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Interlopers and Dang

What is the overall message of “The Interlopers” bitter quarrels are foolish
What is the mood, or atmosphere, at the beginning of the story Dark, foreboding
What inference can you make about Ulrich at the beginning of the story He is angry and hopes to find his enemy
In the story, why does Ulrich go into the woods on the night of the story He suspects Georg is poaching
Both men had expected to fight each other. Instead, the two men are pinned by a huge fallen tree. What literary term best describes this change in situation irony
When Ulrich offers Georg a drink from his wine flask, what inference can you make about Ulrich’s attitude Beginning to become friendly
What causes Ulrich to cry out in joy Figures coming down the hill
What makes the ending of “The Interlopers” surprising The figures aren’t what they seem to be
How do Ulrich’s and Georg’s feelings toward each other change during the story They go from hatred to friendship
What word can be used to describe the end of the story grim
What inference can you make about Ulrich’s state of mind at the beginning of the story He is vengeful and hopes to find his enemy
Based on your prior knowledge and experience, what can you infer about Ulrich’s motive for staying away from his foresters on the night he finds Georg in the woods He wants no witnesses
Why might Georg’s elaborate description of the two men’s new life as friends be regarded as ironic Such a reversal is unexpected
Who are the real interlopers at the end of the story The wolves
What is the basis of the conflict between the two families Land dispute
What is the effect of this conflict Years of feud
The cause of conflict between the beech tree, or Nature, and the men is a violent story. What is the effect of this conflict Entrapment of the men under a tree
What is the first indication that the men may end the feud Ulrich offers Georg wine
Ulrich crept through the forest with his gun searching for what marauders
What type of conflict is the main conflict in the story External between characters
How long have the two families been involved in the feud 3 generations
What circumstances force the two men to behave civilly toward each other Both are trapped beneath a tree together
What does von Gradwitz offer to share with Znaeym while awaiting rescue wine
What did the men do to call attention to their situation after the tree fell on them called out with raised voices
What are the nine or ten figures the men see approaching at the end of the story wolves
What is the setting of the story Carpathian Mountains
How does the setting affect the plot of the story It provides obstacles for the men
What type of characters are the two men Dynamic – they undergo a change
What did the two men inherit from their families The feud
What is the climax of this story When the men see figures coming from the woods
What is most probably the reason the author (Saki) included flashbacks in this story Provides background for the feud
What is Rainsford famous for hunting
What is the name of the island that causes sailors to dread so much Ship Trap
The conflict in this story is external. With whom or what does Rainsford struggle Another character - Zaroff
What initially makes Rainsford uncomfortable about General Zaroff Zaroff appears to be evaluating him
What does General Zaroff have planned for Rainsford To hunt him
In what sea was the island located Caribbean
What is the protagonist’s name Rainsford
What is the main conflict of the story Man versus Man
What does palpable mean It can be touched
What does condone mean Approve of
What does lore mean Knowledge or learning
What does quarry mean prey
Why does Zaroff hunt humans He is bored hunting animals
What does it mean if someone is resourceful Deals with problems effectively
What does palatial mean Large; magnificent
What does elude mean Evade or escape
What does dank mean wet
What does precarious mean Risk or dangerous
What does affable mean Courteous or gracious
What does ardent mean passionate
What does peril mean danger
What does stamina mean endurance
What is a mirage Optical illusion
How did Zaroff know Rainsford He read a book Rainsford wrote
Ivan was a knouter. What is that Someone who whips people
Who is Rainsford’s friend at the beginning of the story Whitney
Where is Rainsford’s yacht headed Rio de Janeiro
What is the gun store that the two men have ordered their hunting guns from Purdey’s
How is Rainsford separated from the yacht Dives for his falling pipe
After Rainsford lands on the island, he stumbles across an empty bullet cartridge. What type of cartridge was it 22
Who is the first person to “greet” Rainsford at the door of the chateau Ivan
What is Rainsford’s first name Sanger
Zaroff says he has read a book by Rainsford hunting what kind of animal Snow leopards in Tibet
What does Rainsford think is the most dangerous of all big game Cape buffalo
Where was it that Zaroff discovered that hunting was beginning to bore him Amazon
What was Zaroff’s “new animal” and, according to him, “the most dangerous game” man
Why did Zaroff believe this animal was so formidable It has the ability to reason
What would happen to a man if he chose not to participate in Zaroff’s game He would be turned over to Ivan for torture
What items were supplied to the players of the game Knife, food, 3 hours head start
Why does Zaroff smile and turn away from the tree where Rainsford is hiding He wants to save him to hunt another day
What kind of success does Rainsford’s trap have Zaroff nearly walks into it but dodges at the last second and is only grazed
Rainsford’s Burmese Tier Pit claimed a victim. Who One of Zaroff’s dogs
Where did Rainsford learn the trick about the sapling knife Uganda
While travelling back to his home, Zaroff hums a tune from what musical piece Madame Butterfly
What two annoyances kept Zaroff from enjoying his dinner Replacing Ivan and Rainsford escaping
How did Rainsford escape Zaroff Swam to the mansion
Who wins the game Rainsford
About what do Rainsford and Whitney have very different attitudes Feelings of animals being hunted
Why is the island an ideal place for Zaroff to hold his hunts It is isolated, has perfect terrain, has a steady supply of sailors
What was the “debacle” which Zaroff tells Rainsford forced him to leave Russia Russian Revolution
Why does Zaroff first come to the island To build his house and hunt
Why does Zaroff especially welcome Rainsford Rainsford is also an expert hunter
When does Rainsford first realize he is going to be the prey When Zaroff speaks of his “new” animal
What is the best evidence that Zaroff is aware of his own viciousness and cruelty When he speaks of the sailors as scum
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