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Outcasts of Poker Fl

Bret Harte

What is an individual who takes part in the action of a literary work called character
Why is Mother Shipton the first to die Starves herself to save Piney
What is Mr. Oakhurst’s motivation for acting the way he does He believes in fate and luck
Is it surprising that the group sings a hymn? Why or why not? No because Piney and the Innocent choose it and sing it loudly
Be able to pick a phrase that correctly describes Mother Shipton. Outwardly coarse; inwardly good
In what way is Mr. Oakhurst the strongest of the outcasts He is independent and in his prime
In what way is Mr. Oakhurst the weakest of the outcasts Harte says he is the most guilty of wrongdoing and sinning
Be able to match each of the following characters with his / her description: Homer, Mr. Pope, Derringer, Five Spot, Uncle Billy, Sandy Bar, Tom Simson, Piney Woods, John Oakhurst, Mother Shipton.
In the two weeks they are snowed in their camp, how do the outcasts change They become more contented and caring
How is Mother Shipton’s strength of will exhibited Starving herself
What does Oakhurst reveal to the reader through his actions He is both strong and weak
Why is Poker Flat’s governing group “after somebody” they are reacting (illegally) to the loss of several thousand dollars, 2 valuable horses, and one prominent citizen
Why does Mr. Oakhurst think that making camp on the way to Sandy Bar is a bad idea They have neither equipment nor provisions to survive a delay
Why is Tom Simson devoted to Mr. Oakhurst Oakhurst won all the Innocent’s money but returned it
Why are the outcasts trapped in the Sierras Snowstorms prevent their leaving
Where is Mr. Oakhurst’s body discovered at the end of the story Under the snow under the tallest pine tree
Why is Mr. Oakhurst banished from Poker Flat He has won a great deal of money
How does Mr. Oakhurst respond to Tom Simson’s innocence Feels protective of him
How does Uncle Billy endanger the campers Takes their supplies and means of transport
What does the story suggest is most responsible for the change in the Duchess and Mother Shipton Tom and Piney’s view of them
Why does Tom tell the story of the Iliad To pass the time
What does the story suggest that Piney and the Duchess die from exposure
What is the mood at the end of the story sadness
Created by: mzshaw