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Points 3

Point Combos

DU-20 (tx the top to tx the bottom) hemorrhoids, ST/uterus prolapse, raises the yang
KI-1 (tx the bottom to tx the top) irritation, headache, red face, yang rising
SJ-6 + GB-31 heat in the blood causing int. or ext. wind, eczema, herpes zoster, hives
PC -6 + ST-36 epigastric pain, nausea, morning sickness
LIV-3 + LI-4 Jue Yin (vertex headache, yang rising)
LI-4 + ST-44 + ST-4,5,6 toothache
DU-26 (distal tx) acute backache, activates the meridian
LU-1 + LU-7 + LI-4 releases the ext. for wind-attack & cough
LU-1 + PC-6 chest pain due to obstructions by phlegm or HT xue stasis
LU-1 + UB-13 tonify LU to expel pathogen for acute or chronic conditions, very powerful, use with caution or to boost qi
LU-5 + KI-6 clears LU heat & nourishes KI yin
LU-5 + ST-40 clears chronic bronchitis
LU-5 + SP-9 + REN-3 retention of urine, edema, opens waterways
LU-7 + LI-4 release the exterior
LU-7 + LI-20 allergies, opens the nose
LU-7 + KI-6 tonifies yin, treats sore throat, asthma, KI not grasping LU qi, regulates uterus, menstrual dysfunction, moistens eyes
ST-6 + LI-4 facial paralysis, toothache, lockjaw, deviation of the mouth, lower jaw problems
ST-35 + UB-40 issues of damp-heat
ST-35 + KI-3 or KI-6 or SP-6 deficient xue & qi
ST-40 + PC-6 chest pain from xue or qi stagnation
ST-36 + SP-6 poor appetite, loose stool, chronic fatigue
HT-6 + KI-7 night-sweat from HT yin def
SI-3 + UB-62 chronic low-back pain
ST-44 + LI-4 facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia or Yang Ming (frontal) headache
ST-40 + LU-1 cough & phlegm
SI-3 + UB -65 Tai Yang headache (occipital) *UB 65: subdues rebellious qi
GB-43 + SJ-5 Shao Yang headache (temples) *GB-43: clears heat from Shao Yang, SJ-5: Shao Yang of the hand
SP-6 + ST-36 poor appetite, loose stool, chronic fatigue (SP qi def)
LI-4 + KI-7 spontaneous sweating
LI-4 + ST-37 + REN-6 tonifies qi & blood, strengthens wei qi
LI-11 + LI-4 hypertension
SI-3 + UB 62 1.) chronic backache in men 2.) tonifies the KI 3.) clears the mind & lifts depression
SJ-17 + SI -19 stimulates movement of qi in the ear
SI-7 + LI-6 thyroid phlegm swellings
UB-13 + DU-12 chronic LU qi def
UB-13 + UB-43 nourish LU yin
UB-17 + UB-19 tonify qi & blood of the entire body
UB-20 + UB-21 powerful tonification of ST/SP (post-heaven qi) & qi
UB-20 + UB-23 nourish the blood or excessive bleeding
UB-23 + UB-52 stimulate will-power & initiative & lift depression
UB-23 + UB-20 promote formation of blood
UB-23 + UB-28 + SP-9 resolve dampness
UB-28 + UB-23 strengthens lower back
UB-58 + KI-3 strengthen KI
UB-64 + SJ-4 stimulate water passages of LJ
SJ-6 + GB-34 hypochondriac/flank pain
SJ-6 + KI-6 constipation
KI-7 + LI-4 spontaneous sweating
KI-7 +HT-6 night sweats
LIV-3 + LI-4 "four gates": calms the mind, regulates ascending & descending of qi, subdues rebellious qi, expels wind from the face
REN-6 + DU-20 + ST-36 prolapse
REN-17 + PC-6 + ST-40 opens the chest + clears phlegm
Created by: hchristiansen