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To Build a Fire

Jack London

What is the struggle between two forces in a literary work called conflict
Why didn’t the man kill the dog He had no way to do it
Why is the term wolf often used to describe the dog It emphasizes the dog’s closeness to nature
Be able to put a list of events from the story in order.
Where is the man going Mining camp (Sulphur Creek)
Who is the man’s companion A husky
The man builds a fire when he stops for what lunch
What does the dog instinctively fear cold
When does the crisis occur Man falls through the ice
What extinguishes the second fire Snow falling from a tree
Why does the man fail to understand the significance of the cold Lacks experience and imagination
What viewpoint does the man’s dog represent in Naturalistic literature instinctive
How can the relationship between the man and dog best be described opportunistic
Who is the antagonist of the story The cold
Who is the protagonist of the story The man
How cold is it when the story opens 75 degrees below
What does the man fear from the beginning of his journey Getting his feet wet
What mistakes does the man make Decides to travel alone; doesn’t listen to those with more experience; doesn’t understand the danger he faces; leaves the main trail
What does the man do after he falls into the spring Stops to build a fire to dry his feet
When the bough full of snow falls, what does the man do / realize He is likely to die
Why is the man unable to reach the camp Lacks the endurance to run that far
How is Nature portrayed in this story Unforgiving; cruel; uncaring
What basic tenant of Naturalism is shown in this story Man’s arrogance causes his downfall
London’s story shows the naturalist belief that people are at the mercy of ….. environment
What causes the man’s final predicament numbness
What is the external conflict in this story Man vs. Nature
What character flaws being about the man’s tragic end overconfidence
Toward the end of the story the man has an internal conflict between his what Physical body and will to survive
What theme is expressed by the contrasting ways in which the dog and the man cope with the cold Man needs to be as atuned to Nature as animals in order to survive
Until the story’s end, what is the man’s attitude toward the advice provided by the old timer of Sulphur Creek ridicule
What is the central idea of this story Nature is more powerful than Man
Which internal conflict does the man experience toward the end of the story Sadness vs. stoicism
In this story, how can London’s attitude toward the Alaskan wilderness best be described respectful
How does the man change throughout the story From arrogant to helpless
What is a chechaquo newcomer
Why does the narrator say that the man is without imagination He can’t see consequences of his actions
What does the dog know instinctively that the man does not It is too cold to travel
Why is it a mistake to build the fire under the spruce tree Danger of falling snow
Why does the man realize that the old-timer’s advice is correct He realizes he is about to die
What does the story suggest the man has never done before Experienced weather this cold
At the beginning of the story, how does the man feel about the cold interesting
What is the relationship between the man and the dog based on Usefulness to one another
The story suggests that the man continues to travel on this particular day instead of doing what his dog would do. Why Doesn’t fully realize how dangerous it is
What causes the man’s greatest difficulties in starting the last fire numbness
What attitude does the man have when he faces death at the end of the story acceptance
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