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Spleen Points

SP Actions (Chris- EWCNM)

SP1 *** Stops bleeding, regulates spleen, calms heart and spirit (treats any kind of bleeding, expecially uterine bleeding, also mental disorders and dream disturbed sleep)
SP2 ** Regulates SP resolving dampness and damp-heat, Harmonizes the middle jaio
SP3 *** Tonifies SP resolving dampness and damp-heat (treats local gout), harmonizes the SP and ST
SP4 **** Fortifies SP and pacifies ST, Harmonizes the middle jaio,regulates qi and resolves dampness, benifits the heart, chest and calms spirit, regulates the chong (treat irregular menstration and GYN disorders)
SP5 ** Fortifies SP and resolves damp, benifits sinews and bones (treat RA), calms spirit(also treats yang edema and LE swelling)
SP6 ***** Tonifies SP/ST resolves damp (treat stomach disroders), Haromnizes the LV and lower jaio to regulate menses, induces labor (treats irrgular menses and reproductive problems), Calms mind and spirit and activates channel and alleviates pain.
SP7 * fortifies SP, promotes urination and stops swelling
SP8 *** Harmonizes SP and resolves dampness (treats abdominal disorders), Regulates menses and invigorates blood to remove blood stagnation(treats dysmennorha from fibroids), moderates acute condition and stops pain (xi)
SP9 **** regulates SP and resolves damp, Benifits lower jaio, Opens water passages (treats disorders from dampness such a urinary problems, edema, abdominal disorders)
SP10 **** Invigorates and cools blood, Haromnizes Qi, BL and menstration(sea of blood, treats all mensural irregularites and bl deficiency), Benifits skin (treat uritcaria, ezema)
SP11 * regualates urination, drains damp and clears heat
SP12 * Regulates urination, drains damp and clears heat
SP13 * Regulates Qi and stops pain
SP14 ** Warms and benifits the lower jaio, moves qi and subdues rebellion (treats periumbilical pain, hernia, cock's crow diarrhea)
SP15 *** Strengthens and regulates SP (treat constipation or diarrhea), Regualtes and moves Qi (relives abd pain by moving LV qi)
SP16 * regulates (frees) intestines
SP17 * Dissipates food accumilation, promotes digestion
SP18 * Regulates and decends qi, benifits the brest and promotes lactation
SP19 * Regulates and decends qi, unbinds the chest
SP20 * Regulates and decends qi, unbinds the chest
SP21 *** Regulates qi and blood to move blood in channel (treats pain moving through whole body i.e. fibromyalgia), firms sinews and bones and unbinds the chest.
Created by: cawalte3