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Lit. Analysis Lexico

theme idea or point of a story
static character a character who remains the same
explicit judgement narrator gives facts and interpretive comment
implied judgment narrator gives desc, reader make judgment
objective POV narrator a detached observer, reports on event
omniscient POV all knowing character
style the verbal identity of an author
irony a role that states the opposite of what is expressed
dramatic irony when character knows something that a character does not
situational irony contrast bw what a reader or character expects and what actually happens
hyperbole exxageration
litotes intensifies an idea by understatement
allusion a brief and indirect reference
connotation the implied meaning of a word
denotation dictionary def of word
synecdoche a part is substituted for a whole
metonymy designation of one thing w/ something closely associated with it
oxymoron contradiction
paradox a statement that seems contradictory but has some truth
juxtaposition two or more ideas/places/characters and their actions are placed side by side for the purpose of dev. comparisons
apostrophe a turning away, addressing someone new
euphemism substitute less pungent words for harsh one, for ironic effect
asyndenton conjunctions are omitted--> fast pace prose
polysyndenton the use of many conjunctions, slows pace
rhythm and meter the pulse or beat in a line of poetry, the recurrence of an accent or stress. measure or patterned count of a poetry line
pentameter a line in verse or poetry that has five strong metrical feet (iambic w/ 10 stressed)
blank verse un rhyming verse written in iambic pentameter
rhyme scheme the pattern of end rhymes in a poem
couplet two lines that rhyme and have the same meter
caesura a break or pause near the middle of a line
structure the pattern of organization of a poem
free verse open form
quatrain a type of stanza...consists of 4 linees
tercet 3 lines of poetry
slant rhyme a rhyme in which the stressed syllables of ending consonants match, preceding vowel sounds do not match
syntax sentence structure and word order.
enjambment run on sentence
synesthesia a figurative use of words that blends and stimulates multiple senses at once
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