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NP Excel 1

New Perspective Excel Unit 1

active cell The cell currently selected in the active worksheet.
arithmetic operator An operator that performs addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or exponentiation.
AutoComplete The feature that displays text that begins with the same letters as a previous entry in the same column to help make entering repetitive text easier.
AutoFit The feature that changes the column width or row height to display longest or tallest entry within the column or row.
AutoSum The button that inserts functions to sum, average, or count values in a range, or find the minimum or maximum value in a range.
Backstage view The FILE tab of the ribbon, which provides access to various screens with commands that allow you to manage files and Excel options.
border A line you can add along an edge of cell that prints.
cell The intersection of a row and a column.
range A group of cells in a rectangular block
cell reference The column and row location that identifies a cell within a worksheet.
chart sheet A sheet that contains only a chart that provides a visual representation of worksheet data.
clipboard A temporary storage location for copied or cut text and graphics.
letters Column headings along the top of the worksheet window that identify the different columns in the worksheet are identified by these.
Flash Fill The feature that enters text based on patterns it finds in the data.
formula A mathematical expression that returns a value.
formula bar The bar located below the ribbon that displays the value or formula entered in the active cell.
hide To make a row, column, or worksheet not visible.
landscape The page orientation where the page is wider than it is tall.
nonadjacent Separate cells that do not touch.
Page Break Preview The Excel view that shows the location of page breaks in the printed sheet
Page Layout The Excel view that shows how the sheet will appear when printed
Portrait The page orientation where the page is taller than it is wide.
Numbers Row headings along the left side of the workbook window that identify the different rows of the worksheet are represented by there.
scale To change the size of the worksheet on the printed page.
ScreenTip A box with descriptive text about a command that appears when you point to a button on the ribbon
sheet A page included in a workbook; can be a worksheet or a chart sheet.
sheet tab The area at the bottom of the worksheet that identifies the sheet by name.
sum The function that adds values in a specified range.
template A preformatted workbook with many design features and some content already filled in.
unhide To redisplay a hidden row, column, or worksheet.
workbook An Excel file that stores a spreadsheet; contains a collection of worksheets and chart sheets.
worksheet A grid of rows and columns in which content is entered.
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