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Study Helps for British Lit Unit 1 Test

Who invaded England to begin the Middle Ages? Germanic Tribes
Whose ascension to the throne marked the end of the Middle Ages? Henry VII
Was the Middle Ages a static time or a dynamic time? dynamic
Are the terms Middle Ages and Dark Ages synonymous? no
French became the language of the ruling class after what invasion? Norman
Anglo-Saxon conquerors brought what language to England? Old English
After 1100, English people spoke what language? Middle English
What contributed most to the development of Old English in writing and speaking? Latin alphabet
Who transmitted Old English literature into the dialect of West Saxon? Alfred
Eighteenth-century rationalists who were hostile to religions invented what term to describe the medieval period? Dark Ages
New nobility and strongly centralized feudal administration were contributions that this group brought to English life. Normans
This language's impact on Old English is most apparent in ordinary speech and grammatical influence. Scandanavian
Irony and riddles in Old English poetry is evidence of what? humor
Irony, alliteration and variation are common features of what? Old English poetry
Who describes Caedmon as a humble, uneducated man who had the gift of versifying sacred history? Bede
In what work are the three basic philosophical questions of origin, meaning and destiny alluded to? "The Conversion of Edwin"
Who uses the illustration of the sparrow to portray the brevity of life? King Edwin's counselor
What is the earliest surviving English Poem? Caedmon's Hymn
Which of Bede's works is the major source of information about Anglo-Saxons before the time of Alfred the Great? The Ecclesiastical History of the English People
"Wave-skimmer" and "swan-road" are examples of what poetic device? Kenning
A long, stylized narrative poem that celebrates the deeds of a national hero is an example of what? epic
What are two types of epics? folk and literary
Epics traditionally teach something. That means they are what? didactic
What is the subject of Caedmon's Hymn? creation
Why are the Danes being assaulted by Grendel? pride
"The continuance of civilization requires virtuous heroes" is the theme of what work? Beowulf
What is the Anglo-Saxon term for fate? Wyrd
Who is mortally wounded by tearing off his arm? Grendel
William of Normandy lacked which heroic quality, according to "The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle"? generosity
Which word best describes William the Conqueror as a ruler, according to "The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle"? severe
Which poem illustrates the four traditional heroic virtues of fortitude, prudence, loyalty and generosity? Beowulf
Which work is said to have a circular structure, because it begins and ends with the funeral of an aged king? Beowulf
What is the traditional aim of a poet? to teach by delighting
What is considered charming, because its beauty tempts sailors to sail too close? iceberg
Who was most responsible for the initiation of "The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle"? Alfred the Great
What is a fyrd? national army
Whom did the witan choose as the new king after King Ethelred? Edmund
Which book's purpose was to record the survey of all the property owned in England? Domesday Book
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