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Stack #165166

french artists 1905-1907 Matisse leader Les Fauves
Rouault, Derain, Dufy, Les Fauves
nationalistic nineteenth-century Russian composers The Five
Cui,Mussorgsky The Five
Ransom,Tate,Warren The Fugitives
formed by Marinetti in Italy,1909; Futurism
Vlaminck, and Braque Les Fauves
Southern poets and critics Vanderbilt University 1920's The Fugitives
Rimsky-Korsakov,Balakirev,Borodin The Five
English poets style dominated the early eyars of the 20th century poetry of nature and rustic life Georgians
uses sharply contoured, simple forms; Hard Edge
nineteenth century French painters in Paris sought to break up light into its component parts and to render it ephemeral play on various surfaces by a succession of discontinuous dabs of color Impressionism
Moore, Riding, Lytle The Fugitives
1920's New York City Harlem Renaissance
Young, Parnell, Blair, Gray Graveyard Poets
known as the era of Duke Ellington's jazz at the Cotton Club Harlem Renaissance
demanded absolute precision in the presentation of the individual image, not mere description 1910 Imagism
Albers,Noland,Kelly,Stella Hard Edge
nineteenth-century US artists who painted rural scenes, especially in New York's Catskill Mountains after 1830 Hudson River School
In 1925 Locke published an anthology of current work called The New Negro:An Interpreatation Harlem Renaissance
nineteenth century from England; Southney Lake Poets
Boccioni and Carra Futurism
Pound,Williams,Lowell,Dolittle Imagism
paintings are precise and cool as if made by machines Hard Edges
Hughes,Toomer,Cullen Harlem Renaissance
traditional manner of Wordsworth Georgians
New York First half of the nineteenth century Irving,Cooper,Bryant Knickerbocker Group
Wordsworth,Coleridge Lake Poets
Cole,Durand,Church,Gifford Hudson River School
Wright,West,Hurston Harlem Renaissance
Renoir,Pissarro,Cezanne Impressionism
Masefield,Housman,Brooke Georgians
Sisley,Manet,Monet Impressionism
seventeenth century English poets used verbal wit and excess, ingenious structure, irregular meter, colloquial language, elaborate imagery and a drawing together of dissimilar ideas; show an intense spirituality Metaphysical Poets
1520-1570 between the Renaissance and Baroque Mannerism
fantastic fiction coming out of South America after WWII Magic Realism
peot musicians of Germany in the 12th and 13th centuries, who were of noble birth, like the troubadors of France, and who produced love songs Minnesingers
name given by Teddy Roosevelt to a group of American writers and journalists who, during the early 1900's wrote to expose corruption and exploitation in business and politics:Steffens,Tarbell,Sinclair Muckrakers
writing which exploits the speech, dress, mannerisms, habits of thoughts, and topography peculiar to certain region; became dominant in the US around 1880s Local Color
in painting, spatial distortion and elongation of the human figure were used to emphasize the effect of struggle Mannerism
Stein first heard the phrase from the proprietor of the Hotel Pernollet in Belley who referred to a young mechanic Lost Generation
movement in abstract art (mostly sculpture) and music towards severly simplified composition Minimalism
(1)wrote about the west(2)wrote about the south(3)wrote about New England (1)Harte(2)Twain,Miller(3)Cable,Hearn,Harris
in general, an exaggerated adherence to a particular manner or style; more particulary, it refers to a style originating in Italy and current in 16th-century European art and architecture Mannerism
incorporates dimensions of the imagination, particularly as expressed in magic, myth, and religion Magic Realism
French symbolist painters working together in the last decade of the 19th century The Nabi Painters
referrd to the men and women who came to maturity between WWI and the Great Depression Lost Generation
Caravaggio and El Greco Mannerism
Andre,Glass Minimalism
Jewett wrote about Maine in: The Country of the Pointed Firs
Hemingway,Pasos,Faulkner Lost Generation
united in their reverence for the philosophy of Gauguin in their belief in auniversal symbol-language of art The Nabi Painters
Fuentes,Llosa,Cortazar,Marquez Magic Realism
Donne,Herbert,Vaughn,Marvell Metaphysical Poets
Fitzgerald,Eliot,Cummings Lost Generation
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