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GK 2


Parc National du Mont-Megantic is in which country? Canada
In which city is the Hayden Planetarium? New York City
Which astronaut, who orbited the Moon on Apollo 8, said the famous line "We came all this way to explore the Moon, and the most important thing is that we discovered the Earth", an inspiration to environmentalists? William Anders
Teide National Park is on which island? Tenerife
Who wrote a 'Consolation To Helvia', his mother? Seneca
Which city was called 'New Archangel' while under Russian rule? Sitka, Alaska
Constructed in 2009, the Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC), the world's largest single-aperture optical telescope. is on which island? La Palma
Rafael Arazarena (1923-2009) was a poet born on which island? Tenerife
What is a calima? Saharan dust wind
What is a docent? A university staff ranking, below professor
What name is given to the systematic study of people and cultures, particularly where the researcher observes society from the point of view of the subject of the study? Ethnography
Which US poet wrote the opera "Le Testament"? Ezra Pound
Of what were there exactly 12 in the "12 days of Christmas" song? Lords-a-leaping
What does LBV mean on a bottle of port? Late bottled vintage
Give a year in the life of Giuseppe Verdi. 1813-1901
Who released 2000 album "Coast To Coast"? Westlife
Which Australian-born pianist and composer wrote "Country Gardens"? Percy Grainger
Red Burgundy wine is largely made from which grape? Pinot Noir
Which Lloyd Webber musical, about football and growing up in Northern Ireland, premiered in 2000 and closed in 2001? The Beautiful Game
Name either of the two country singers who perished along with Patsy Cline in a 1963 aircrash? Hawkins or Copas
Who was the youngest son of Jacob in the Bible? Benjamin
The wine St Emillion is made predominantly from which grape? Merlot
Which musical instrument did Bartlomeo Cristofori invent in 1701? Piano
Which song contains the lyric "Please, Louise, pull me offa my knees"? Footloose
Who sang the song "Footloose"? Kenny Loggins
Whose autobiography was "Sing As We Go"? Gracie Fields
Who composed the song "Ol' Man River"? Jerome Kern
Who is the patron saint of architects? St Thomas
Which 90s song contains the lyric "I swear I left her by the river"? Hazard by Richard Marx
Chablis is largely produced from which grape variety? Chardonnay
In the Bible, who was the eldest of Jacob's twelve sons? Reuben
Who is the patron saint of television? St Clare
Who caught and tamed Pegasus? Bellerophon
Who wrote the song "I Got Plenty Of Nuttin"? George Gershwin
"Walk To The Paradise Gardens" is an intermezzo from which work by Delius? A Village Romeo and Juliet
What type of musical instrument is a calliope? Steam organ
Who invented Coca-Cola? Thomas Pemberton
Watercress is part of which family of plants or vegetables? Brassica
'Classico' and 'Refina' are zones of production pertaining to which type of wine? Chianti
Tapioca derives from which plant? Cassava
Who had a 1965 hit with "The Game Of Love"? Wayne Fontana and The Mind Benders
Who had a 1964 hit with "The Crying Game"? Dave Berry
What is the emblem of St Peter? Cross keys
What was Level 42's first top 10 hit? The Sun Goes Down
Who composed A Village Romeo and Juliet? Delius
In "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" how many virgins left for the coach? Sixteen
Who once quipped "Wagner's music is better than it sounds"? Mark Twain
The Macadamia nut is also named after which Australian state? Queensland
Who was the Roman God of boundaries and landmarks? Terminus
Who is also called "The Lord of The Flies"? Beelzebub
What is made of gin, lemon juice, sugar, soda and cherry brandy? Singapore Sling
Which Chinese spiritual discipline that combines meditation and qigong exercises with a moral philosophy has been much persecuted since 1999? Falun Gong
In Egyptian myth, who was Geb and Nut's first daughter? Isis
What is the popular title of Mahler's Symphony No. 1? Titan
In which musical work are there references to MR Baker, GR Sinclair and Caroline Alice? Enigma Variations
Heloisa Eneida Manezes Paes Pinto was the inspiration for which song? The Girl From Ipanema
Krishna is nearly always depicted in which colour in Hindu iconography? Blue
Aaron Copeland wrote an eponymous ballet about which Wild West character? Billy The Kid
Toblerones are made by which multinational food company? Mondelēz International (formerly Kraft)
What was first introduced by Dionysus Exiguus? The 'AD' system of numbering years
What spirit is the basis of a Singapore Sling? Gin
Who were Isis's parents in Egyptian myth? Geb and Nut
Which three fruits go into making Vimto? Grapes, Blackcurrants and Raspberries
Who was the daughter of Zeus and Leda in Greek myth? Helen
What is the red mark sometimes seen on the foreheads of Hindi women called? Bindi
The bottom line of the traditional bass clef represents which musical note? G
The theme to "Death In Venice" was part of which Mahler symphony? Fifth
Complete the song lyric: "Though Cowards Flinch and Traitors Sneer...." "...We'll keep the Red Flag Flying Here"
In Greek myth how was Asterius (or Asterion) better known? The Minotaur
Whose bust is displayed in the entrance of the Bridgewater Hall? Barbirolli
How is Ian Kilmeister better known? Lemmy (from Motorhead)
Who is the lead singer of the band Elbow? Guy Garvey
How many musical notes are there on a chromatic scale? Twelve
Elston Gunn, Tedham Porterhouse and Elmer Johnson all have what in common? All pseudonyms of Bob Dylan
Which London bridge is the first east after Lambeth Bridge? Westminister Bridge
Which London underground line has the most stations? District
What is the largest of the Cyclades Islands? Naxos
What nickname does the Royal East Kent Regiment go by? The Buffs
Which 'castle', really a Bronze and Iron Age hill fort, is held by some to have been the site of Camelot? Cadbury Castle, Somerset (there is also a Cadbury Castle in Kent)
Peter Scott established which Gloucestershire wildlife and wildfowl sanctuary? Slimbridge
How many African countries lie on the Equator? Six (Gabon, both Congos, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia)
Why is the Golden Gate Bridge painted bright orange? For better visibility in fog
Where is Banks and Taylor brewery? Shelford, Beds
Which is the only London Underground line to connect with every other? Jubilee
Which London underground line is only actually underground for 6 if its 41.5 mile run? Metropolitan
Where is the Timothy Taylor brewery? Keighley
Hopkins Airport serves which city? Cleveland, Ohio
Which UK Princess married the son of a Walls sausages director? Princess Anne, the Princess Royal
Which NW English town's park inspired the design of New York's Central Park? Birkenhead
The Amur river forms part of the border between which two countries? Russia and China
What was origianlly known as Hog Lane Market? Petticoat Lane
Which Canadian city lies on Lake Ontario, 50 miles SW of Toronto, and is the centre of an area called 'The Golden Horseshoe'? Hamilton
In 1929, what was created 5 miles from Hendon in Middlesex? UK's first green belt
The first blue plaque erected in London honoured which person? Lord Byron
What is the currency of both Koreas? Won
Where is the Bight of Bonny? West Africa, stretching from Nigeria to Gabon past Cameroon and Eq Guinea
What is the capital of the Turks and Caicos islands? Cockburn Town
Which island is Cockburn Town, capital of the Turks and Caicos, on? Grand Turk
What is Exmoor's highest point? Dunkery Beacon
Admiralty Arch is actually a memorial to who? Queen Victoria
In which country are the world's deepest known caves? Georgia
Which is the world's deepest cave? Krubera Cave
In which sea is Corfu? Ionian
Which armed service branch operates the Navy's aircraft? Fleet Air Arm
What is the Scottish equivalent of a mayor? Provost
Where is the partner of Cleopatra's Needle located? New York City
Which river flows through Lancaster? Lune
Which river flows through Shrewsbury? Severn
Which two rivers flow through Sheffield? Sheaf and Don
Which river flows through Leeds? Aire
Which river flows through York? Ouse
Which river flows through Ripon? Ure
Which river flows through Durham? Wear
Which river flows through Carlisle? Eden
Which river flows through Cardiff? Taff
Which river flows through Swansea? Tawe
Which river flows through Belfast? Lagan
Which river flows through Athlone and Limerick? Shannon
Which river forms part of the Devon-Cornwall border? Tamar
What is a native of Cambridge called? Cantabrigian
What is a native of Durham called? Dunelmian
What is a native of Canterbury called? Cantaurian
What is a native of Plymouth called? Plymovian
What is a native of Newcastle-upon-Tyne called? Novocastrian
What is a native of Cichester called? Cicesterian
What is someone born in East Kent (East of the Medway) called? Man of Kent
What is someone born in West Kent (West of the Medway) called? Kentish Man
What is the currency of Finland? Euro
What is the currency of Iceland? Krona
What is the currency of Croatia? Kuna
What is the currency of Slovenia? Euro
What was the pre-Euro currency of Finland? Markka
What was the pre-Euro currency of Slovenia? Tolar
Which Devon town, close to the River Otter, is famous for lace-making? Honiton
Yeovil is in which county? Somerset
Which is the largest of the Scilly Isles? St Mary's
What is the chief town of the Scilles? Hugh Town
Land's End in Cornwall lies on which peninsula? Penwith
Where was Henry VIII buried? Windsor
Who did Catherine Parr marry, who was later executed in 1549? Thomas Seymour
To whom did Edward VI leave his throne? Lady Jane Grey
Why did Edward VI wish to leave his throne to Lady Jane Grey? To prevent the Catholic Mary from acceding to the throne
How old was Jane Grey when she was executed? Sixteen
Who painted 'The Execution Of Lady Jane Grey'? Paul Delaroche
Lady Jane Grey was known as the '...' Days Queen - how many days? Nine
When did the LRC become the Labour party? 1906
What did the LRC stand for? Labour Representation Committee
In which year was China's Boxer Rebellion? 1900
For how many years did Queen Victoria reign? 64
Which war lasted 8 February 1904 – 5 September 1905? Russo-Japanese War
From which country did Norway become independent in 1905? Sweden
In which year was the largest earthquake to hit San Francisco in the 20th Century? 1906
Which British Army Officer led the troops that delivered Palestine from the Turks in 1917? Viscount Allenby
What was Pakistan's 4th President, President Ali Bhutto's first name? Zulfikar
How old was Edward VI when he died? Fifteen
What was the firdt name of the Cuban President toppled by Castro, Batista? Fulgencio
Who, 19 January 1544 – 5 December 1560, was known as "The King Consort of Scotland"? Francis II of France
What was the present Queen's official title in 1936? Elizabeth of York
In which year was Queen Elizabeth II born? 1926
Which rebel fought the Normans from the Isle of Ely in 1070? Hereward the Wake
In 1828, Daniel O'Connell was elected as the MP for which then-British constituency? Clare
Who was Prime Minister of the UK at the time of the Slavery Abolition Act? Melbourne
Who became overlord of all England in 747AD? Offa of Mercia
In which year was England first politically united with Wales? 1536
In which year did the Channel Tunnel officially open? 1994
At which battle of 8th January 871 did Alfred and Ethelred I defeat the invading Danes? Battle of Ashdown
Where, in Dorset, is Ethelred I buried? Wimborne
Which English king's pre-battle quote was "God First, Man Later"? Ethelred I
What did the "Unready" in Ethelred II's epithet actually mean in Saxon? No or bad counsel/ill-advised
Which Archbishop of york (d 1023) was instrumental in drafting law codes for both kings Æthelred the Unready and Cnut the Great of England? Wulfstan
Which large arm of land in western Washington that lies across Puget Sound from Seattle? Olympic Peninsula
Which river passes through Portland, Oregon? Williamette
3500km of the border between the USA and Canada follows which circle of latitude, or parallel? 49th parallel
On which river is the Grand Coulee Dam? Columbia
Which part of the Puget Sound, extending southeastward between West Point in the north and Alki Point in the south, is now entirely encompassed by Seattle? Elliott Bay
Which is the largest building in the world by volume? Boeing Manufacturing Plant, Everett
In terms of light pollution, what is the brightest city on Earth? Las Vegas
In Greek myth, the Milky Way was held to be whose breast milk? Hera
In Roman myth, the Milky Way was held to be whose breast milk? Opis
Antares is a bright star in which constellation? Scorpio
What two-word phrase is used for the feeling of 'falling into' the stars upon looking up at them? Celestial vaulting
What body of water divides Seattle from the Olympic Peninsula? Puget Sound
The Grand Coulee Dam lies on the Columbia river in which US state? Washington
Which US city lies on Elliott Bay? Seattle
Which US artist, who works with light and space, is best known for "Roden Crater", a natural cinder cone crater located outside Flagstaff, Arizona that he is turning into a massive naked-eye observatory? James Turrell
Which American novelist, poet, environmental activist, cultural critic, and farmer (b 1934) has written 44 works centred on the fictional Kentucky town of Port William? Wendell Berry
In which US state is the city of Tacoma? Washington
The Sylvania Mountains are located in which US state? Nevada
The Last Chance Range of mountains lies almost entirely within which US state? Death Valley National Park
Pioneer Square is a district of which US city? Seattle
Which is the second largest island in the contiguous United States? Padre Island
Padre Island, the second largest island in the contiguous United States, is off the coast of which state? Texas
Which is the largest island in the 48 contiguous US states? Long Island
Where is the main Boeing Manufacturing Plant, the largest building in the world by volume? Everett, WA
Pike Place Market is a famous market in which North American city? Seattle
Which island off the coast of Washington state, is the 4th largest in the contiguous United States? Washington
The Weschler scales measure what? Human Intelligence
A correlation co-efficient can have values within what range? -1 to 1
Both Natural Bridges National Park and Capital Reef National Park lie in which US state? Utah
Caused by the back-scattering of light by interplanetary dust, what German loanword refers to a faint brightening of the night sky in the region of the antisolar point? Gegenschein
Of 'fluid' and 'crystallised' intelligence, which declines with age? Fluid
What term is used for the memory ability to hold information in the memory and to manipulate it at the same time? Working memory
Which branch of psychology deals with the differences between individuals eg in intelligence or personality? Differential psychology
In which US state is Acadia National Park? Maine
in which US state is Big Bend National Park? Texas
Who is the main hero and protagonist of "Les Miserables"? Jean Valjean
In 1835 London overtook which city as the most populous in the world? Beijing
A different painting to "Starry Might", Van Gogh also painted "Starry Night On.." which river? The Rhone
In which city was 'Earth Hour' first observed in 2006? Sydney
The Earth looks towards the centre of the Milky Way (in the Northern hemisphere) in which season of the year? Summer
What is the most populous city on Earth today? Tokyo
Foulon & Bertier were members of the ancient regime, notoriously hung in which Parisian square on 22nd July 1789? Place de la Greve
In which year of the 20th Century were there most road traffic deaths in the USA (it declined year on year after this)? 1972
What is theriophobia? Fear of beasts
What unit measures the amount of light given off by a light source? Lumen
What term is used for the amount of light present at a given surface? Illuminance
What term is used to describe the amount of light perceived from a surface (by reflection) or a light source? Luminance
Who painted "Café Terrace At Night" in 1888? Van Gogh
What was the pseudonym of Hungarian photographer Gyula Halász, who was prominent in Paris between the wars? Brassai
Who wrote 1985 novel "Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer"? Patrick Suskind
The "Learn'd Astronomer" is part of which poetry collection? Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman
What were the four 'humours' believed to govern well-being by ancient Greek and Roman physicians? Blood, phlegm, yellow bile, black bile
Who famously opined "they f**k you up, your mum and dad"? Larkin
Seen on an EEG, what is an ERP in neuroscience? Event Related Potential
What name is given to the visual sensory memory (SM) register pertaining to the visual domain and a fast-decaying store of visual information (eg your persistent memory of a dark room after the light has been turned on for just one second)? Iconic memory
What does LED stand for? Light-emitting diode
What disease is also called cafard? Depression
Although it technically refers to one of the symptoms of the disease, what term is also an old-fashioned name for rabies? Hydrophobia
Who manufactured the 'Impian' model of car? Proton
What does DEFRA stand for? Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
The Government department created from the merger of the DIUS and BERR in 2009 is what? DBIS (department of business, innovation and skills)
How many gallons are in one peck? two
Drill, poplin and velour are all types of what? Fabric
What does a 'bar sinister' in heraldry indicate? Illegitimancy
In Boyle's Law, what is constant - volume, pressure or temperature? Temperature
What name is given to government by the wealthy? Plutocracy
How is the myositis plant better known? Forget-me-not
DA to DK represents which area in UK car registrations? Deeside
How many pecks are in a bushel? Four
Basting, loop and saddle are all types of what? Stitches
In whose gas law does volume vary in proportion to temperature at a constant pressure? Charles' Law
Theocracy is government by who? God/priests/clergy
The plant 'speedwell' has what colour of flowers? Blue
In UK car registration plates, what area is represented by OA to OY? Oxfordshire
In heraldry what is a 'passant' animal doing? Walking
What is the colour black in heraldry? Sable
What is the colour green in heraldry? Vert
What is the colour yellow in heraldry? Or
How many gallons are in a bushel? Eight
What is the colour red in heraldry? Gules
What is argent in heraldry? White
What does 'rampant' mean in heraldry? On hind legs
The boil weevil attacks which crop? Cotton
Who developed an early steam powered engine in 1712? Newcomen
On 'tenterhooks' is a saying that derives from equipment used in which industry? Textiles
What is the common name for the delphinium? Larkspur
How is the cuckoo flower also known? Ragged robin
The ragged robin, or cuckoo flower, is a member of which family? Campion
Who was the first woman in space? Valentina Tereshkova
Who was the second woman in space? Savitskaya
Who was the second Soviet cosmonaut? Titov
Which RAF rank is directly below Air Vice-Marshal? Air Commodore
What is the RAF's lowest commissioned rank? Pilot officer
Which RAF rank is directly above Pilot Officer (the lowest)? Flying Officer
Who was the first person to walk in space? Leonev
Who was the first American to walk in space? Ed White
Which is the next rank up from Flying Officer in the RAF? Flight-lieutenant
Which UK army rank commands a division? Major-general
What colour is the ribbon on a George Cross? Dark Blue
What is the heaviest bird capable of flight in the world? Great Bustard
Who was the first woman to walk in space? Kathy Sullivan
Which numerous animal comprises 90% of seafloor animals? Nematodes
Which animal makes a noise called a 'bell'? Deer
What is the world's most numerous phylum? Arthropods
Which notional boundary separates Asia's and Australia's ecology? Wallace's line
In which year was it discovered that coelocanths are still alive today? 1938
What word means 'giving birth to live young' in biology? Viviparous
Which type of plane was flown by the infamous Red Baron? Fokker Triplane
Which bugle call is used to awaken troops for roll call? Reveille
Which bugle call is used to signal that all squad room lights should be extinguished? Tattoo
Which animal can squirt blood from its eyes as a defence mechanism against predators? Horned toad
Which species of animal is named for a World heavyweight champion boxer? Jack Dempsey fish
Which economicaly important animal is Bombyx mori? Silkworm
Which animal has the largest brain of any living creature? Sperm whale
What are the smallest living ratites, laying the biggest egg relative to body size of any bird? Kiwi
What name is given to any group of eggs laid by a bird, one at a time? Clutch
Which now-extinct bird laid the biggest ever known avian egg? Elephant bird
In which species of animal does the 'male' carry eggs? Sea Horse
Which famous animal collector (1884-1950) wrote the book "Bring Em Back Alive"? Frank Buck
What is the more common name for the now-extinct animal Aepyornis? Elephant Bird
Which ancient Greek dramatist wrote "Oedipus Rex"? Sophocles
Laius and Jocasta, in Greek Myth, were the Kings and Queens of where? Thebes
Although his real parents (Laius and Jocasta) were from Thebes, where was Oedipus actually brought up? Corinth
In Greek myth, which blind prophet of Thebes was famed for clairvoyance and became a woman for 7 years? Tiresias
How did Oedipus react to finding out that he had fulfilled the prophecy of killing his father and sleeping with his mother, in Sophocles' plays? Blinded himself
Aristotle's views on tragedy are contained on which of his extant works? Poetics
Which French playwright (1910-87) is famed for his 1943 play 'Antigone'? Jean Anouilh
What name did Aristotle give to the 'error of judgement' that sets the train of events going in a tragedy? Hamartia
In a tragedy, which two emotions should be evoked, according to a famous work of Aristotle? Pity & Fear
Give a year in the life of Geoffrey Chaucer. 1343-1400
The 'Octotwin' study of human intelligence took place in which country? Sweden
Who wrote the novel 'Kenilworth'? Sir Walter Scott
Binet & Simon in Paris in 1905 were among the first to devise and use what? Intelligence tests
What term, first used by Aristotle to refer to the emotion experienced by a audience watching a tragedy, refers to the purification and purgation of emotions—especially pity and fear—through art? Catharsis
What name is given to the pseudo-scientific study of handwriting? Graphology
In his 'Poetics' about what form of art did Aristotle say that events within it, should, as they unfold, appear both 'necessary' and 'probable'? Tragedy
Which critical and philosophical term, the title of a famous Auerbach book, carries a wide range of meanings, which include imitation, representation, mimicry, the act of resembling, the act of expression, and the presentation of the self? Mimesis
Which philosopher (1632-1704) fled to Rotterdam in 1683? Locke
Originating in Spain, which type of fiction depicts the adventures of a roguish hero of low social class who lives by his wits in a corrupt society? Picaresque
Which UK Parliamentary Act of 1689, which purposely did not apply to Catholics, allowed freedom of worship to Nonconformists who had pledged to the oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy and rejected transubstantiation? Act of Toleration
Which French philosopher (1714-80) promulgated the views of John Locke in his home country? Etienne Condillac
Whose works included "La Nouvelle Heloise"? Rousseau
Whose works included "Jacques Le Fataliste"? Diderot
What name, from the Greek for 'account', is given to an allegorical story with pointed or exaggerated details, meant to serve as a pleasant vehicle for a moral doctrine or to convey a useful lesson without stating it explicitly? Apologue
In psychology, the 'Flynn Effect' refers to which as yet unexplained phenomenon? The fact that IQ scores are rising year on year
Which later playwright nicknamed Chaucer 'Dan' Chaucer, where the Dan meant 'master'? Spenser
Who wrote the apologue about happiness "The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia"? Samuel Johnson
Who wrote 1690's "An Essay Concerning Human Understanding"? Locke
Who wrote 'Troilus & Crisedye'? Chaucer
Which is the first of the 'Canterbury Tales'? The Knight's Tale
Which is the second of the 'Canterbury Tales', forming a ribald contrast to the "Knight's Tale" that immediately preceded it? The Miller's Tale
Which is the last, chronologically, of the 'Canterbury Tales'? The Parson's Tale
What name is given to comic tales, characterized by an excessiveness of sexual and scatological obscenity, written by jongleurs in northeast France between ca. 1150 and 1400, and later reworked by both Boccaccio and Chaucer? Fabliuax
Who was William Shakespeare's mother? Mary Arden
Who remarked that Shakespeare had "small Latin, and lesse Greek"? Jonson
A nekyia rite in Ancient Greece involved what? Necromancy (calling up ghosts)
Nekyia, the 11th book of the 'Odyssey' involved Odysseus doing what? Descending to the Underworld
A triangular zone around Wakefield is famous for the growing of what? Rhubarb
What name is given to braising meat in soy sauce so that it changes colour? Red cooking
The kitchen implement the "Parisian cutter" also has what name? Melon baller
In which country was Herbert Von Karajan born in 1908? Austria
Who was the photographer lover of Patti Smith, who shot the cover for her album "Horses"? Robert Mapplethorpe
What does culinary term 'farsi' mean? Stuffed
'Clair De Lune' and 'Passepied' are part of which Debussy piano suite? Suite Bergamesque
Who had a 1966 UK no 1 with "Somebody Help Me"? The Spencer Davis Group
What was first founded in 1948 as "The Goldsborough Orchestra"? The English Chamber Orchestra
"Angel Fingers" was a 1974 UK number 1 for who? Wizzard
Which Christian festival is celebrated 40 days after Easter Sunday? Ascension Day
Which Christian sect, founded in Manchester, believes that Christ's second coming has already happened? Shakers
Who had a 1973 Number 1 with "Blockbuster"? Sweet
Who had a 1982 hit with "The Lion Sleeps Tonite"? Tight Fit
'Dance Of The Tumblers' is taken from which Rimsky-Korsakov work? The Snow Maiden
"See My Baby Jive" was a 1974 UK number 1 for who? Wizzard
Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" is part of which larger work of his? A Midsummer Night's Dream
Which Hindu deity reveals the Bhagavad Gita? Krishna
To whom does Krishna reveal the Bhagavad Gita, on a battlefield? Arjura
What is 'theophany'? The appearance of God to man
Who is the "author" of the Ramayana? Valmiki
Which deity personifies temptation in the Life of Buddha? Mara
Who composed the song-cycle "Winterreise"? Schubert
On whose poems is "Winterreise" by Schubert based? Muller
Which composer devised the 12-tone system? Schoenberg
What is the name of the bad fairy in Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty"? Carabasse
In Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty", what is the titular character's real name? Princess Aurora
The name of which instrument translates as 'jumping flea'? Ukelele
What does 'al forno' mean? Cooked in the oven
"I Know Him So Well" comes from which musical? Chess
Who is the patron saint of France? St Denis
What was founded George Williams found in 1844? YMCA
In India, 'thuggees' committed murders in honour of which goddess? Kali
On which island was Freddie Mercury born? Zanzibar
Tasmin Little plays which instrument? Violin
In which city did both Mozart and Beethoven both die? Vienna
What type of instrument does Evelyn Glennie play? Percussion
Who composed "The Sound Of Music"? Rogers & Hammerstein
Who wrote the script for the musical "We Will Rock You"? Ben Elton
Who wrote the song "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire"? Cole Porter
Which musical features the song "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire"? High Society
Which film musical features the song "Mean Green Mother From Outer Space"? Little Shop of Horrors
Paul Michael Glazer starred in the film version of which Oscar-winning musical? Fiddler On The Roof
In which musical does the song "Seasons Of Love" appear? Rent
Which musical features the line "If you could see her through my eyes, She wouldn't look Jewish at all"? Cabaret
In which territory is modern-day Jericho? West Bank
Who was King Solomon's father? David
What is the first commandment? Thou shalt have no other gods before me
How is a member of the Society of Jesus known? Jesuit
How many days does Diwali last for? Five
In which decade was the rule preventing Trappist monks from talking lifting? 1960s
Which protestant reformer (1509-64) taught that eternal salvation was predestined? John Calvin
How many branches does a menorah have? Seven
"You're A Grand Old Flag" and "Over There" are both songs taken from which musical? Yankee Doodle Dandy
From which musical is the line "We'll be over, we're coming over, and we won't be back, we'll be buried over there"? Oh! What A Lovely War
"Adeste Fidelis" is the Latin version of which carol? Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Which week precedes Easter? Holy Week
Which Jewish festival occurs around Easter? Passover
What was the name of Elvis Presley's original backing band? Jordanaires
Which country won the first Eurovision song contest in 1956? Switzerland
Which 1950s pop idol was married to Debbie Reynolds & Liz Taylor? Eddie Fisher
Gado Gado is a national dish of which country? Indonesia
What does a croquet madame have that a croquet monsieur does not? Fried egg
How else is the plant called a lady's smock known? Cuckoo flower/Ragged Robin
Who discovered uranium? Klaproth
Where was the world's first nuclear power station situated? Obrusk
Where was the UK's first nuclear power station? Calder Hall
In which year was Calder Hall, the UK's first nuclear power station, built? 1956
What are Ann, Audrey and West Sole? North Sea Gas Fields
What is the chief ore of aluminium? Bauxite
Magnetite is an ore of which metal? Iron
Malachite is an ore of which metal? Copper
Pentlandite is an ore of which metal? Nickel
Which important ore contains both uranium and radium? Pitchblende
Sphalerite is an ore of which metal? Zinc
Copper, alloyed with a smaller amount of zinc than would make up bronze, has what alternate name? Pinchbeck
Sterling silver consists of silver and which other metal? Copper
What is the birthstone for March (two possible answers)? Aquamarine/Bloodstone
What was Col Edwin Drake the first man to do, at Titusville, USA? Drill an oil well
What does PDA stand for in computing? Personal Digital Assistant
Which mammal has the highest average blood pressure? Giraffe
Potter John Sadler invented which process? Transfer printing
What does DAT stand for in computing? Digital Audio Transport
Who made the 'Pup' aircraft? Sopwith
Which Liverpool-born professor won the 1935 Nobel Prize for Physics? Chadwick
What is a collector of teddy bears called? Arctophile
Who would use an 'alpenstock'? Mountaineer
Who was the first man to orbit the earth twice? Gus Grissom
What is the alternate name for the daffodil, referring to a religious period? Lent Lily
How is the shrub the Buddleia bush better known? Butterfly Bush
Which layer of Earth's atmosphere lies between the troposphere and the mesosphere? Stratosphere
Who invented the spinning jenny? Hargreaves
Which is the world's only venomous mammal? Platypus
What was the name of the first man-powered aircraft, flown in 1979 by Brian Allen? Gossamer Albatross
Which dog famously has a black tongue? Chow
Which office item was patented by William Purvis in 1883? Rubber stamp
Who invented the vacuum cleaner? H Cecil Booth
What is the medical term for crying? Lacrimation
Iodine's name is based on the Greek for what word? Violet
Which tree has the scientific name 'Sorbus Aucuparia'? Rowan/Mountain Ash
What is someone who studies insects called? Entomologist
What are SRBs on a space shuttle? Solid rocket boosters
In which year was Britain's elm popuation decimated by Dutch Elm Disease? 1967
Which invention by Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1947 made pocket-size radios possible? Transistor
Which space shuttle is first in alphabetical order? Atlantis
What was Rolls-Royce's first aircraft engine, launched in 1947? Eagle
What is Germany, France and the USA's national tree? Oak
What comes 4th after rice, wheat and maize as a world food crop in terms of numbers produced? Bananas
Which is the heaviest species of bear? Polar Bear
Do monkeys have prehensile tails solely in the Old or New World? Only in the New World (Americas)
The owl monkey is native to which continent? South America
Which tree has the scientific name 'Aesculus Hippocastanum'? Horse chestnut
Which was the first space shuttle to be launched? Columbia
Which human disease is also called 'rabbit fever'? Tularaemia
White gold is formed from which two metals? Silver and gold
What is the sieve-like structure in a plankton-eating whale's upper jaw called? Baleen
Parkesine was the first man-made example of what? A plastic
Which bird lays the smallest egg in relation to its adult body size? Ostrich
What is Earth's most abundant metal? Iron
What comes out of a hawsehole? Ship's cable
Cashmere wool comes from which animal? Goat
What does a coloepterist study? Beetles
The gossypium shrub provides which common product? Cotton
How many horns do most black rhino have? Two
What does it mean if a boy and girl are described as 'uterine'? Same mother, different father
What is the motto of the London Stock Exchange? My word is my bond
If A4 and A3 etc are paper sizes, what do B and C represent? B - posters, C - envelopes
What is the alternate name of Equine Distemper? Strangles
Which item of clothing gets its name from its similarity to parachutists' wear? Jumpsuit
What does 'coward' mean when applied to a heraldic animal? Tail between its legs
What were originally called 'gadabouts'? Dodgems
Earls, Dukes and Marquises coronets all feature the leaves of which plant? Strawberry
Columbia and Cotswold are breeds of which animal? Sheep
Who employed the term 'conte philosophique' to describe a series of fictions in which he used various fictional forms in the satirical extrapolation of various philosophical issues of his day? Voltaire
Dr Pangloss appears in which work? Candide
Who founded 'The Review' in 1704? Daniel Defoe
Who created the character of 'John Bull'? John Arbuthnot
Marmite, Persil and Birdseye are all brands owned by which larger company? Unilever
What name is given to an interstellar temperature in excess of 1 billion Kelvin? Inferno
Which word means, in legal terms, 'to fail to submit to the custody of a court'? Abscond
Who allegedly appeared at Bluff Creek in California in 1967? Sasquatch/Bigfoot
With what item is a dinghy's rudder controlled? Tiller
Which scientific constant is given the symbol 'h'? Planck's
Whose works include 'Micromegas' and 'Zadig'? Voltaire
What is the alternate title of Voltaire's 'Candide'? Optimism
Which author was sent to London as an envoy of the Irish church in 1707? Swift
Which novel has the alternate title 'Virtue Rewarded'? Pamela (Richardson)
What was the 127m tall 'Northampton Lighthouse' built to test? Elevators
The "Jane's" books contain lists of what, specifically? Fighting ships/warships
Which geological period comes between the Carboniferous and the Triassic? Permian
What did E.I.Dupont initially set up his eponymous company to make? Explosives
DuPont make which material used in body armour and bulletproof vests? Kevlar
What does the 'I' stand for in IHP, where 'HP' is horsepower? Indioated
Low density metals in group 1a of the Periodic Table come under what general heading? Alkali metals
14 of the 15 Lanthanides in the Periodic Table are what kind of metal? Rare Earth Metals
Which element is named for the Arabic for gold? Zirconium
What is the alternate title of 'Clarissa' by Samuel Richardson? The History of A Young lady
Who wrote the satirical novels 'Shamela', 'Joseph Andrews' and 'Jonathan Wild'? Henry Fielding
Who devised the characters 'Roderick Random' and 'Peregrine Pickle'? Smollett
Whose works include 'Ingenu' and 'The White Bull'? Voltaire
What type of animal is a 'tetra'? A fish
Factory workers who made what item were at main risk of devloping 'phossy jaw'? Matches
Historically, what was the (non-existent) vapour that was believed to be the carrier of disease called? Miasma
A snow leopard is also known by what one-word name? Ounce
The land speed record attempt car 'Bluebird' was powered by an engine by which manufacturer? Rolls-Royce
Where did Malcolm Campbell break the land speed record in 1935? Daytona Beach
In which European city is the Museo Correr? Venice
Alexander Calder's 'Eagle' is a feature of the Olympic Sculpture Park in which city? Seattle
What was NASA's first human spaceflight programme, launched 1959? Project Mercury
What was the nickname given to the original Boeing Manufacturing Plant near Seattle? 'Red Barn'
Which sculpture, under the north end of the George Washington Memorial Bridge in Seattle, clutches an actual VW Beetle in its hand? Fremont Troll
What was the nickname of the Lockheed SR-71 spy plane? Blackbird
Bainbridge Island is both a city and an island in which US state? Washington (there is a Bainbridge Island only in Alaska)
What is the main medium of the artist Dale Chihuly (born 1941)? Glass
In which US state is Deception Pass State Park? Washington
The Tundra is a US pick-up truck manufactured by who? Toyota
How many US astronauts were involved in the Mercury project? Seven
The Frye Art Museum and Experience Music project are attractions in which US city? Seattle
Bryce Canyon National Park is in which US state? Utah
The family Sphingidae, including the 'Sphinx' species are a type of what animal? Moth
The third largest of the local group of galaxies, by what name is M33 better known? Triangulum galaxy
"When I Heard The Learn'd Astronomer" is a famous part of which poetry collection? Leaves of Grass (Whitman)
Great Basin National Park is in which US state? Nevada
The North American chickadees belong to which family of birds? Tits
Which of these worsens most with age: verbal reasoning, general knowledge or spatial and perceptual reasoning? Spatial and perceptual reasoning
in statistics, what name is given to a group of subjects who have shared a particular event together during a particular time span (e.g., people born in Europe between 1918 and 1939; survivors of an aircrash)? Cohort
What does a small 'g' stand for in human intelligence studies? General factor
In which state is the Wupatki National Monument? Arizona
In which large US national park are the Quinact rainforest and Queets River? Olympic National Park
Eureka Valley is a neighbourhood in which US city? San Francisco
What is the capital of the US state of Washington? Olympia
Olympia, Washington lies on the southern shores of which body of water? Puget Sound (via the Budd Inlet)
What is the nickname given to a bloodless 1859 dispute between the USA and the British Empire over the San Juan Islands? Pig War
Orcas and Lopez islands belong to which larger group off the coast of Washington state, USA? San Juan Islands
In which US state is Sequoia National Park? California
Site of a famous observatory, which dormant volcano is Hawaii's highest point? Mauna Kea
Thomas Hobbes lived exclusively in which century? Seventeenth
How many pieces of music are chosen by a interviewee on Desert Island Discs? Eight
In which year was Desert Island Discs first broadcast? 1942
The Pevensy Children and Professor Kirke feature in which books? Chronicles of Narnia
Who wrote the story of 'Androcles and the Lion'? Aesop
'Sir Gawain and The Green Knight' is set at what time of year? Christmastime
'Sir Gawain and The Green Knight' is set at whose court? King Arthur
Where was the first campus of the University of California founded in 1868? Berkeley
Heracles defeated which famous wrestler, the son of Poseidon and Gaia, by trapping him in a bearhug? Antaeus
In Homeric myth, to what race did Polyphemus belong? Cyclops
Who wrote the 1808 poem 'Hyperion'? Keats
Keats poem 'Hyperion' is abiout the battle between who? Titans and Olympians
Which Titan did Neptune (or Poseidon) replace as God of The Sea? Oceanus
who wrote 'The Convergence Of The Twain (Lines on the Loss of The Titanic)'? Thomas Hardy
Of where was Gilgamesh, featured in the famous epic, a king? Uruk
In the 'epic of Gilgamesh' which character, created by the gods, first battles, but later befriends Gilgamesh? Enkidu
In which religion is paradise known as the 'House of Song'? Zoroastrianism
In which century was the very first Olympic games? 8th BC (776BC)
2637BC is the mythical start date of what dating system? Chinese calendar
Calens was which day of the Roman month? 1st
Which sport was developed in China after 1949, in an effort to standardize the practice of traditional Chinese martial arts? Wushu
Whose middle names were Fingal O'Flahertie Wills? Oscar Wilde
From which work does the phrase "all men kill the thing they love" come? Wilde's Ballad of Reading Gaol
Whose 1864 essay was "The Painter of Modern Life"? Baudelaire
Give a year in the life of Walt Whitman. 1819-92
Who was Oscar Wilde's young lover - a scandal that led to his arrest and imprisonment? Lord Alfred Douglas
What was the nickname of Oscar Wilde's lover Lord Arthur Douglas? Bosie
From which Oxbridge college was Oscar Wilde an alumni? Magdalen, Oxford
Who wrote "Manhattan Streets I Saunter'd, Pondering"? Whitman
Which English poet (13 July 1793 – 20 May 1864) came to be known for his celebratory representations of the English countryside and his lamentation of its disruption? John Clare
Which archer was recalled by the Greeks to fight at Troy in the Iliad, despite an offensive wound? Philoctetes
What name is given to a habitable attic or small (and possibly dismal or cramped) living space at the top of a house? Garret
Which term meaning ‘poet’, is generally used for poets who composed at the courts of Scandinavian and Icelandic leaders during the Viking Age and Middle Ages? Skald
Who wrote "Lay Of The Last Minstrel" in 1805? Walter Scott
When was the "Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress" renamed the US Poet Laureate? 1986
Generally regarded as one of the worst ever, was Poet Laureate from 1790 to 1813? Henry Pye
Who wrote "A Vision Of Judgement", a poem on the death of George III? Southey
Who satirised Southey with his poem "The Vision of Judgement"? Byron
In which poem does the line "Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" appear? In Memoriam (Tennyson)
Of what disease did Prince Albert die in 1861? Typhoid
Who composed poems "Idylls Of The King" and "The Charge Of The Light Brigade"? Tennyson
Give a year in the life of poet Gerard Manley Hopkins. 1844-89
Who was Poet Laureate from 1913 to 1930? Robert Bridges
Although first published in 1922, which book was not made available legally in the UK until 1936? Ulysses
Who wrote "Huis Clos" (No Exit) in 1945? Sartre
Which prominent and controversial French novelist, playwright, poet, essayist, and political activist's works include the novels Querelle of Brest, The Thief's Journal, and Our Lady of the Flowers, and the plays The Balcony, The Blacks & The Screens? Jean Genet
Who wrote 1836 play "The Inspector General"? Gogol
Which pop group released 1986 LP 'Silk & Steel'? Five Star
Who first said "cleanliness is next to Godliness"? John Wesley
Which branch of Christianity did John Wesley found? Methodism
Which Liverpool pop band featured brothers Roger, Garry & Russell? The Christians
What was originally called "Brad's Drink"? Pepsi-Cola
Who invented Pepsi? Caleb Bradham
What is the alternative name of 'Childermas'? Holy Innocents' Day
What creates the white smoke of a papal election? Burning ballot papers
The Nicholas family of Wythenshawe invented which soft drink? Vimto
What is Gary Numan's real name? Gary Webb
Which musician originally invented the psuedonym 'Napoleon Dynamite'? Elvis Costello
What is Elvis Costello's real name? Declan McManus
Which 10-headed demon king carries off Rama's wife, Sita, in Hindu legend? Ravana
Who was the wife of Orpheus, who in Greek Myth, he entered Hades in an attempt to retrieve? Eurydice
Who had a 1971 No 2 with "Witch Queen Of New Orleans"? Redbone
Who had a 1974 No 3 with "There's A Ghost In My House"? R Dean Taylor
What animal's head did Egyptian God Anubis possess? Jackal
Egyptian deity Apis had the head of which animal? Bull
Apis was an Egyptian deity particularly revered in which ancient city? Memphis
In Egyptian myth, who were the parents of Horus? Osiris and Isis
Horus had the head of which animal in Egyptian myth? Falcon
Who was the Egyptian goddess of fertility? Isis
Who was the Ancient Egyptian God of creation? Ptah
Who was Ancient Egypt's sun god? Ra
Other than at Memphis (where it was Ptah), for most of Ancient Egyptian history, who was their chief God? Osiris
Who was the God of Evil in Ancient Egypt? Set(h)
Which Ancient Egyptian deity was killed and cut up by Set? Osiris
What was the job of Thoth in Ancient Egyptian myth? Scribe
In Ancient Egypt, of what was Thoth the God? Wisdom, Learning, Scribes
Thoth had the head of which animal in Ancient Egyptian myth? Ibis
Who were Achilles' parents in Egyptian myth? Peleus and Thetis
Who fired the arrow that killed Achilles in Homeric myth? Paris
Which West End musical's opening scene is set at an auction? Phantom Of The Opera
Who composed 'The Sabre Dance'? Khachaturian
Which pop song is based on Bach's "Sleepers Awake"? A Whiter Shade Of Pale
Who sung 1977 hit "Don't It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue"? Crystal Gayle
What was the first UK Top 10 hit for the Rolling Stones? Not Fade Away
Which Bee Gee married Lulu? Maurice Gibb
Encyclicals are sent by the Pope to whom? Archbishops
Who had a 1962 comedy number one "Come Outside"? Mike Sarne
Who provided humorous vocal interjections to Mike Sarne's Number 1 "Come Outside"? Wendy Richard
In which town was Buddy Holly born? Lubbock, Texas
Who gave up his plane seat to the Big Bopper on the ill-fated Buddy Holly flight in Feb 1959? Waylon Jennings
Which Afrikaans word is given to strips of sundried meat? Biltong
Fedor and Marina Mnishek are characters in which opera? Boris Gudonov (Mussorgsky)
Suky Tawdry and Captain Vere appear in which opera? Billy Budd (Britten)
Arbroath Smokies are made from which fish? Haddock
Queenies are a nickname given to which shellfish? Scallops
'Hoover Hogs' eaten in desperation during the US Great Depression, are actually which animal? Armadillos
What was The Singing Nun's real name? Jeanne Deckers
Who did Wendy Richard play in Eastenders? Pauline Fowler
In the song, which bells said "you owe me six farthings"? St Martin's
What (modern-day, given his place of birth) nationality was St Valentine? Italian
Who had a 1950 Number 1 with "This Ole House"? Rosemary Clooney
Which West End musical involves cast members on roller skates? Starlight Express
A charango is a Peruvian mandolin made from which animal? Armadillo
How is singer Thomas Woodward better known? Tom Jones
In the lyrics to the song what follows "There is an old mill by a stream"? Nellie Dean
Topol is a character in which musical? Fiddler On The Roof
Who sung about 'Blueberry Hill'? Fats Domino
Gateau des Rois is eaten in France on which occasion? Epiphany
Aaron belonged to which tribe, according to the Bible? Levites
Other than Sarah, in the Bible who is mentioned as Abraham's wife (he married her after Sarah died)? Keturah
What is the traditional site given for the Ascension of Jesus? Mount of Olives/Bethany
Which vitamin is also called tocopherol? Vitamin E
Which aid to safety was invented by George William Manby in 1818, (although in the US a version was patented in 1863 by Alanson Crane)? Fire Extinguisher
Scottish blacksmith Kirkpatrick MacMillan is generally credited with inventing what? Bicycle
Who invented the carpet sweeper? Melville Bissell
Who invented cat's eyes for the road? Percy Shaw
The German Christine Hardt patented the first modern example of what in 1889? Bra
Who won a prize from Napoleon for inventing canning, and since 1942 has had a prize in food technology named after him? Nicholas Appert
The point on the rim of a rolling wheel follows what shape as the wheel moves? Cycloid
What is Bolyai–Lobachevskian geometry better known as? Hyperbolic geometry
Hyperbolic geometry and elliptic geometry are the two classic types of what broader category? Non-Euclidean geometry
Using llame thread, what device was used by the Incas for counting? Quipu
James Jacob Ritty (29 October 1836 – 29 March 1918) is often credited with inventing what? Cash register
In which Indian city was there a major chemical disaster in 1984? Bhopal
Which gas was involved in the 1984 Bhopal disaster? Methyl Isocyanate
In which field is the Nicholas Appert Prize awarded? Food technology
What is the SI unit of magnetic flux? Weber
What is the conventional name in English for fine tin-glazed pottery on a delicate pale buff earthenware body? Faience
From which town does Faience take its name? Faenza, Italy
What is the name given to the process of using a reducing agent, often a form of carbon, to extract a metal from its ore? Smelting
What name is given to the naturally-occurring gold-silver alloy? Electrum
What process involves immersing white-hot metal into water in order to cool it rapidly? Quenching
What name is given to the metalworking technique in which a malleable metal is ornamented or shaped by hammering from the reverse side to create a design in low relief? Repoussé
What is the study of the causes of disease? Epidemiology
What term is used for the measure of strength between an antigen and an antibody? Affinity
What does AIDS stand for? Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Which molecule, common to all green plants, does algae lack? Chlorophyll
What name is given to the study of algae? Algology
A compound with no delocalised electrons is described by what term? Aliphatic
The different naturally-existing forms of chemical elements (such as graphite and diamond, both forms of carbon) are given what name in relation to each other? Allotropes
Who wrote "The Wonders of Geology", and named the iguanadon - his work is seen as starting the scientific study of dinosaurs? Gideon Mantell
Which epoch preceded the current Holocene epoch? Pleistocene
What name is given to a positively-charged particle, emitted from a radioactive atom's nucleus? Alpha-particle
How is the "Californian Perfume Company" now known? Avon
Which eponymous area of the human brain controls the physical production of speech? Broca's area
What is the most common tree species in Britain? Sitka spruce
Which land animal makes the longest migration? Caribou
Which product started out life named "The Amazing Oxygen Washer"? Persil
Which high street chain is named after the then-girlfriend of Kim Caborn Waterfield? Ann Summers
Which piece of chemistry lab equipment separates a mixture of liquids, the most common type being a 'Vigreux'? Fractionating column
What is a young horse called? Foal
What is a young deer called? Fawn
What is found in a ewer? Water
How many gallons comprise a bushel? Eight
What is found in a band-box? Hats
What is a 'cucharacha' in Spanish? Cockroach
What is the 'bole' of a tree? Trunk
The 'Ghosh Test' applies to what in UK courts? Dishonesty
Which unit of weight was originally equivalent to one carob bean? One carat
What were designed and manufactured by Timothy Hackworth and William Hedley? Railway Engines
How is the flower myositis also known? Forget-me-not
What colour is lignite, considered the lowest rank of coal? Brown
What was the dog, the chow-chow first bred for? To eat
What was designed and manufactured by Henri Farman and Glenn Curtis? Aeroplanes
Uffa Fox (1898-1972) designed and wrote about what? Sailing boats, yachts
Which bird has varieties called small whites, bronzes and blacks? Turkeys
Malic acid is found in, and named after the Latin for, which fruit? Apples
Which alloy consists of 85-99% tin, with small amounts of copper and antimony, and sometimes bismuth and lead? Pewter
Which conifer, a form of cypress, is much used in horticulture and is reknowned for being able to grow at about 1m a year? Leylandii
Who rules in a hagiocracy? Religious leaders
Bell metal is an alloy of copper and what else? Tin
Which company used the slogan "stop being English"? IKEA
Who gave his name to a type of air-brake used on the railways? Westinghouse
Who was born in 1452, the illegitimate son of Piero and Caterina, the latter possibly an Arabic slave? Leonardo da Vinci
Which elastic scattering of light or other electromagnetic radiation by particles much smaller than the wavelength of the light gives the sky its blue colour? Rayleigh scattering
Which (initially Robert Adam-designed) church with a green copper dome, stands in Edinburgh's Charlotte Square? St George's
Which large column stands in Edinburgh's St Andrew Square? Melville Monument
Who was the first UK's Secretary of State for War and became, in 1806, the last person to be impeached in the United Kingdom? Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville
Which Lighthouse, off the coast of Angus, Scotland, is the world's oldest surviving sea-washed example? Bell Rock
The Bell Rock, site of the famous lighthouse, is a reef 11 miles off the coast of Angus that also goes by what name? Inchcape
Which Scots civil engineer (8 June 1772 – 12 July 1850) was a famed builder of lighthouses? Robert Stevenson
In which modern-day country was Billy Wilder born? Poland
Billy Wilder won an Academy Award for producer, director and screenwriter for the same film - which one? The Apartment
Who is the most nominated director in Academy Award history? William Wyler
Who directed 'Some Like It Hot, 'The Seven Year Itch' and 'Double Indemnity'? Billy Wilder
Which Stoic philosopher, born a slave, had his teachings written down by his pupil Arrian in 'Discourses'? Epictetus
Isaac Newton was twice elected MP for which constituency, despite showing no interest whatever in the role? Cambridge University
Sigmund Freud was born in which modern-day nation? Czech Republic
Which self-taught and eccentric mathematician reformulated Maxwell's field equations in terms of electric and magnetic forces and energy flux, and independently co-formulated vector analysis? Oliver Heaviside
Who said "men will always be mad, and those who think they can cure them are the maddest of all"? Voltaire
Which position at Cambridge has been held by both Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking? Lucasian Professor of Mathematics
Which layer of ionised gas in the Earth's atmosphere allows the propagation of radio waves beyond the horizon? Heaviside layer/Kennelly-Heaviside Layer
The famed poet, George Gordon Byron, was which number (eg 1st, 2nd etc) Baron Byron? Sixth
In which city was Byron schooled? Aberdeen (Aberdeen Grammar)
What was the name of Byron's Newfoundland dog? Boatswain
Who married Annabella Milbanke in 1815? Byron
What was the name of Byron's half-sister with whom he may have had an incestuous child? Augusta Leigh
Which daughter of Byron (1815-52) became a respected mathematician? Ada Lovelace
Regarded as one of the world's first 'computer programmes', Ada Lovelace's 'note G on the analytical engine' from 1842 describes an algorithm for generating which type of numbers with Babbage's machine? Bernoulli
The successor to his 'Difference engine', what name was given to a proposed mechanical general-purpose computer designed by English mathematician Charles Babbage? Analytical Engine
Approximately 90% of all Arabian horses today can trace their lineage to which horse breeding farm established on 2 July 1878 with some of the first Arabian horses brought to England? Crabbet Stud
In which city was Hans Christian Andersen born? Odense
Which opera singer (6 October 1820 – 2 November 1887) was nicknamed 'The Swedish Nightingale'? Jenny Lind
Which (13 December 1797 – 17 February 1856) German poet, journalist, essayist, and literary critic is best known outside Germany for his early lyric poetry? Heinrich Heine
Which Dickens character is is notable for his cloying humility, obsequiousness, and insincerity, making frequent references to his own "'humbleness"? Uriah Heep (David Copperfield)
What name is given is to the sexual practice or fantasy in which a man exposes his female partner, or images of her, to other people for their voyeuristic pleasure? Candaulism
How is Elena Ivanovna Diakonova, the wife of Salvador Dali better known? Gala Dali
During the 1936 London International Surrealist Exhibition, Salvador Dali had to be rescued from what item of clothing due to suffocation? Diving suit
Who designed the Chupa Chups lollipop logo in 1969? Salvador Dali
Which Catalan town is the birthplace of artist Salvador Dalí, and houses the Teatre-Museu Gala Salvador Dalí? Figueres
Who wrote a famed and well-regarded 1848 'History of England'? Thomas MacAulay
Which private school did Winston Churchill attend from the age of 14? Harrow
Who wrote biographies, during the 1930s, of Julius Caesar, Oliver Cromwell, and Augustus? John Buchan
Which Victorian poet (1828-1909)'s 'Lark Ascending' inspired Vaughan Williams' work of the same title? George Meredith
In which field was Arthur Young (11 September 1741 – 12 April 1820) a reknowned figure? Agriculture
Which medieval French author wrote several works, including Chronicles and Meliador, a long Arthurian romance, and a large body of poetry? His Chronicles were hugely influential in the notion of medieval chivalry. Froissart
Malvern, the spa town, is in which English county? Worcestershire
How does the term 'ascripti glebae' translate? Bound to the soul
Which agricultural technique, distinct from ploughing, involves breaking up and smoothing out the surface of the soil? Harrowing
When was the first and most devastating outbreak of plague in England ('The Black Death')? 1348-9
Which British historian and Whig politician (1800-59) had the middle name 'Babington'? Thomas MacAulay
Which medieval custom was the seizure by the Lord of the family's best beast on the death of a tenant? Heriot
Which popular peasants' revolt in late-medieval Europe took place in northern France in the summer of 1358 during the Hundred Years' War? Jacquerie
John Wycliffe led which political and religious movement? Lollardy/Lollards
Who is the chief narrator of 'Wuthering Heights'? Lockwood
Which English author, born 1879, worked for 3 years in Alexandria for the Red Cross? EM Forster
Which political party was founded in 1678, on the basis of belief in constitutional monarchy opposition to absolute rule, a belief in human progress, liberalism and (initially at least) protectionism? British Whig Party
Nelly Dean is a character in which novel? Wuthering Heights
In which year was the Peasants' Revolt in England? 1381
Which Archbishop of Canterbury was beheaded during the Peasants' Revolt? Sudbury
The Peasants' Revolt was an event that occurred during the reign of which English king? Richard II
What did the 'EM' stand for in author EM Forster's name? Edward Morgan
Thrushcross Grange is a location in which novel? Wuthering Heights
What is the meaning of the word 'poltroonery'? Cowardice
In linguistics, which word is used to link the subject of a sentence with a predicate? Copula
At which university did Hamlet allegedly study? Wittenberg
Which book of The Bible begins 'In The Beginning Was the Word'? John's gospel
In language, what name is given to clauses joint with no indication of how they are co- or sub-ordinated to each other? Parataxis
Which month is mentioned as the setting in the prologue to 'The Canterbury Tales'? April
Which branch of linguistics and logic is concerned with meaning? Semantics
What are the opening three words of 'Moby Dick'? Call Me Ishmael
Which castle is the seat of the Duke of Northumberland? Alnwick Castle
In which English county is Haddon Hall? Derbyshire
Which British politician (1754 – 1842) is credited with sparking the British Agricultural Revolution, and was a champion of civil liberties, famously speaking out after the Peterloo Massacre? Coke of Norfolk (Thomas William Coke, 1st Earl of Leicester)
In which tale of The Canterbury Tales is the only brief allusion to the 1381 Peasants' Revolt? Nun's Priest's Tale
Who wrote poetry collection 'The Whitsun Weddings'? Larkin
Which literary figure famously failed to get an academic post in Dublin because he misspelled 'professor' on his application? WB Yeats
On what day is Martinmas? 11th November (also Remembrance Day)
Which Northumberland castle, ruined and cared for by English Heritage, lies on a loop of the River Coquet, less than a mile from the coast? Warkworth Castle
The surname 'Webster' originally referred to someone who carried out which trade? Weaver
The surname 'Fuller' originally referred to someone who carried out which trade? Cleaning wool
What was the first building bought by the UK National Trust, in 1896? Alfriston Clergy House
Which church governance term refers to systems wherein the local church's decisions are made by a committee, typically called elders? Plurality
In Judges,who led the Israelites in battle against Ammon and, after defeating them, fulfilled a rash vow of his, by sacrificing his daughter? Jephthah
In which county is Fountains Abbey? North Yorkshire
Which order of monks founded Fountains Abbey? Cistercians
In 1382, William of Wykeham founded which educational establishment? Winchester College
Which medieval theologian-philosopher (1266-1308) is best known for his doctrines of the "univocity of being,"; the formal distinction; and the idea of haecceity? Duns Scotus/John Duns
Which English statesman, scholastic philosopher, theologian, scientist and Bishop of Lincoln (1175-1253) has been called, by AC Crombie, "the real founder of...the modern English intellectual tradition"? Robert Grosseteste
Give a year in the life of medieval scholastic theologian-philosopher Roger Bacon. 1214-1294
Who founded New College, Oxford? William of Wykeham
Decorated, Perpendicular and Flamboyant are all terms specifically applied to what? Gothic Architecture
What is 'Waiting For Godot's opening line? "Nothing To Be Done"
Who wrote "The Third Policeman"? Flann O'Brien
What is a catamite? A juvenile male lover, usually a 'receiver'...
What later nickname did John Duns/Duns Scotus acquire? Doctor Subtilis
In which English county is Selby, and thus Selby Abbey? North Yorkshire
Which term from medieval scholastic philosophy, first coined by Duns Scotus, denotes the discrete qualities, properties or characteristics of a thing which make it a particular thing? Haecceity
Which medieval scholar was 'Doctor Mirabilis'? Roger Bacon
Which author (1874-1965) was famously described as the 'stately homo of England'? W Somerset Maugham
In which play does the line "we are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep" appear? The Tempest
What is synecdoche? A figure of speech in which a term for a part of something refers to the whole of something (eg hired hands)
Which lighthouse features in Virginia Woolf's "To The Lighthouse" - it is on the Eastern side of St Ives Bay? Godrevy
Dolly Pentreith, who died in 1777, was the last person in the native line of people who did what? Speak Cornish
In which town are the Corrob Gardens? Penzance
Where is Finisterre Cape? NW Spain
In which country is the majority of the Karakum desert? Turkmenistan
Which is the second biggest desert worldwide, after the Sahara? Australian
Which desert and semi-desert region lies in Southern Israel and is the country's biggest? Negev
On which British canal is the Barton Swing Aqueduct? Bridgewater
In which English county is Wookey Hole? Somerset
Which German city lies at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle rivers? Koblenz
In which Irish county is the Inishowen Peninsula? Donegal
Which lighthouse is 1.5 miles west of Lands End, standing on Carn Bras Island? Longships
In which US state is the Painted Desert? Arizona
In which English cathedral is there a famed late 13th century Mappa Mundi, rescued from potential sale in the 1980s by investors including the National Trust? Hereford
Which bridge connects Brooklyn to Staten Island? Verrazano Narrows
Which river runs through (London)Derry? Foyle
Which Scottish family restored Eilean Donan Castle in the 20th Century? MacRae
How many Eleanor Crosses remain standing? Three
Originally, the Eleanor Crosses ran from London to which city? Lincoln
Which body was formed in 1884 to campaign chiefly for poroprtional representation? Electoral Reform Society
In which Scottish county is Cape Wrath? Sutherland
Which is the Southernmost English county that does not possess a coastline? Wiltshire
Which shipping area lies due north of Fitzroy? Sole
Which island in Twickenham, known as a major jazz and blues venue in the 1960s, is reachable by footbridge only? Eel Pie Island
Which is the only hill, a Marilyn, to fall on the England-Wales border? Black Mountain (Hereford-Powys)
In which US state is Kitty Hawk, site of the first flight? North Carolina
Which motorway runs from Russ to Tewkesbury? M50
Where are the 3 remaining Eleanor Crosses located? Waltham, Geddington, Northampton
Which African country's name translates into English as 'furthest west'? Morocco
Which European area's name translates into English as 'land beyond the forest'? Transylvania
What was Ely named for? Eels
Which Dickens schoolmaster character only has one eye? Wackford Squeers (Nicholas Nickleby)
St John Rivers is a character in which classic work? Jane Eyre
Which Samuel Beckett 'play' lasts a short time, has no plot, and no characters? Breath
Gerontion is a character in the works of which poet? TS Eliot
In which county is Saffron Walden? Essex
What is notable about the work "The Recuyell Of The Historeyes of Troye"? It was the first book printed in English (by Caxton)
The first book printed in English was printed by Caxton in which city? Bruges
Which years spanned the Wars of the Roses? 1455-85
In which English county is Caister Castle? Norfolk
Parson Trulliber appears in which classic novel? Joseph Andrews (Fielding)
Sue Bridehead is a prominent character in which classic novel? Jude the Obscure
Who wrote the play "Malone Dies"? Beckett
In Gothic church architecture, what name was given to the entire structure of Apse, Choir and radiating chapels? Chevet
What name is given to the method of construction where short pieces of debarked tree are laid up crosswise with masonry or cob mixtures to build a wall? Cordwood construction
Which type of coal has the highest carbon content, the fewest impurities, and the highest calorific content of all types? Anthracite
What is a yatagan (or yataghan)? type of Ottoman knife or short sabre used from the mid-16th to late 19th centuries
What word refers to a tube in an inverted U shape which causes a liquid to flow uphill, above the surface of the reservoir? Siphon
Who co-founded Fauvism with Henri Matisse - his works include 'Drying Sails' and 'Charing Cross Bridge'? Andre Derain
What are the first four words of 'Ulysses' by James Joyce? "Stately, Plump Buck Mulligan"
Who is the title character in Miller's "Death Of A Salesman"? Willy Loman
Who wrote play "The Plough and The Stars"? Sean O'Casey
Who wrote "Henderson The Rain King"? Saul Bellow
In which Agatha Christie tale is the narrator the murderer? The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
In which Northumberland town is there a bagpipe museum? Morpeth
Who is the French equivalent of Britannia as a symbol of the state? Marianne
Xai-Xai is a town in which country? Mozambique
Fish-shaped 50 vatu coins are legal tender in which country? Vanuatu
Katyn Forest, scene of a mass murder of Poles in WW2, is near which present day city? Smolensk
What is the English name of Dutch port Vlissingen? Flushing
Who is Laertes father in Hamlet? Polonius
Better known as a playwright, who wrote the novel "Molloy"? Beckett
Which titular literary character has the surname Farange? Maisie in Henry James "What Maisie Knew"
On which river does Chartres stand? Eure
Merida is the capital of which Spanish region? Extremadura
Bank Foot, Chichester and Kingston Rock are stops on which city's underground network? Newcastle
Which is the largest city in the US state of Delaware? Wilmington
Which part of Bosnia is inhabited and autonomously administered by Serbs? Republika Srpska
Which country issued guitar-shaped one dollar coins in 2004? Somalia
In London, 1 Gough Square is better known as the former home of which historical figure? Dr Johnson
What is the capital of the Netherlands Antilles? Willemstad
Which footpath runs from Winchester to Thomas A Becket's Canterbury shrine? Pilgrims' Way
Which rivers merge at York? Foss and Ouse
What name is given to the marshy pine forests of Siberia? Taiga
Which grassy high-altitude plain in Bolivia and Peru contains Lake Titicaca? Altiplano
The Republic of Indonesia is centred around which larger island group? Malay Archipelago
Which town in Greater Manchester lies near the source of the River Medlock? Oldham
Where is the Massabielle Grotto? Lourdes
Hierro is an island in which larger group? Canaries
Which London street is famed for its open-air antiques market? Portobello Road
The Portobello Road Antiques Market in London takes place on which day of the week? Saturday
A South African 'stoep' is better known by what name in the UK? Verandah
What is the capital of the island of Nevis? Charlestown
New Providence is a major island in which group? Bahamas
California was added to the United States of America after which conflict ended? Mexican-American War
The Queen's Theatre and the Gielgud Theatre lie on which London street? Shaftesbury Avenue
The Langdale Pikes are in which English county? Cumbria
Ngamiland is part of which country? Botswana
Savannah is a city in which US state? Georgia
Which city in central France is the capital of the Indre-et-Loire department? Tours
Who wrote of "The Wild Swans At Coole"? WB Yeats
Who is known as an Oppidan? Scholar at Eton (excepting the small number of King's Scholars)
Who founded Eton School in 1440? Henry VI
Which Oxford college, next to the River Cherwell and containing within its grounds a deer park and Addison's Walk, was founded in 1458 by William of Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester? Magdalen College
In Homer, who guided the arrow, physically shot by Paris, that killed Achilles? Apollo
Who was Greek God of winds? Aeolus
Al Martino's "Here In My Heart" reached number one in the UK in which year? 1952
With which song did Al Martino have a 1973 Top 10 hit? Spanish Eyes
Which city was Aeneas supposedly from? Troy
The descendants of Aeneas reportedly founded which city, according to myth? Rome
In myth, what was Actaeon turned when he saw Artemis bathing? Stag
The second number 1 of official UK chart history after "Here In My Heart" by Al Martino, was also the first sung by a female - what was it? You Belong To Me by Jo Stafford
In myth, which goddess fell in love with Adonis? Aphrodite
Which song by Michael Holliday was the first new UK No 1 of the 1960s? Starry Eyed
Who led the Greeks in the Trojan War? Agamemnon
Who had a UK No 1 in 1960 with "Why"? Newley
Who first had a hit with the song "Why", a 1960 No 1 for Anthony Newley? Frankie Avalon
Tony Burrows was the lead vocalist for which 'one-hit wonders'? Edison Lighthouse
Who was the father of Ajax in myth? King Telamon
In myth, what relation was Agamemnon to Menelaus? Brother-in-law
Who sung 1970 Number 1 "Wand'rin Star"? Lee Marvin
"Wand'rin Star" came from which film musical? Paint Your Wagon
What did Ajax do when, in the mythical siege of Troy, he went mad? Slaughtered sheep
Who was the mythical mother of Andromeda? Cassiopeia
What was the B-side to Lee Marvin's hit "Wand'rin Star"? I Talk To The Trees by Clint Eastwood
What was the name of Odysseus' faithful dog in Greek mythology? Argos
Who had a UK Number 1 with "Brass In Pocket"? The Pretenders
Who was the mythical daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta? Antigone
In myth, who slayed the 100-eyed Argus? Hermes
After it was slain, which mythical Greek god/dess placed the eyes of the monster Argus in the tail of the peacock? Hera
What was the name of Oedipus' father, who he inadvertently killed, in myth? Laius
At 2 minutes 4 seconds, what is the shortest UK No 1 of all time? "Too Much Too Young" - The Specials
Which musical contains the song "Out Of my Dreams"? Oklahoma
"Well Did You Ever" comes from which musical? High Society
Who composed "Rusman and Lamilla"? Glinka
In myth, who was the father of Telemachus? Odysseus
Who had a 1972 hit with "All The Young Dudes"? Mott The Hoople
What is Neil Diamond's real name? Noah Kaminsky
Who did Joe Wash replace as Eagles guitarist in 1975? Bernie Leadon
What is a bonze? Buddhist priest
"Let There Be Drums" was a 1961 hit for who? Sandy Nelson
What culinary term translates as "outside the work"? Hors D'Oeuvres
On which Beatles song did George Harrison first play the sitar? Norwegian Wood
In Judaism, what name is given to the seven-branched candlestick? Menorah
Where was Buddy Holly's last concert, before his fatal flight? Clear Lake
Gene Vincent was injured in the car crash that killed which other star? Eddie Cochrane
The Acid Queen is a character in which musical production? Tommy
'Rain' was the B-side to which Beatles hit? Paperback Writer
Who was the mother of the Biblical King Solomon? Bathsheba
Which King of Israel had Jezebel as his wife? Ahab
What nickname is given to Mozart's final symphony? The Jupiter Symphony
What was Eddie Cochrane's first posthumous hit? Three Steps To Heaven
Which legendary kingdom was said to lie between Cornwall and the Scilly Islands? Lyonesse
Who sang "It Never Rains (In Southern California)"? Albert Hammond
How is singer Leslie Sebastian Charles better known? Billy Ocean
Who composed "Four Last Songs" in 1948? Richard Strauss
Whose album "Fearless" won Best Album at the 2010 Grammy Awards? Taylor Swift
What is the name of the family who perform in Kings of Leon? Followill
What was the name of Kings of Leon's successful 2008 album, containing both "Sex On Fire" and "Use Somebody"? Only By The Night
Which Delta blues guitarist, born 1915, was still touring in 2010, but died on 29th August 2011? David "Honeyboy" Edwards
In the US which band have charted ten Number One singles on the Billboard country charts, including "Chicken Fried", "Toes", "Highway 20 Ride", "Free", "As She's Walking Away", "Colder Weather", "Knee Deep","Goodbye in Her Eyes", and "Sweet Annie"? Zac Brown Band
Which king founded Kings College, Cambridge? Henry VI
Which queen founded Queens College, Cambridge? Margaret of Anjou
Which man (1422-91) is generally credited with introducing printing and movable type to England? William Caxton
What alternate name does the Tower of London's Water Gate possess, a reference to the fact that many of the prisoners of the Tudors entered through it? Traitors' Gate
Paycocke's House is a well-preserved 16th century house found in Coggleshall in which English county? Essex
Who wrote "The Book of Laughter and Forgetting"? Milan Kundera
Which fashion designer, born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1932, died in 2014? Oscar De La Renta
The Dinka people mainly inhabit which country? South Sudan
Which ancient author wrote 'Georgics'? Virgil
What name is given to a circular opening in a dome, such as that in Rome's Pantheon? Oculus
In architecture, what name is given to the spiral, scroll-like ornament that forms the basis of the Ionic order, found in the capital of the Ionic column? Volute
At which Cambridge college could you find the 'Mathematical Bridge'? Queens College
Mary Graham and Tom Pinch appear in which Dickens novel? Nicholas Nickleby
Which mystical author wrote "Sonnets To Orpheus"? Rilke
Maud Gonne was frequently the muse for which poet, with whom she had a turbulent relationship? WB Yeats
Who was the author of 'The Alexandria Quartet'? Lawrence Durrell
Which poem includes the line "Thou still unravish'd bride of quietness"? Ode On A Grecian Urn (Keats)
Barnadine is a character in which Shakespeare play? Measure For Measure
What name is given to the psychological test in which subjects' perceptions of inkblots are recorded? Rorschach test
Who wrote the short story "Mr Loveday's Little Outing"? Evelyn Waugh
Which convict is encountered by Pip in Great Expectations's memorable 'graveyard scene'? Abel Magwitch
Who is the amiable brother-in-law of Pip in 'Great Expectations'? Joe Gargery
Who is Pip's love interest in 'Great Expectations'? Estella
Where does Miss Havisham live in 'Great Expectations'? Satis House
Which US singer-songwriter mostly retired from public performances to devote his time to teaching mathematics and music theatre at the University of California? Tom Lehrer
What name is given to a rush of water from a sudden break-up of ice? Debacle
Which chair of Mathematics at Cambridge has been held by both Newton and Hawking? Lucasian
Which compound produces the characteristic smell of swimming pools? Nitrogen trichloride
Which mammal nearly always gives birth to identical quadruplets? Nine-banded armadillo
Which perfume house introduced a brand called 'Amarige' in 1991? Givenchy
In Norse myth Baldur was invulnerable to everything except what? Mistletoe
An 'array' is the collective name for which mammals? Hedgehogs
How many feet are in a nautical mile? 6080
Which word can refer to a mountain chain, a model of car and a radio call sign? Sierra
What colour are the flowers of the plant mimosa? Yellow
What date does St David's Day fall on? March 1st
Which ship did Shackleton use on his 1914 voyage to Antarctica? Endurance
What name is given to the condition of experiencing the phenomena of one sense with another sense (eg 'smelling colours')? Synaesthesia
Who is credited with inventing the paper clip? Vaaler
A 'rafter' is the collective name for which creatures? Turkeys
In Norse myth, who was Baldur's father? Odin
What was founded by Ware and Berrill in 1946? MENSA
In the military, what are NVGs? Night Vision Goggles
What does an 'ecdysiast' do? Striptease
How is an 'anthropomorphic mannequin' better known? Crash test dummy
In the name of the motorcycle company, what does BSA stand for? Birmingham Small Arms
Emeralds are fundamentally a variety of which mineral? Beryl
How should a Duke be addressed? Your Grace
What name is given to the practice of caning on the soles of the feet? Bastinado
What was the UK's first million-selling car? Morris Minor
What connects 8 in 1968, 11 in 1969, 14 in 1971 and 17 in 1973? Apollo missions
What roadside feature was first announced by Government as forthcoming in June 1961? Push-button pedestrian crossings
What legal term means relation by marriage? Affinity
In shipping, what is a VLCC? Very Large Crude Carrier
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