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Advertising 3321 #1

A group of people in a specific geographic area and or/ part of a certain demographic Universe
When 1 individual has an opportunity to see an advertisement within a medium Impression
When 1 individual is actually exposed to an advertisement Exposure
% of persons with at least one impression Reach
Average # of times individuals were possibly exposed to a medium Average Frequency
each individual is counted once, number of unique individuals Net
all impressions, includes potential duplication Gross
all ratings summed together Gross Rating Points
Major broadcast networks ABC, NBC,CBS,FOX,CW etc.
Individual programs sold on a station by station bases( ex: Friends, How i met your mother, Wheel of fortune etc.) Syndication
Picking and choosing specific geographic markets to advertise Spot Television
Video on Demand DVR, TiVo, Hulu, Netflix, Youtube & Amazon
Special programming "narrowcasting" Satellite and Cable Television
Media Buyer Buying media space and time for the message
Media Seller Selling that space or time to the advertiser
Media Researcher Analyzing the relationship between consumers, media. and and the brands that advertise them
What are key questions that media planners try to answer? - Who do I need to reach? Often? - In which media should I place ads? How often? -Which markets and regions should I target? - How much money should I spent?
Major Broadcast Networks ABC, NBC,CBS,FOX,CW
Syndication individual programs sold on a station by station basis
Spot Television Picking and choosing specific geographic markets to advertise
Satellite and Cable Television specialized programming "narrowcasting"
Video on Demand DVR, TiVo, Hulu, Netflix, Youtube
Circulation vs. Readership Circ. is simply the number of papers in circulation on an average day, both through newsstand sales is almost always a higher number, since it's the newspaper's total circulation multiplied by the average number of people who read each copy
4 P's Product:What is being offered to the consumer? What is the value of this product/service? Place:Where and how is it being offered? Price:What does it cost for the consumer to participate? Not just $ PromotionHow is it being promoted to the consumer?
What are BDI and CDI? How do you calculate CDI: % category sales/% of population in area (Category Development) BDI: (% of category or brand sales in an area/% of population in that area) X 100
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