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Points 3

SP Point Fx

SP-1 YINBAI - HIDDEN WHITE *WELL* Wood* excess patterns of the SP, use direct moxa to stop bleeding (any part of the body, but particularly the uterus), mental restlessness & depression from blood stasis (excessive dreaming)
SP-2 DADU - BIG CAPITAL *SPRING* Fire* clears heat in excess patterns (beginning stage of febrile disease), calms the mind (heat in ST & SP)
SP-3 TAIBAI - SUPREME WHITE *STREAM* Earth* MAJOR POINT: tonify SP, stimulates intellect & mental faculties, regulates the intestines (abdominal distention, pain & diarrhea), resolves dampness in the head (muzziness, dull frontal headache), chronic retention of phlegm in the LU, str
SP - 4 GONGSUN - MINUTE CONNECTING CHANNELS *LUO* Opening of the Penetrating Vessel* excess patterns of the MJ (fullness & pain), calms the mind (anxiety, restlessness), stops bleeding (anywhere in the body, especially the uterus), regulates menstruation (painful), benefits toes
SP - 5 SHANGQIU - METAL MOUND *RIVER* Metal* affects all sinews, joints & ankles, especially in painful bi or obstruction due to dampness, strengthens SP (tiredness, lassitude), regulates intestines, calms the mind
SP - 6 SANYINJIAO - THREE YIN MEETING *MAJOR POINT: tonify the SP (SP def), resolves damp in the LJ (gyno & urinary problems), moves LIV qi & pacifies the LIV, lower abdominal pain, nourishes blood, invigorates blood & eliminates stasis, cools the blood (rashes or febrile disease), calms the
SP-8 DIJI - EARTH PIVOT *XI-CLEFT* treats acute pain, stops excessive menstrual bleeding or bowel bleeding
SP-9 YINLINGQUAN - YIN MOUND SPRING *He Sea* Water* MAJOR POINT: resolves dampness in the LJ, resolves edema in the LJ, resolves damp urinary problems (difficult urination, retention of urine, cloudy urine, leukorrhea, mucous in the stool, edema), painful bi of the knee with swelling
SP-12 CHONGMEN - PENETRATING DOOR *Meeting of SP & LIV* moves qi & invigorates blood, subdues rebellious qi, resolves damp from the UB
SP-15 DAHENG - BIG HORIZONTAL STROKE *regulates qi in the abdomen (abdominal pain), strengthens SP (tiredness, sadness), benefits the limbs, resolves dampness (mucous in stool), benefits the LI (def constipation)
SP-21 DABAO - GENERAL CONTROL *invigorates blood in the body (general muscle pain throughout the body, fibromialgia), benefits the sinews, regulates qi in the chest
Created by: hchristiansen