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Points 3

SI Point Fx

SI-1 SHAOZE - LESSER MARSH *WELL* Metal* EMPIRICAL POINT: promotes lactation, (caused by pathogenic factor or stagnation), expels wind-heat in head & neck (headache, stiff neck, acute tonsillitis), extinguishes int. wind & promotes resuscitation, distal point for chronic or acute n
SI-2 QIANGU - FRONT VALLEY *SPRING* Water* clears int. & ext. heat (mumps, aversion to cold, fever, febrile disease, cough), benefits eyes, nose & ears (blurred vision, eye pain, red eyes, nasal congestion, nosebleed, tinnitus), removes obstruction from the channel (stiff neck & up
SI-3 HOUZI - BACK STREAM *STREAM* Wood* regulates the Governing Vessel & extinguishes int. wind (epilepsy, headache, dizziness, vertigo), expels int. wind (malaria, aversion to cold, febrile), benes sinews (stiff neck, occipital pain, pain in back), benes eyes, nose & ears,
SI-4 WANGU - WRIST BONE *SOURCE* EMPIRICAL POINT: hypochondrial pain, cholecystitis & jaundice from d-h obstructing the GB, removes obstruction (contraction of fingers, arm & elbow, pain in wrist & shoulder & lateral ribs), resolves damp-heat (febrile disease)
SI-5 YANGGU - YANG VALLEY *RIVER* Fire* clears heat, calms the mind (mania behavior, mental clarity), benefits eyes & ears
SI-6 YANGLAO - NOURISHING THE ELDERLY *XI-CLEFT* benes eyes, benes sinews, removes obstruction from SI channel (sever shoulder & upper arm pain, redness & swelling, contracture of sinews), painful bi of the feet
SI-7 ZHIZHENG - BRANCH TO HEART CHANNEL *LUO* expels wind-heat (aversion to cold, febrile, fever with neck pain), subdues rebellious qi (headache, dizziness, blurred vision), removes channel obstruction, calms the mind (connects with HT, fright, sadness, manic-depression, mental restlessness)
SI-8 XIAOHAI - SMALL INTESTINE SEA *HE-SEA* Earth* resolves damp-heat (swelling & pain of neck, cheek, gums, yellow eyes), removes channel obstruction
SI-9 JIANZHEN - UPRIGHT SHOULDER *important point for shoulder problems, should be checked for tenderness, removes channel obstruction
SI-10 NAOSHU - HUMERUS TRANSPORTING POINT *Meeting of SI & UB* Yang Qiao Mai* Yang Wei Mai* important for shoulder problems, should be checked for tenderness, removes channel obstruction, good for frozen shoulder
SI-11 TIANZONG - HEAVENLY ATTRIBUTION *removes obstruction from the channel, should be checked for tenderness in case of shoulder problems, opens the chest (feeling of fullness of the chest & lateral ribs), benefits the breast (swelling & pain of the breast, breast abscess, insufficient lacta
SI-17 TIANRONG - HEAVENLY APPEARANCE *subdues rebellious qi (S.O.B., wheezing, vomiting, cough), resolves dampness (goiter, scrofula, swelling & pain of the neck), expels toxic heat (mumps, tonsillitis), benefits the ears
SI-18 QUANLIAO - ZYGOMA CREVICE *Meeting of the SI & SJ* Meeting of 3 Yang Muscle channels of the leg* expels wind (facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia, deviation of eye & mouth, twitching of eyelid), clears heat & resolves swelling (facial pain, swelling of cheek, abscess of lid, re
SI-19 TINGGONG - LISTENING PALACE *Meeting of SI, GB & SJ* benes ears (tinnitus, deafness, ear discharge, ear pain, itching in the ears)
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