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Allegiant AP codes

Alleigant Airport Codes 8/15

BMI Bloomington, IL
BOI Boise, ID
SBN South Bend, IN
IDA Idaho Falls, ID
CKB Clarksberg/Morgantown, WV
BZN Bozeman, MT
DLH Duluth, MN
SGF Springfield, MO
GRG Spokane, WA
FWA Fort Wayne, IN
BLI Bellingham, WA
PIA Peoria, IL
TYS Knoxville, TN
MYR Myrtle Beach, SC
BLV Belleville, IL
CPR Casper, WY
SFB Sanford/Orlando, FL
RFD Rockford, IL
MLI Moline/ Quad Cities, IL
CID Cedar Rapids, IA
DSM Des Moines, IA
MFE McAllen, TX
LRD Laredo, TX
PBG Plattsburg, NY
ELM Elmira, NY
IAG Niagara Falls/ Buffalo, NY
SWF Stewart/Newburgh, NY
SYR Syracuse, NY
ISP Long Island, NY
AVL Ashville, NC
GSO Greensboro, NC
USA Concord/Charlotte, NC
RNO Reno, NV
PSM Portsmouth, NH
HGR Hagerstown, ND
GFK Grand Forks, ND
FAR Fargo, ND
MOT Moint, ND
BIS Bismark, ND
GRI Grand Island, NE
RAP Rapid City, SD
FSD Sioux Falls, SD
PVU Provo, UT
ICT Wichita, KS
OWB Owensboro, KY
ATW Appletown, WI
BTV Burlington, VT
OGD Ogden, UT
GTF Great Falls, MT
MSO Missoula, MT
MFR Medford, OR
GPI Kalispell, MT
PHF Newport News/ Williamsburg, VA
ROA Roanoke, VA
SHV Shreveport, LA
MTJ Mountrose, CO
XNA Bentonville, AR
TRI Tri-Cities, TN
PSC Pasco, WA
HTS Huntington, WV
SPI Springfield, IL
STC St Cloud, MN
RST Rochester, MN
TUL Tulsa, OK
LEX Lexington, KY
EUG Eugene, OR
BIL Billings, MT
IWA Mesa, AZ
CVG Cincinnati, OH
LCK Columbus, OH
PSP Palm Springs, CA
GSP Greenville/Spartanberg, SC
CHA Chattanooga, TN
AUS Austin, TX
LAS Las Vegas, NV
TOL Toledo, OH
MDT Harrisberg, PA
YNG Youngstown, OH
AVP Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, PA
BGR Bangor, ME
LIT Little Rock, AR
FAT Fresno, CA
HNL Honolulu, HI
PBI Palm Beach,FL
SMX Santa Maria, CA
PIE St Petersburg/ Tampa, FL
ABE Allentown, PA
OKC Oklahoma City, OK
MRY Monterey, CA
GJT Grand Junction, CO
GRR Grand Rapids, MI
LAX Las Angeles, CA
PGD Punta Gorda, FL
LAN Lansing, MI
OAK Oakland/ San Francisco, CA
COS Colorado Springs, CO
OGG Maui, HI
SCK Stockton, CA
SAN San Diego, CA
FLL Fort Lauderdale, FL
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