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Lg. Intestine Points

LI Overview (Chris-EWCNM)

What is the Well point? LI1
What is the horary point? LI1
Which LI point is best to revive conscienceness and treat collaspe or epilepsy? LI1
What is the Spring Point? LI2
What is the stream point? LI3
Which point benifits the throat and teeth to treat toothache and sore throat as well as dispels fullness to treat diarrhea? LI3
Which point is the source point? L4
What is the command point of the face and mouth to treat all disorders of the face and mouth? LI4
What point is "all powerful" in treating pain? LI4
What is the entry and exits points of the LI channel? LI4 and LI20
Which point is contraindicated in pregnacy becuase it can induce labor? LI4
Which point is the jing river? LI5
Which point clears yangming fire so can be used to treat "Plum Pit Qi" in the throat? LI5
What is the Lou conneting point? LI6
Which point is used to treat yang edema due to its function to open and regulate water passages? LI6
What is the Xi cleft point? LI7
Which LI point is best to treat breast abscesses? LI8
Which point is the Hea Sea point? LI11
Which point can clear heat and cools the blood to eliminate wind, drains dampness and itching or other types of skin diseases. LI11
Which point benifits the eyes? LI14
Which point benifits the shoulder to treat pain in shoulders, treats urticaria by dispelling wind and treats scofula by dispelling plegm nodules? LI15
Whiich point benifits should and is commonly used for frozen shoulder? LI16
Which points benifits the throat and voice to treat aphasia, goiter or scrofula? LI18 and LI17
Which point is the window of the sky point? LI18
This point expels wind nad opens the nasal passages to treat nasal obstructions, rhinorrhea, deviation mouth or itching? LI20
Which point is CI in moxa? LI19
What is the front Mu and back Shu points of the LI? UB25, ST25
What point is called Hand 3 Mile, is a major point for any muscle disorders of the hand and arm and which jaio does it beneifit? LI10 and benifits the middle jaio
What is Lower Hea Sea point of LI? ST37
What channel does the LI20 link with? ST channel, opens nassage passages and expels wind and clears heat.
What point regulates water passages water passages and is used for yang edema? LI6
Were is best point for clearing nasal congestion? LI20
Created by: cawalte3