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Chapter 1: Digital Literacy

a personal computer that users can carry around with them is often referred to as a ________________ mobile computer
_____________ is defined as having knowledge and understanding of computers, mobile devices, the internet, and other related technologies digital literacy
A _______ operates similar to a copy machine scanner
___________ involves transferring a file from the Web to your machine downloading
____________ is a processed fact, such as total price paid or grade point average information
A _________ computer is designed to fit entirely on or under a desk or table desktop
Networked systems allow one to share devices, such as printers, files, etc, and these are collectively referred to as ________________ resources
______ is unprocessed facts; used to create information data
A(n) _________ is an electronic device, operating under the control of instructions stored in its memory, can accept data and produce results that can also be stored for later use computer
A collection of computers and devices connected together, to share resources is referred to as a ______________ network
A worldwide collection of networks, connecting millions of businesses, government, educational and individuals together is known as the _____________ internet
Productivity tools, like spreadsheets, presentations, and memos are know as ___________ category of software. application software
A collection of related web pages is called a ____________ website
* Electronic component that process data using instructions computer
________ is the term used to zoom in to see more detail on a tablet or other touch-screen device pinch
Popular ones of a(n) ________ include Mac OS, Windows and android-based. Operating systems; systems software
This category of workers, known as _________, use a computer while away from a main office or home mobile
____________ is the term used to describe the gap between those with access to technology with those who do not have access. digital divide
_________ type of memory is durable and shock resistant, and is often used in laptops for its durability. SSD
The term __________ is often used to describe the stress that some may feel when deprived of computers and other mobile devices technology overload
This is a special keyboard, called ________, that is actually projected from a device to a flat service. virtual keyboard
Major areas of concerning the risks of using computers and other digital devices include _________, ___________, __________. health risks, privacy risks, environment risks
These devices allow the computer to display information to the user. output
Most computers and other mobile devices allow one to typically connect to the a _________ network. wi-fi
A special pointing device that allows the user to control the pointer by sliding their fingertip across the screen is often found on a ___________ touchpad
The _____________ is actually a special service on the internet. World Wide Web
Software is a series of ___________ that tells the computer what tasks to perform, how to perform them and when to perform them. instructions
Using a journal format is what makes posts on many social media sites be considered a _______ rather than a discussion forum. blog
A _________ device is hardware capable of transferring items from computers and devices to transmission media and vice versa? communications
______________ consists of electronic components that store instructions waiting to be executed and data needed by those instructions? memory
_________ is raw fact; ______ has been processed and has meaning to the user. data, information
_________ is used to talk with others using the internet. VOIP
A tap is used to activate a _________ on a tablet or other mobile device. link
A double-tap from a tablet will open a new __________ app. browser
_________is used to zoom in to see more detail on an area of the web page. stretch
_________ includes the idea of using energy efficient hardware, regulating the manufacturing processes and recycling. green computing
The following exercises are recommended for easing ____________: clean the screen regularly, blink your eyes every five seconds, and take an eye break every 30 minutes. eye strain
A(n) __________'s electronic components process data using instructions computer
A slate style of ___________ does not contain a physical keyboard. slate
_________ disc is a type of storage media that consists of a flat, round, portable metal disc made of metal, plastic, and lacquer that is written and read by a laser optical
Word processing software, spreadsheet software, database software, and presentation software are examples of ________ software. application
_________ storage is used to store files using an Internet service. cloud
You interact with a program through which of a ___________ interface. user
The merging of technologies into one device is referred to as _______________ convergence
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