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Rutiri-Adobe PS

Digital Imaging -Chapter 3

Images from different sources Compositing
The temporary storage area provided by your operating system. Clipboard
A series of dotted lines. Marquee
It is an anchor within the marquee. Fastening Point
A selection stays selected until you unselect. Deselect
This is non-printable horizontal and vertical lines that you can display on top of a image to help you position a selection. Guides
This setting is similar to tolerance, in that the lower the value, the closer in color pixels must be to be selected. Fuzziness
After you select certain commands, small squares surround the selection. Handles
It is a picture or portrait whose border fades into the surrounding color at its edges. Vignette
This lets you protect or modify a particular area and is created using a marquee. Mask
This uses feathering to fade a marquee shape. Vignette Effect
This setting blurs the area between the selection and the surrounding pixels, which creates a distinctive fade at the edge of the selection. Feather
This tool removes blemishes and other imperfections. Healing Brush Tool
Most Photoshop images are created using this compositing method. Combining Images
An example of sources for images. Royalty-free images.
What is one example of a common selection method? Using Color.
How do you choose a selection tool? Examine images to evaluate selection options.
Use the selection tool to select irregular shapes Freeform Tool
Use the selection tool to select objects that are rectangular or elliptical. Fixed-Area tool
Fastening points are visible when this tool is used to select an object. Magnetic or Polygonal Lasso Tool
What is an example of Marque Modifications? Expand a marquee
What do you click on the menu bar to open the color range box? Select
How many selections does the magic wand tool offer? Four
When you use a magic wand tool, that select pixels that are next to one another what is it called? Contiguous check box
When you use a magic wand tool, what is it called when you specify whether similar pixels will be selected? Tolerance setting
What do you click on the menu bar to transform an image? Edit
What is the function used to flip a selection horizontal? Transform
What tool do you use to fix imperfections? Healing Brush Tool
What is it called when a picture whose border fades into the surrounding color at its edges? Vignette Effect
To help add a vignette effect what is used to achieve a fading of the edges? Feathering
Created by: eva_rutiri