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Phono. Processes

AG 507 Phonological Processes

unstressed syllable deletion potato - tato
final consonant deletion dog - da
cluster reduction drink - dink
epenthesis blue - baloo
initial consonant deletion bib - ib
doubling go - gogo
diminutization cup - cuppy
coalescence swim - fim
velar fronting key - tea
stopping of fricatives of affricates feet - peethouse - hout
depalatization shoe - su
gliding of liquids rabbit - wabbit
vowelization noodle -noodoo
deaffrication chew - shoe
affrication shoe - chew
gliding of fricatives zipper - yipperthumb - wumb
denasalization drum - drubnurse - durse
backing down - gown
glottal replacement fishing - fi?ingcup - ku?
reduplication water - wawabottle - baba
labial assimilation boot - bup progressivezip - vip regressive
velar assimilation coat - coke
nasal assimilation nose - known
prevocalic voicing pie - buykick - gik
prevocalic devoicing bag - bake
alveolar assimilation knife - nice
metathesis elephant - effalant
systematic sound preference fork - torksoap - tope
vowel harmony cowboy - coyboy
derhoticization bird - bid
rhoticization bid - bird
Created by: Aureole