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Short Story Week 2

"The Birds"

Author: Daphne du Maurier
Daphne is from here. London
Authors dad was a ___ ___. And grandfather was a ___ ___. Famous actor; famous writer
means wealthy or prosperous (author was this) Well-to-do
Author's sister preferred: Social life- dances, parties, fundraising
Daphne liked ___ and ___. Solitude and reading
Daphne du Maurier wrote her first novel when she was: In her early 20's
Author's best seller: The Loving Spirit
Daphne wrote three romantic novels: Rebecca, Jamaica Inn, Frenchman's Creek
___ is a clue or hint about what's going to happen. foreshadowing
___ is when a story is told on more than one level. Ex: seems to be a simple scary story, but it's actually much more Allegory
"The Birds" is really about the ___ ___. Cold War
The ___ ___ was a political war about ideologists. Some indirect fighting. USSR vs. USA. Each country provided weapons, soldiers, advice, airplanes, etc. to a "friend country." Cold War
During the Cold War, both the USA and the ___ had ___ weapons. USSR; atomic
During the Cold War, people became ___. Nervous
Setting: England right after WWII
Plot: Wat Hocken, wife, Jill, Johnny have conflict with birds that act weird
Suspense= Page-turners
Daphne du Maurier hints that: Something is wrong right from the beginning
As the story goes on, Things get worse
Conflict type: Man vs. Nature
A ___ ___ threatens to destroy people. Sometimes means whole human race. Natural catastrophe
This book makes: The reader want to predict what is going to happen
A reader's predictions about the book's outcome are based on: Observations of characters and their situations, clues from the writer, their own experiences, and their understanding of how the story works,
This story has an ___ ending. It is open for ___. Ambiguous; interpretation
The ___ ___ symbolizes the USSR. East Wind
*Notes* Symbols: mass German air attacks, gulls to mighty fleet at anchor, England's being unprepared for WWII.
Created by: rachelebrady



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