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brain bowl

The United States is the only country with official flags for its government agencies and departments. The first such flag was adopted in 1960 and features the Earth and the Moon. It is the flag -- for 10 points -- of what "Administration" whose Summer 20 NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION OR NASA
He wore size 13 shoes, was disfigured by smallpox, and had his jaw stretched by ill-fitting false teeth. Artists tried to cover up those defects in various ways, which is why -- for 10 points -- what early American president looks so very different in the GEORGE WASHINGTON
Though not as long-reigning as Queen Christina of Sweden or King Juan Carlos of Spain, they stand a better chance of being interviewed on B.E.T. For 10 points -- who is our campus queen or king? [NAME OF CAMPUS QUEEN OR KING]
Slavery was abolished in this country in 1807, and through most of its empire within the next 24 years. For 10 points -- name this nation, the first to abolish slavery as a matter of law, whose port of Liverpool was integral to its slave trade. UNITED KINGDOM OR GREAT BRITAIN OR ENGLAND
It is physically, not chemically bonded to surfaces, which answers the question: if nothing sticks to this substance with a two-syllable name, how does it stick to the pan? For 10 points -- what is this trademarked product of DuPont? TEFLON
Their successful transformation from mid-90s break-dancing B-boys to current hit status was due to two lucky breaks: the second, a collaboration with Justin Timberlake, was suggested by the first, their collaboration with Stacy Ferguson. For 10 points -- BLACK EYED PEAS
Born in New York City on the day after Jackie Robinson integrated major league baseball a few miles away, his childhood dream was to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers. He followed the Dodgers to L.A., but he ended up playing for the Lakers. For 10 points -- n KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR OR LEW ALCINDOR
The five-letter name for this common type of surgery is an acronym (AK-ruh-nim) for a lengthy phrase that ends, in Latin, with "situ keratomileusis" (SIH-too CARE-uh-TOM-ih-LOO-sis). For 10 points -- name this type of laser assisted eye surgery. LASIK
In 2004, the governing board of the Pulitzer Prizes announced that this Pulitzer category would be greatly expanded. That came after decades of criticism that -- for 10 points -- which Pulitzer Prize never went to such greats as: Thelonious (thuh-LOH-nee- PULITZER PRIZE(S) IN MUSIC
Her autobiographical works were titled simply Report From Part One, covering her life to 1972, and Report From Part Two, to 1995. For 10 points -- who was this great African American poet better known for her Maud Martha and A Street in Bronzeville? GWENDOLYN BROOKS
When a customer of tailor Jacob Davis kept ripping his pockets, Davis put metal rivets at the points of strain. When Davis needed $68 to file the patent, he borrowed it -- for 10 points -- from what dry goods salesman, whose name still adorns a global ap LEVI STRAUSS & CO.
Politics is all in his family: one daughter is a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State. His son-in-law is General Counsel for the Department of Homeland Security, and his wife is Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. For 10 points -- who is th VICE PRESIDENT RICHARD "DICK" CHENEY
Technically, it's a beetle, but in the Middle Ages this red-winged, black-spotted critter was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, hence the nickname by which it continues to be known. For 10 points -- what is this natural predator of aphids (AY-fidz), celebrat LADYBUGS
Its Henry Lee Moon Library, National Civil Rights Archives, and Roy Wilkins Auditorium are parts of its national headquarters. For 10 points -- what is this historic, and continuing, organization that evolved from the Niagara Movement? NAACP
As a New York Times correspondent during the Civil War, he was necessarily objective. He had more license as a poet, in works including "O Captain! My Captain!" For 10 points -- who was this writer whose greatest license was celebrating himself in "Song o WALT WHITMAN
The least populous of the G-8 nations is -- for a quick 10 points -- what North American nation? CANADA
In late 1933, this state ended national prohibition by becoming the final state needed to overturn the constitutional ban on alcohol. For 10 points -- name this state, seemingly the least likely to approve of alcohol, which is banned by its dominant fait UTAH
It collapsed in scandal and bankruptcy in 2001, but it wasn't until 2004 that its former Chairman and CEO, Kenneth Lay, was indicted for his role in the shenanigans. For 10 points -- name this once enormous Houston-based energy trading company. ENRON
In 1891, Captain Joseph McFee needed to raise money for an annual Christmas dinner and so set out a large crab pot on a busy street for donations from passers-by. That was the start of the Christmas kettles used --for 10 points -- by what social welfare SALVATION ARMY
The most populous U.S. territory has been a possession since 1898. For 10 points -- what is this commonwealth in the West Indies, whose capital is San Juan (WAHN)? PUERTO RICO
It premiered on September 27, 1954. On that very first show, its host promised "This program is going to go on -- forever!" More than 50 years later, it's still going strong. For 10 points – name this weekday night variety show whose current features inc THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO
Older than Hippocrates (hip-OK-ruh-teez) and caused by anaerobic (AN-uh-ROH-bik) bacteria, it is the only vaccine-preventable disease that is infectious, but not contagious. For 10 points – what is this often fatal disease sometimes called for its first TETANUS
He was only 50 when he left office, and like Jimmy Carter, he was an active ex-president. After he explored Brazil's 400-mile-long River of Doubt, it was renamed for him in 1914. For 10 points -- who was this Republican of the early 20th century? THEODORE OR TEDDY ROOSEVELT
They have the convenient property of being too tiny to matter in addition, but large enough to be used as divisors to obtain derivatives in calculus. For 10 points -- what lengthy name is given to these vanishingly small numbers? INFINITESIMALS (in-FIN-ih-TES-ih-muls) OR DIFFERENTIALS
A series of articles he wrote on African American history for Ebony Magazine were collected in the 1962 bestseller Before the Mayflower. For 10 points -- who is this now executive editor of Ebony who's continued his historical writing with Wade in the Wa LERONE BENNETT JUNIOR
When used as a five-letter verb in the U.S. military, it means to authorize an officer to dress one rank above his or her actual rank. Its seven-letter opposite is most heard when a priest or minister is removed from the clergy. For 10 points -- give me FROCK/DEFROCK
This historic square is an unlikely setting for one of the world's biggest astrological devices. Each month, the shadow of its obelisk falls upon one of the signs of the Zodiac, signs placed there in the 1600's by Bernini (bare-NEE-nee). For 10 points -- SAINT PETER'S SQUARE OR SQUARE OF SAINT PETER'S BASILICA
The U.S. gave no military support to Israel in its 1948 War of Independence, and the U.S. backed Egypt against Israel in the 1956 Suez Conflict. Israel's strongest military supporter through the 1950s was – for 10 points -- what other permanent member of FRANCE
Before the Korean war, this January 8, 1815 battle was the last in which African Americans fought in integrated units alongside whites. Ironically, the U.S. commander was a slaveholder. For 10 points apiece -- name this battle fought in Louisiana just af BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS/ANDREW JACKSON
The architecturally acclaimed skyscraper planned for the site of the former World Trade Center is replaced by a theoretically more terrorist-resistant tower. Two things, however, remain the same. For 15 points apiece: 1. The tower originally designed and 1) FREEDOM TOWER 2) 1776 FEET
Identify this performer after one clue for 30 points, after two for 20, or after all three for 10 points:1. His 1992 album, "Predator," was the first album to debut at the top of both the pop and R&B charts.2. To his horror, he starred in the 1997 film "A ICE CUBE OR O'SHEA JACKSON
Pharmaceutical giant Merck had to swallow a bitter pill in 2004 when it was forced to take Vioxx (VIE-ox) offthe market. That pain reliever accounted for 11% of its worldwide sales. For 10 points per ARTHRITIS
2. Merck's only bigger revenue producers are Zocor and Fosamax (FAH-suh-maks). The first lowers what in the bloodstream, and the second counteracts what bone disease of the elderly? CHOLESTEROL
If you fiddle with a telescope just so, you can turn it into an ophthalmoscope (op-THAL-muh-scope). It is not recommended because an astronomer will then see the tiny blood vessels of the retina superimposed upon whatever celestial object is being viewed. CANALS/MARS
Roger Clemens won the 2004 National League Cy Young Award, setting two records. He became the oldest winner at age 42, and he became the only person to have won seven Cy Young's. 1. Clemens' previous six Cy Young's were all in the American League and cam Yankees, Blue Jays, and Red Sox
2. The runner-up for the National League's 2004 Cy Young Award would also have been the oldest winner. Name that 41-year-old five-time Cy Young winner, nicknamed "Big Unit." RANDY "BIG UNIT" JOHNSON
In mid-2005, the Pentagon recommended closing 180 military installations, including 33 major bases. For which state:1. In the South, will lose its Fort McPherson (mik-FEER-sun) and Fort Gillem (GHIL-lem)? 2. Also in the South, will lose its Pascagoula (pa GEORGIA/ MISSISSIPPI/ CONNECTICUT
Females of this species give birth standing up, the baby dropping to the ground. They're usually unhurt, though that distance can be eight to ten feet. For 10 points apiece:1. What species, the tallest land animal? 2. The term for a baby giraffe is the sa GIRAFFES/ CALF
Name this U.S. writer: His 1936 In Dubious Battle deals with the strikes of migratory fruit pickers on California plantations. JOHN STEINBECK
Seven countries in the world have one-word names that begin and end with the letter "a." For 5 points apiece -- name up to six of them. ALBANIA/ALGERIA/ANDORRA/ARGENTINA/ARMENIA/AUSTRALIA/AUSTRIA
As president, he ordered that the mutineers from the slave ship Amistad be shipped into slavery in Cuba. The Supreme Court overturned that order in 1841. Seven years later, he was the presidential candidate of the anti-slavery Free Soil Party. 1. First -- MARTIN VAN BUREN
2. Van Buren was the only U.S. president whose first language was not English. Like Sojourner Truth, he was raised in rural New York state, speaking -- for 10 points – what language of the original settlers of the Hudson valley? DUTCH
In 2004 and 2005, confidential sources got a little less confidential, as more than 24 reporters were commanded to appear in court to answer questions about those sources. For 10 points apiece: 1. What three-syllable word names such a legal command? SUBPOENA (seh-PEE-nah)
This small but influential religious group has refused to join the World Council of Churches because theyrefuse to subscribe to any written creeds, including the Council's generic description of Christ as "Lord." For 15 points apiece: 1. Name this pacifis QUAKERS OR RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF FRIENDS
2. The largest Christian denomination to refuse to join the World Council of Churches is what denomination, whose Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament founded the HBCU Xavier University? ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH OR CATHOLICISM OR CATHOLICS
By January 1, 2005, all bar codes, or U.P.C.'s, in the United States were supposed to have added a 13th bar to conform to E.U. standards.1. First -- for 10 points apiece--what does the U and what does the P stand for in a U.P.C.? UNIVERSAL PRODUCT CODE(S)
He began his writing career at age 36, and within a year was creating what became a series of 25 books about the son of an English nobleman abandoned at birth in the African jungle. For 10 points apiece -- name this 20th century American writer, and that EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS TARZAN, LORD OF THE JUNGLE OR LORD GREYSTOKE
In 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that no "overt act" is necessary to prove conspiracy. That was not the case back in 1807. 1. First -- for 10 points -- what former vice president was acquitted of charges of conspiracy to commit treason because the tr AARON BURR
2. For 15 points -- who was that trial judge who separately held the post of Chief Justice of the United States? JOHN MARSHALL
It hasn't had the media attention of the Lakers or Celtics, but this franchise has proven to be a modern dynasty with three NBA championships in the last seven seasons. Its June 2005 win over the Pistons gave Tim Duncan as many championship titles as Larr SAN ANTONIO SPURS/GREGG POPOVICH
The principal grain crops, in order of total world output, are: wheat, rice, corn, oats, barley, and rye.which one:1. Is brewed to make sake? 2. Which is often considered the most nutritious, though not usually consumed by humans until it's cleaned, toast RICE/OATS
Ernst Stavro Blofeld was a long-time nemesis of James Bond, appearing in seven films in that franchise.The image of him as a small, bald, cat-loving evil mastermind was the one parodied -- for 10 points apiece-- by what actor, playing what character, pett IKE MYERS/DR. EVIL/MR. BIGGLESWORTH
In 2001 because of anti-trust objections by the European Union. In 2004, the E.U. approved an announced merger of the music divisions of the largest media companies of Japan and Germany. For 15 points each -- SONY/BERTELSMANN OR B.M.G.
Plans are underway for the first major Trans-Saharan Highway to run from Lagos (LAY-gohs) on the Bight of Benin (beh-NEEN) to Tangier (tan-JEER) on the Atlantic. For 15 points apiece -- name the nations home to these cities, soon to be linked. NIGERIA/MOROCCO
Canadian Immigration reported a spike in requests for information on November 3, 2004 -- the day after the U.S. presidential election. Understandable, as Kerry carried seven of the 11 states bordering Canada. For 5 points each -- name the only four states ALASKA/IDAHO/MONTANA/NORTH DAKOTA
The American College of Rheumatology lists 11 classic symptoms of this hard-to-diagnose disease. Anyone exhibiting any four of them is normally diagnosed with that disorder abbreviated S.L.E. For 10 points per word -- name that disease whose symptoms incl SYSTEMIC LUPUS ERYTHEMATOSUS
The 1944 Dumbarton Oaks Conference was formally named The Washington Conversations on International Peace and Security Organization. 1. First -- for 10 points -- it laid the groundwork for what organization formally founded the next year? UNITED NATIONS OR U. N.
2. At Dumbarton Oaks, the Soviets dropped their demand that all 15 so-called "Soviet republics" have separate U.N. seats. They settled for three seats technically representing -- for 5 points each – what three major Soviet republics? BELARUS/RUSSIA/THE UKRAINE
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