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Mod 5

Mod 5, Office Word, Intro to Computer Applications

When you open Word, it displays... a blank document
The Save command is accessed via which tab? FILE
Pressing the Delete key deletes what text? to the right of the insertion point
You initiate a spelling check from which tab? REVIEW
Templates may contain settings for... text formatting & graphics
You can set tabs in your document using which Word feature? the ruler
Margins... are adjustable so you can fit more or less text on a page
Headers & footers provide a way for you to... insert text you'd like to appear on every page in the document
Enter & Edit Text: Once you enter text, you can then perform basic edits to it, such as adding new text, deleting text you no longer need, & correcting errors.
Indent & Add Tabs Using The Ruler: Tabs allow you to align text using the specific spot on the ruler
Fonts are... character sets for type
Heading 1 is a style
Left, center, right, & justify are examples of... alignments
Paragraph settings are found on this tab. HOME
Bullets are typically used for a list of items... that has no sequence
Format painter is used to... copy formatting from one section of the document to another
Endnotes place information... at the end of the document
One common professional style used in documents is... MLA
A works cited page helps to ensure that you... provide appropriate credit to your source
To create columns from existing text, you must... first select the text & then click the Columns button
What indicates where a new column begins when converting text to a table? tab, comma, or hyphen
Which orientation describes a document that is longer that it is wide? portrait
You can insert a new row above the selected row by... Displaying the TABLE TOOLS LAYOUT tab & clicking the Insert Above button
The process of combining cells in a table is called... merging
A table can be made to look like a columnar text by... removing the cell borders
The Shapes button in the Illustrations group allows you to insert various shapes by.... drawing them on your page
To keep an object proportional while resizing it, click & drag... a corner handle
To turn on Review features in Word, click this button on the REVIEW tab. Track Changes
Word's Send as Email option is set up to send an attachment via email using... Outlook
With Track Changes turned on, Word indicates the author of each comment & edit by... using different colors & commenter initials
If the document has been edited with Track Changes turned on, you can review the edits & use the buttons in the Changes group on the REVIEW tab to either accept or __________. reject
You can share documents using this tab FILE
You can use the __________ software to edit PDF files. Word 2013
One way to store documents in the cloud is to use... SkyDrive
The Restrict Editing button on the REVIEW tab allows you to... limit changes that reviewers can make
Using the Reject button on the Review tab, you can choose to reject a single change or... all changes
To create a numbered list, click the Numbering button in the... Paragraph group on the Home tab
By default, Word sets tabs... every half inch
The Spelling & Grammar button is found in the Proofing group on the... Proofing group on the Review tab
Templates can be accessed by clicking.. New on the File tab
From the Reviewing Pane, you can reject a text deletion by.... clicking Deleted & then clicking the Reject button in the Changes group on the Review tab, or right-cliking Deleted & then clicking Reject Deletion.
Which terms are used to describe the two types of page orientation that Word offers? landscape & portrait
When typing an address in Word, how do you keep the address lines together in a block? by pressing Shift + Enter at the end of each line
To organize information in rows & columns in Word, use the _____ feature. Table
You can change the name associated with your edits & comments by choosing Change User Name on the ______ button. Track Changes
To change the Margin Settings, click the Margins button in the ______. Page Setup group on the Page Layout tab
Where is the Orientation button found in Word? in the Page Setup group on the Page Layout tab
To rotate a picture, select the picture & then click the Rotate button in the _____ group on the Picture Tools Format tab. Arrange
Which type of text alignment will give your document the look of a published book? justified
To create a PDF file in Word... Click File, Save & Send, Create PDF/XPS Document option, & then Create PDF/XPS or Click File, Save As, PDF(*pdf) in the Save as type option box
To use the Format Painter to copy formatting to several different sections of text... double-click the Format Painter button
If your text runs slightly longer than one page, what can you do to get it to fit on one page? Use a larger paper size, adjust the margin settings, or change the page orientation.
The Send as PDF option is found on the _____ tab. Save & Send
When you click inside a shape, which of the following tabs become available? the Drawing Tools Format tab
To create a Words Cited page at the end of a document, click the _____ button in the Citations & Bibliography group on the References tab. Bibliography
To accept all the changes in a document at once, click ____, & then click Accept All Changes in Document. the arrow on the Accept button
Which Display for Review option shows all formatting changes as well as all deletions & additions? Final
To combine 2 or more documents into 1, use the _____ feature. Compare
Which buttons are used for created multiple levels in a list? Increase Indent & Decrease Indent, & Tab & Shift Tab
You can keep your name & phone number on the same line in a document but align your name at the left margin & your phone number at the right margin by.... left align the text & set a right tab at the right margin
A wavy ______ line under the text indicates a potentially misspelled word. red
You can select all the text in your document by... Triple-clicking in the selection area to the left of the document.
How can you use Word to post a document to the Web? Save to Web, Publish as a Blog Post, or Save to SharePoint.
Double click a word to... select only that word
What must you do before you can use Word to publish a document as a blog post? Establish an account on a blogging service
An advantage that documents saved in PDF format have over Word are... the files are smaller in size
Word's built in groups of formatting settings is... styles
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