' ""
statements individual lines of code that make up a PHP script.
Echo statements return text echo ".........."
Literal String text enclosed in either single or double quotation marks. "Text...." 'Text....'
Comments programmer notes about the program which do not get processed. /* */ <----!---->
PHP Hypertext preprocessing File (open source) <?php echo "Hello World!"; ?>
Rasmus Lerdorf developer of php (1994)
Created by: gbrooks14