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CSCI340 Johnson Ch1

Authentication The process of determining the identity of an individual or device.
Availability Ensuring accessibility of information to authorized users when required.
Business process reengineering (BPR) A management technique used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a process within an organization.
Conidentiality Limiting access to information/data to authorized users only.
Continuous improvement An ad hoc, ongoing effort to improve business products, services, or processes.
Data at rest The state of data stored on any type of media.
Data in transit The state of data when traveling over or through a network.
Governance The act of managing implementation and compliance with organizational policies.
Guideline The parameters within which a policy, standard, or procedure recommended when possible but are optional.
Information assurance The implementation of controls designed to ensure confidentiality, integrity, availability, and non-repudiation.
Information systems security (ISS) The act of protecting information systems or IT infrastructures from unauthorized use, access, disruption, or destruction.
Information systems security management life cycle The five-phase management process of controlling the planning, implementation, evaluation, and maintenance of information systems security.
Integrity The act of ensuring that information has not been improperly changed.
Need to know A principle that restricts information access to only those users with an approved and valid requirement.
Nonrepudiation The concept of applying technology in way that an individual cannot deny or dispute they were part of a transaction.
Policy A document that states how the organization is to perform and conduct business functions and transactions with a desired outcome.
Policy framework A structure for organizing policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines.
Procedure A written statement describing the steps required to implement a process.
Security policies A set of policies that establish how an organization secures its facilities and IT infrastructure. Can also address how the organization meets regulatory requirements.
Service level agreement (SLA) The portion of a service contract that formally defines the level of service. These agreements are typical in telecommunications contracts for voice and data transmission circuits.
Standard An established and proven norm or method. This can be a procedural standard or a technical standard implemented organization-wide.
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