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Digital Citizenship

Computer Safety & Ethics

Which of the following is generally true about Open Source software? It's usually developed on a volunteer basis and anyone is free to change it (correct).
If you want to use a lot of software at once on your computer, you might need more: RAM (correct)
"The Cloud" is: A network for accessing applications from any device (correct)
When buying a cell phone, which feature is the most important? A. Customer Service B. Coverage Area C. Cost D. It depend's on the user's needs It depend's on the user's needs (correct)
Teens can be responsible with cell phones by: a. Assigning a designated texter while driving b. Talking to their parents about choosing a phone and a plan that is within their budget c. never sending revealing texts, no matter the recipient All of the above (correct)
Having the most up to date web browser can: a. increase your browser speed b. allow you to view the most up to date version of websites c. increase your online security All of the above (correct)
Which is an example of malware? a.viruses b. spyware c. adware All of the above
The strongest password would include: Upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols (correct)
Like "HTTPS" Secure Socket Locker or SSL helps to Protect users who share personal information online (correct)
True or False: A virus that arrives in spam could wipe out your entire hard drive True (correct)
True or False: Using a social networking site's default privacy settings is the safest way to go False (correct)
True or false: Paraphrasing an author's words in a paper without citing that author is probably okay, because you're not using the author's exact words. False (correct)
A well-maintained website should have: A. No spelling mistakes B. No grammar mistakes C. No working links D. A and B both A and B (correct)
Why is citing your research important? A. To know where you got your information from B. To improve the credibility of what you wrote C. To give credit to the person that gave you information D. All of the above All of the above (correct)
In order to avoid plagiarizing, you should: A. Always cite your sources B. Ask your teacher if you aren’t sure C. Try to explain ideas in your own words D. All of the above All of the above(correct)
To improve the credibility or trustworthiness of a site, the author should list what in his or her bio? A. Hobbies B. Any experience or degrees the author has in the subject C. Similar articles written by other people D. All of the above All the above(correct)
It's okay to directly quote a source in the paper, as long as you give credit to that source. True
Plagiarism is considered a form of stealing True
Which of the following domains might indicate that a website should be investigated further to make sure it's credible? .net
A possible consequence of plagiarizing is: A. Ruining your reputation B. Getting a failing grade C. Getting expelled from school D. All of the above Allof the above (correct)
What activity is most likely protected by fair use? Using a clip from a movie for a school project.
People have complete control over who sees their online content? False
Songs are protected by copyright? True
Content on the Internet is typically not permanent. False!
Images cannot by copyrighted. False!
Which of the following is true about piracy? A. It’s a form of copyright infringement B. It can have serious legal consequences C. It can be hard to control D. All of the above All of the above (correct)
What should people do when they are cyberbullied? Talk to a trusted adult about what happened.
How often is the cyberbully victim a friend or acquaintance of the cyberbully? Most of the time
When you receive a threatening e-mail from a cyberbully, you should? Save it as evidence
What should you study if you have an interest in developing a career as a software engineer? Programming
What does STEM stand for? Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
What can be said about technology and the global market? Technology has expanded the global market
Created by: eva_rutiri