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Mrs. Moore

Tech Ed

Chat Room An online, real-time discussion group that several people can participate in at once.
Social Networking Using a website that allows people to come together online to talk, make new friends, and share interest, photos, videos, likes, ideas, and more.
E-Mail Messages sent & received electronically over the internet.
Netiquette Short for "Internet Ediquette" or "Network Ediquette" it means good computer & internet manners.
Instant Messaging Similar to chat room, but it's an online, real time conversation between just two people.
Gaming Playing games, either through a video game console or computer, usually while communicating with other players over the internet.
Virus Protection Preventing a program that infects files on your computer from infecting the computer by using special software and common sense.
Piracy The unauthorized use of reproduction of copyrighted or parental material.
Copyright The legal right to copy, publish, sell, or distribute an original piece of work, like a book, song, or photo.
Online Predators A person who uses the internet to attempt to abuse or take advantage of kids.
Cell Phone A portable devise that can make and receive telephone calls and in many cases can also be used for web browsing and to send text messages, emails, and pictures.
Privacy The ability to control what info you reveal about yourself over the internet and who can access that information.
Cyber Bullying Using the internet to send or post messages or pictures that are meant to hurt or embarrass another person.
Reporting Telling an adult about something that you saw online than you didn't think was appropriate.
Grooming How a predator tries to gain the trust of a child in order to abuse or take advantage of them later.
Password A secret word or other sequence of letters, numbers, or symbols that you use to access a computer or program.
Plagiarism The act of using another persons words or ideas as your own, without giving credit to that person.
Reputable Site A website that contains trusted and reliable content from a respected source.
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