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Computer Vocbulary

input device used to enter information into a computer.
keyboard A keyboard is a device used to enter letters into the computer. The keys on a keyboard represent different letters, numbers, and computer functions.
mouse A mouse is a tool used to move a cursor on a computer screen, scroll up and down a screen, and select objects displayed on a screen.
scanner A scanner works in a similar way to a copier machine. It scans an image in order to reproduce it. Scanners reproduce images by converting them into digital files.
monitor A monitor is a device with a screen used to show video and graphic information that is generated by a computer.
printer A printer is a device used to make a paper copy of what is created on the computer.
CDs compact disk.
DVDs an optical disk that can store a very large amount of digital data, as text, music, or images.
USB flash drives a very small, portable, solid-state hard drive that can be inserted into a USB port for storage and retrieval of data.
Financial Software Financial software can be used to track expenses, make a budget, manage online bank accounts, pay bills, and more. An example of financial software is Quicken.
Drafting Software Drafting software can be used to design three-dimensional objects, such as buildings and gardens. An example of drafting software is AutoCAD.
Tutorial Software Tutorial software can be used by people to learn about a certain subject. For example, a history tutorial program may teach about a certain time period. Then, it will give the user a chance to take a quiz to see how much the user has learned.
external storage device you insert the device into one of the computer’s external drives or ports. CDs and DVDs can be inserted into special drives. USB flash drives are inserted into USB ports.
output device used to present information generated by a computer. The following are examples of output devices:
digital projector can be hooked up to a computer. This type of projector takes digital images on the computer and projects them onto a large screen, such as a movie screen.
Save As ool lets you save a second copy of your current document under a new filename.
copy and paste Copy does the same thing, except that it copies instead of removes the selection. Paste places the contents of the Clipboard at the location of the cursor.
cut Cut is used to remove a selection from a document, store it temporarily on the Clipboard (a section of computer memory) until you paste it somewhere else.
undo tool, which reverses whatever change you just made
search and replace which let you look for all instances of a word or string of text in a document, and replace it with another word or string.
clip art diagrams, symbols, and other graphics.
format you can access options for how your document will look overall, such as fonts, line and paragraph spacing
bullet list columns, and more.
Created by: geekstudio01