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FR4 verbs 2014

FR4/5 verb review 2014

permettre allow
promettre promise
jeter throw (away)
comprendre understand
dire say/tell
parler speak/talk
assister attend
aider help
profiter de take advantage of (not a negative connotation)
descendre go down
conduire drive
tenir hold
choisir choose
donner give
adorer love
porter wear; carry
pouvoir be able to; "can"
emprunter borrow
présenter introduce
appeler call
croire believe
essayer try
envoyer send
revenir come back (also "rentrer", "retourner")
recevoir receive; "get"
vouloir want
prêter loan
prendre take (past participle is NOT "prendu" - it's "pris")
oublier forget (don't forget that "pris" is the "prendre"s pp)
attendre wait
regarder look (at)
chercher look (for) - DON'T say "je cherche pour" the "for" is implied
apprendre et enseigner learn and teach
boire drink
réussir succeed
devenir become
venir come
laver wash
rire laugh
lire read
rêver dream
nourrir feed (think "nourish")
partir-quitter-laisser leave (leave "for" a place; leave a place; leave a thing)
trouver find
souhaiter wish ("ATCHOOM! À tes souhaits!")
penser - réfléchir think; reflect
perdre lose
oubiler forgot
répondre answer
Created by: lfineman