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Spleen Points

SP Overview (Chris- EWCNM)

Jing Well Point (wood) SP1
Ying Spring Point (fire) SP2
Shu Stream Point (earth) SP3
Yuan Source Point SP3
Lou (connecting) Point SP4
Confluent Point of Chong and command point of lower jaio? PC6
Jing River Point (metal) SP5
Meeting point of SP, LIV, KID SP6
Xi Cleft Point SP8
He-Sea Point (water) SP9
Which SP point is CI (contraindicated) in pregnacy? SP6
Which point is CI in moxa? SP7
Which point is the GREAT Luo Connecting Point SP21
How many cun from the medial malleolous does the SP channel cross and run anteriorly to the LIV channel? 8 cun
What SP point is closest to the crossing point of SP with LIV channel and is 6 cun superior to medial malleolus? SP7
This is the best ponit for treatment of dysmenorrhea and fibriods. SP8
This is the main SP point for bleeding disorders ecspecially uterine bleeding using moxa or needling? SP1
Name the confluent point of chong and its couple point of yin wei that regulates the Chong to treat irregular menstration? SP4
Which SP point is best for Rhumatiod Arthritis? SP5
Name the 3 Yin meeting points and its point on the SP channel. SP6, SP/LIV/KID
Which point eliminates dampness and regulates fluids in the body and is commonly known as the diuretic point to treat urinary issues, leukorrhea and excess damp in the channel? SP9
This is the "Sea of Blood point" and invigorates and cools the blood and harmonizes Qi, Bl and menstration to treat all menstrual irregularites and blood deficiencies as well as skin redness and itching. SP10
Which SP point moves Qi and subdue rebellion and is best to treat Cock's Crow Diarrhea? SP14
Which point is level with the umbilicus, what other points are on that line? SP15 (SP15, ST25, Ren8, KD16)
Which SP point can be used to treat gout? SP3
Front Mu and Back Shu of SP? LIV13, UB20
Fibromyalgia point for general aching and weakness all over the body? SP21
This SP point moves Qi and regulates the intestines and SP Qi to treat chronic constipation and diarrhea? SP15
This point is command point of lower jaio and is best to treat reproductive disorders and irregular menses by harmonizing the lower jaio and LIV and cooling the blood. SP6
Created by: cawalte3