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Short Story Week 2


Author: Roald Dahl
Setting: 20th century- 1940s post WWII
Main characters: Timber Woods, Harry Pope, and Dr. Ganderbai (Indian physician)
the uncertainty or anxiety we feel about what is going to happen next in a story suspense
Writer must achieve ___ ___ in order to achieve suspense High interest
People of India: mostly ___, some ___ and ___ ___ Hindu, Muslim, and British Christian
World views- Diverse
Prejudice means to ___ ___; against ___ and ___ nationalities. Pre judge; rational and religious
This story is about more than one kind of ___. Poison
A krait is a: Deadly poisonous snake
3 examples of poisonous snakes: Cobra, Black Mamba, and Coral snakes
Two poisons of book: Prejudice (racism) and a krait
Allusion in story: WWII
reference to something in history, literature, science, religion, the news that it is assumed the listener/ reader knows about Allusion
Created by: rachelebrady