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2014FA CIS 110 CH3

Computers and Mobile Devices

______________ are referred to as a platform and will determine what type and brands of hardware and software that can be used on your machine. Operating system
A __________ computer is not portable but is very powerful machine. desktop
A _________ is a type of computer that is highly functional and highly portable. laptop
A __________ computer has a detachable keyboard that converts to a tablet for mobility convertible
A __________ is a type of device that is attached to a computer to extend the computer's capabilities. peripheral
_______________ are used to prevent power fluctuations from damaging your machine. surge suppressor
Use an ____________ to prevent power loss in the event of a power outage. uninterruptible power supply
It is important that your computer stay ______ and not overheat. cool
_________ will affect the data store on older technology. magnets
____________ are caused by a repetitive motion, such as swiping, clicking or dragging a mouse repeatedly. Repetitive stress injury (RSI)
___________ is often manifested by the excessive use of computers and the inability to stop. internet addiction
This type of computer usually has only one user. personal computer
A _______ is a term used to describe a power (voltage) increase that lasts for a short time. spike
________ clips tend to be 30 seconds or less video clip
_____ refers to the ability of a smartphone to send picture/video messages. MMS, multi-messaging service
A _______ indicates the smallest element of an electronic image. pixel
___________ is the term for the technology that allows users to view message details such as the length of calls, for example? visual voice mail
A(n) ___________ that is often in the dashboard of your car informs you the air pressure in the right rear tire is low, what type of computer determines the air pressure is low? embedded computer
A ____________ is a type of tablet that includes an attached keyboard. convertible tablet
________ keyboard is used to project an image of a keyboard onto a flat surface, such as a desktop. virtual
___________ computers are small and limited and are components of a much larger product. embedded
___________ are a type of headphone set that allow the speakers to reset inside the ear canal. earbud
__________ are the fastest, most powerful computers, but also are the most expensive. supercomputer
A digital ____________ camera has the ability to change out the lens. SLR
___________ computers are most often used in major corporations to conduct business activities. mainframe
A usb _____ is a device that plugs into a USB port and contains multiple USB ports. hub
Notebooks and laptops are __________ personal computers designed to fit on your lap and carry easily. portable
A ___________ is a pen that is used to draw on a tablet or handheld. stylus
____________ controls the movement and actions of players in a video game gamepad
________ are special computers that are housed in a bay within a metal frame. rack server
Computers are categorized on: _________, _______, ________. speed, price, processing power
_____ is the practice of sharing computing resources, such as servers virtualization
___________ is the process of initiating contact between two Bluetooth devices and allowing them to communicate with each other? pairing
NFC technology is used for ________ purchases. credit card
Type of servers that are accessible through the internet and provide access to storage are referred to as ____________ cloud
_____________ run off a battery source and are used to give enough time to properly close down a system. online UPS
________ occurs when the incoming electrical supply or voltage increases, often defined as more than five percent, above the normal volts? spike
Use a ______________ to protect against electrical fluctuations. surge protector
A __________ is the case that contains and protects the motherboard. system unit
A _______ is when you purchase a variety of software at the time of purchase. bundle
For the devices to communicate with each other, _______ is the maximum distance they can be apart 300 ft
__________ is a term that includes all the photos, videos and audio collected. media library
A surge protector should have a _____ rating of about 600 joule
___________ compatible refers to a newer technology that will support older technologies backward
_____________ servers are often used to restore a computer after a catastrophic event. backup
What you use at a local market to rent favorite dvd's, get information, or buy goods. vending kiosk
30 seconds is the typical size of _______ messages. video
_____________ is not a category in which a computer "fits". resolution
Computer _______ issues include lower back pain, emotional and muscle fatigue. health issues
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