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The Western Frontier

Ch.18 Vocabulary

Reservation An area of public set aside for Native Americans.
Lode a vein of metal ore in the earth
transcontinental (of a railroad line) crossing a continent
vigilante a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are through to be inadequate.
brand make criminal or slave with a branding iron.
ghost town a deserted with few or no remaining inhabitants
subsidy a sum of money granted by the government or public body to assist an industry or business
ore a naturally occurring solid material from which a metal or valuable mineral can be profitably extracted.
Open Range a larger area of grazing land without fences or other barriers.
nomadic a member of a people having no permanent abode,and who travel from place to place to find fresh patters for their livestock.
Homestead Act the homestead act of 2860 in the United would have made land available for 25 cents per acre.