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Points 3

UB Points Fx

UB-1 JINGMING - EYE BRIGHTNESS *Meeting of UB, SI, ST, GB & SJ) expels wind (lachrymation on exposure to wind, aversion to cold, fever, headache), clears heat (redness, swelling, pain in the eyes, redness & itching in the corner of the eyes, stops itching, brightens the eyes, insomnia
UB-10 TIANZHU - HEAVEN PILLAR *extinguishes wind & subdues LIV yang (dizziness, muscle cramps, stiffness of the neck, epilepsy), expels ext. wind (aversion to cold, fever, body aches), strengthens the Greater Yang channels (soft or weak legs), clears the brain (mental clarity, difficu
UB-11 DAZHU - BIG SHUTTLE *Sea of Blood* Gathering for Bones* Meeting of UB, SI, SJ & UB* nourishes blood (blood diseases, anemia), nourishes blood in outer parts (tendency to catch colds) and upper parts (dizziness, blurred vision), expels ext. wind (connected to DU, aversion to
UB-13 FEISHU - LUNG BACK TRANSPORTING POINT *Back shu of the LU* stimulates the diffusing & descending of LU qi (cough, wheezing, breathlessness, fullness in the chest), expels ext. wind (aversion to cold, fever, cough, sneezing), regulates nutritive & defensive qi, tonifies LU qi & nourishes LU yi
UB-14 JUEYINSHU - TERMINAL YIN BACK TRANSPORTING POINT *Back shu of PC* strongly moves qi & invigorates the blood, regulates the HT (heart pain, palpitations, agitation, mental restlessness), opens the chest (coughing, breathlessness, fullness in the chest, chest pain), stops pain
UB-15 XINSHU - HEART BACK TRANSPORTING POINT *Back shu of the HT* calms the mind (anxiety, weeping, fright, insomnia, excessive dreaming, manic depression), nourishes the HT (delayed development, poor memory, poor concentration, HT qi def in children), stimulates the brain, clears heat, moves qi & i
UB-17 GESHU - DIAPHRAGM BACK TRANSPORTING POINT *Back shu for the diaphragm* invigorates blood (heart pain, stabbing chest pain), cools blood, stops bleeding (coughing of blood, vomit of blood, epitaxis), nourishes blood (with moxa), opens the chest & diaphragm, subdues rebellious qi (epigastric pain,
UB-18 GANSHU - LIVER BACK TRANSPORTING POINT *Back shu of LIV* resolves damp-heat (jaundice), clears heat, moves LIV qi & eliminates stagnation (pain in LIV channel), brightens eyes (LIV related disharmony, blurred vision, red eyes, etc.), benefits the sinews (lumbar pain, pain in neck & shoulders,
UB-19 DANSHU - GB BACK TRANSPORTING POINT *Back shu of GB* resolves damp heat in LIV & GB (jaundice, yellow sclera, bitter taste), subdues rebellious qi (vomiting, pain of chest & hypochondrium), tonifies GB qi (depression, timidity, palpitations), regulates the Lesser Yang (alternation of a feel
UB-20 PISHU - SPLEEN BACK TRANSPORTING POINT *Back shu of SP* MAJOR POINT: tonify SP & ST & tonifying in nearly all chronic diseases, resolves dampness, regulates intestines, lifts SP qi & stops bleeding (prolapse, bearing down in the LJ), nourishes blood
UB-21 WEISHU - STOMACH BACK TRANSPORTING POINT *Back shu of ST* subdues rebellious ST qi, tonifies ST, resolves dampness (jaundice, edema)
UB-22 SANJIAOSHU - SAN JIAO BACK TRANSPORTING POINT *Back shu of SJ* MAJOR POINT: stimulates t/t & excretion of fluids in the LJ, resolves dampness, opens water passages in the LJ (edema, difficult urine, turbid urine, blood in the urine), invigorates the blood (abdominal masses), regulates the Lesser Yang
UB-23 SHENSHU - KIDNEY BACK TRANSPORTING POINT *Back shu of KI* MAJOR POINT of the body, tonifies the KI & nourishes KI jing (tiredness, exhaustion, lack of will-power, depression, lack of sexual desire), consolidates KI qi (seminal emissions, nocturnal emissions, premature ejaculation), nourishes blo
UB-25 DACHANGSHU - LARGE INTESTINE BACK TRANSPORTING POINT *Back shu of LI* promotes the fx of LI, strengthens lower back, removes obstruction from painful bi
UB-27 XIAOCHANGSHU - SMALL INTESTINE BACK TRANSPORTING POINT *Back shu of SI* promotes fx of SI (blood & mucous in stool, difficult bowl evacuation), resolves dampness, benes urination
UB-28 PANGGUANGSHU - BLADDER BACK TRANSPORTING POINT *Back shu of UB* regulates the bladder (difficult urination, etc.), resolves dampness in the LJ (itching, swelling, pain in genitals), eliminates stagnation & dissolves masses, opens the water passages in the LJ (elimination of dirty fluids), strengthens
UB-36 CHENGFU - RECEIVING SUPPORT *local point for lower back pain radiating down the leg (siatica), treats hemorrhoids, but not as well as UB-57 or 58
UB-40 WEIZHONG - SUPPORTING MIDDLE *HE-SEA* Earth* clears heat & damp from the UB (burning urination), relaxes the sinews & benes the back (best for acute excess that is either bilateral or unilateral), cools the blood (skin diseases), clears summerheat (acute attack of heat causing fever,
UB-57 CHENGSHAN - SUPPORTING MOUNTAIN *EMPIRICAL POINT: hemorrhoids, distal point for lower back pain & siatica, cramps of the gastrocnemius
UB-58 FEIYANG - FLYING UP *EMPIRICAL POINT: hemorrhoid, distal point for lower back pain & siatica (when pain is between the UB & GB channels in the leg), strengthens KI, subdues rebellious qi (headache, dizziness, stiff neck), LIV yang rising headache,
UB-60 KUNLUN - KUNLUN *RIVER* Fire* EMPIRICAL POINT: promotes labor, distal point for backache (chronic & def.), removes obstruction for painful bi in the channel (shoulder, back, neck, head), eliminates int. or ext. wind (epilepsy, lockjaw, headache, tremors of the leg), dist
UB-63 JINMEN - GOLDEN DOOR *XI-CLEFT* stops acute pain in lower back & limbs, can relieve urinary pain
UB-64 JINGGU - CAPITAL BONE *SOURCE* subdues rebellious qi from the head (KI def. headache, dizziness, LIV wind causing tremor of the head), calms the mind, ext. int. wind (tremors), stimulates water passages of the LJ
UB-65 SHUGU - BINDING BONE *STREAM* Wood* distal point for any problems on the UB channel (especially affecting the head), painful obstruction of the neck, clears heat from the UB, expels wind for beginning of wind-cold attack (headache & stiff neck)
UB-66 TONGGU - PASSING VALLEY *SPRING* Water* clears heat (acute cystitis), clears heat from UB channel (esp. for eyes & nose), stimulates rising of clear qi (dispels damp from the head, heaviness, muzziness)
UB-67 ZHIYIN - REACHING YIN *WELL* Metal* EMPIRICAL POINT: malpositioned fetus, subdues rebellious qi from the head, clears heat, resolves damp-heat, promotes labor
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