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Computer skills terms that deal with Multimedia

How would you add a new slide to a multimedia presentation Insert, New Slide
A predefined linkage between one object and another? Hyperlink
How is a hyperlink activated? Single click
How do hyperlinks usually appear on a www page? Underlines or a different color such as blue or red
A type of program in which the user and the computer respond to one another. Interactive
An example of an interactive multimedia application Video games, shopping site, electronic test bank
Type of software application that uses video, animation, text and audio Multimedia
A device that reads a printed page and converts it into a graphic image. Scanner
Diagrams or words that move to show action Animation
To reference the creator or source of information used in a presentation; the recognition that a work is not yours. Cite references
A set of plans representing slides in the sequence they will be displayed in a multimedia presentation. Storyboard
Recordings of sounds, music, or voice used in a multimedia presentation. Audio clips
An optical disc technology that can hold up to 17 gigabytes of video, audio, or other information compared to 650 megabytes (.65 gigabyte) of storage for a CD-ROM disk. DVD
Would you use a CD or DVD to store large video files? DVD
Digital images are usually saved with what file extension? .jpeg
A multimedia feature that allows the user to move in multiple directions based on selections made. Branching
The special effects in motion pictures and animations that changes one image into another through a seamless transition. Morphing
Not moving in a straight line; a multimedia presentation that content offers user interactivity to control progress. Non-linear
Content that is without any navigation control from the viewer. Linear
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