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Chapter 2 Internet

Buying and selling products over the Internet is called____________ e-commerce
_____________ computing allows one to access storage and applications over the internet. cloud
With __________, you use the internet to place phone calls, instead of the traditional phone system. VOIP
________ connect computers together to share resources. network
_________ does not allow changing service or bandwidth because a web site allows illegal media sharing net neutrality
A digital representation of nontext information is often referred to as a _______. graphic
A __________ is application software used to view information from the web. browser
A worldwide collection of electronic documents comes from ___________ and the _________. web, internet
***The descriptor for a filter that block one from suspicious or fraudulent web sites is called ___________ . phishing
With ___________ browsing, user are able to have multiple home pages that display when the browser is running. tabbed
Members of the public that report on current events are referred to as ____________. citizen journalists
___________is a type of web page that people can commit or make changes to . wiki
A post to a microblog, such as ___________, is simply a short text message. These are referred to as ________. twitter; tweets
____________ does not require that all be online and responding at the same time. asynchronous
___________ FTP sites allows anyone to transfer some, if not all, available files. anonymous
____________ are companies that allow access to the internet for a small fee. access provider
_____________ refers to traffic on the communications lines. A lower value means less data can be transmitted. bandwidth
Another name for a web address is called a ____________________ uniform resource locator
__________________ refers to combining text with graphics, animation, audio, video, etc. multimedia
_____ networks use a high-speed, wireless internet device to connect to the internet. Wi-Fi
A collection of related webpages and other documents, stored on a web server for others to view, is referred to as a __________ website
transferring files from your computer to the internet is referred to as ___________ uploading
______ is sued to define the transmission of messages and file over a network. email
The first browser to be released in 1993 is __________. Mosaic
the ______________________ is a collection of millions of web sites. world wide web
_____________ refers to a short text message, often less than 160 characters, set over a cellular network text messaging
____________ are a document written in HTML web page
A _____________ is a group of email addresses used for mass distribution of a message. email list
Ways to connect to broadband internet include: ____, _____ and ____________ DSL, Wi-Fi, fixed wireless
_____________ is the term used when you share your internet access through a phone with another device. tethering
A search engine will return a list of ______ in response to a search text. hits
______________ is special software that a user needs to listen to audio files while on a computer. media player
A set of online rules and practices are referred to as ___________. netiquette
___________ is the nation's fastest growing crime, and victims are often unaware until major damage has been done. identity theft
_____________ provide details about an individual's behavior, and includes comments, postings, like and shares. online profile
________, by Tim Berner's Lee, was the first graphical web browser released in 1993. Mosaic
A ___________ is a collection of related web pages connected by hyperlinks web site
Web pages are written in _____________, the official language of the internet. HTML (hyper text markup language)
The ___________ is a collection of millions of web sites. World Wide Web (WWW)
A ____________ is another name for a short message service on a cellular network. text message
A ____________ is when an audio files is distributed through downloads or feeds. podcast
A ____________ site is a collaborative web site people use to communicate and share with others. social network
A ____________ is an informal web site of time-stamped articles in journal format. wiki
A web address is the same as a(n) _______________ Uniform Resource Locator
_____________ services need both parties to be online at the same time in order to send and receive messages. Instant messaging
A ____________ is needed to view information from the web. browser
A _____________ is used to access the web from a public place. hotspot
faytechcc.edu is also a _________________. domain name
Many public locations, such as airports, hotels, schools, shopping malls, and coffee shops, are hotspots that provide _______ Internet connections to users with mobile computers or devices. wi-fi
E-commerce that takes place between two businesses is referred to as ____________. B2B, business to business
The goal of _____ was to build a network that allowed scientists at different physical locations to share information and work together on military and scientific projects. ARPANet
The major carriers of Internet network traffic are known collectively as the __________________. internet backbone
One would enter ________________ in a search engine to look for a webpage. search text
___________ is the term for a filter that warns or blocks you from potentially fraudulent or suspicious websites? phishing
Users can modify posts in a _____, but they cannot modify posts made in a ____ wiki; blog
A(n) ___________ uniquely identifies the location of each computer or device connected to the Internet. ip address; internet protocol address
_____ is the term for the transmission of messages and files via a computer network? EMAIL
_________ allows users to have multiple home pages that automatically display when the browser runs? tabbed browsing
A _________is needed to provide high-speed Internet connections via satellite. satellite modem
The _____________ consists of a worldwide collection of electronic documents. web
Images that appear with motion are referred to as _________ video
Some FTP sites allow _________ file transfers, which will let anyone transfer available files. anonymous
________ includes music, speech or other sound. audio
A ____________ is a digital representation of nontext information such as a drawing, chart, or photo? graphic
A(n) _________ is a group of email names and addresses used for mass distribution of a message email list
A ______ is used to extend the capability of a browser. plug-in
A ____________ is used to find websites and webpages of interest. search engine
A __________ is a smaller version of a larger graphic on a webpage. thumbnail
A ________ is used to offer a variety of internet services from a single location. portal
A ___________ is a special plug-in used to listen to an audio file on a computer. media player
Transferring data in a continuous and even flow to a user, while allowing access and use of the file while it is transmitting is referred to as ____________ streaming
____________ is the process of transferring files from a computer to a server on the internet. uploading
____________ is the process of moving a file from the server to a particular machine. downloading
__________ refers to any application to combines text with voice, video, graphics and animation. multimedia
___________ makes it possible for a hand held device to share access to the internet wirelessly. tethering
A post to a microblog is referred to as a ________. tweet
A __________ is a web page listing journal entries providing commentary and information, usually about a particular subject matter blog
_________ are members of the population that report on current events. citizen journalists
This type of communication does not require authors and readers to be online at the same time. asynchronous
________ is a video sharing site. youTube
Use of _________ letters indicate shouting. capital
___________ are software programs made to run on limited screen space, like a smartphone or tablet. mobile apps
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