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Georgia Geography

parker quiz prep

What hemisphere is Georgia located in? the northern hemisphere
What continent is Georgia located on? North America
What nation is Georgia located in? The united States
What region of the U.S. is Georgia located in? southeastern region
What states border Georgia? Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee (FATNS)
What is another name for latitude lines? Parallel lines
In which direction do latitude lines run? From east to west
Latitude lines measure distance ___________ of the equator? North and south
What are the names of the special latitude lines? Equator, tropic of cancer, tropic of capricorn, arctic circle and inarctic circle
What is another name for longitude lines? Meridians
What is the name of the zero degree longitude line? Prime meridian
What is the name of zero degree latitude line? Equator
Longitude lines run ______________? North to south
Longitude lines measure the distance _____________ of the prime meridian? East and west
What are the names of the special longitude lines? Prime meridian and the international date line
What geographic region in Georgia contains an abrupt change in elevation? the fall line
What geographic region in Georgia contains Lookout Mountain? the Appalachian Plateau
What region in Georgia contains Fort Mtn. State Park? Valley & Ridge
What geographic region in Georgia are waterfalls prominent? the fall line
What type of line is the "Fall Line"? a jagged line
Where is the "fall line" located? between the Piedmont and Coastal Plain regions
What is the story of Lover's Leak? a native american couple from two different tribes fell in love and tried to run away together; unfortunately they were caught and both people ended up dying at a waterfall named Lover's Leak.
In what region is Lover's Lake located? Appalachian Plateau
What is the T.A.G. corner? where Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia meet at a perfect corner. (on clear days you can see 7 states from the top of the mountain?
In what region is Cloudlynn Canyon located? Appalachian Plateau
What was known as the civil war's bloodiest battlefield? Chickamauga (Valley & Ridge)
In what region was the first Cherokee nation's brick home made? Valley & Ridge
What is the carpet capital of the world? Dalton
In what region is Dalton located? Valley & Ridge
Before the first permanent capital, where was the Cherokee people's capital? where the chief lived
Where was the first permanent Cherokee capital? New Echota (where Chief Van James resided)(Valley & Ridge)
Who was believed to make the stone wall in the Valley & Ridge region? the Cheerokee in Valley & Ridge
What region receives the greatest amount of precipitation in Georgia? Blue Ridge
In what region does the Appalachian Trail begin? Blue Ridge
What's the name of the highest point in Georgia? Brasstown Bald (blue ridge)
What does Springer Mtn. mark in the Blue Ridge region? the beginning of the Appalachian Trail
What is the abundant in the Blue Ridge soil? limestone and granite
What's the apple capital of Georgia? Blue Ridge
What region contains the world's busiest airport? Piedmont
What region's name means foot of the mountain? Piedmont
Hartsfield-Jackson Airport name comes from? Mayor Hartsfield developed Atlanta's airport and aviation; mayor jackson furthered developed the airport
What are the names of the three interstates in the Piedmont Region that intersect in Atlanta? I-20, I-75, I-85
What region contains the capitol building? Piedmont
What sits atop the capitol building? lady freedom
What region was Dr. King born in? Piedmont
What's the name of the largest showing granite in America? Stone Mountain
Where is delta's headquarter's located? Piedmont
What did the 1996 bring to Atlanta? Money and recognition
What is the capitol dome made of? gold
What is lady freedom made of? copper
What was Turner-field originally? olympic stadium
What region contains biggest zoo and aquarium in state? Piedmont
What is Piedmont known as? Georgia's _________. heartland
What region contains half the population of Georgia? Piedmont
What 3 major universities are located in Piedmont region? Emory, Georgia Tech, UGA
Where are the CDC headquarters located? Piedmont
Why is Piedmont region so popular? more high-tech jobs
What type of soil is found in Piedmont region? Georgia red clay
What region falls south of the Fall Line? coastal plain
Why did FDR come to Warm Springs Georgia in coastal plain? to soothe paralysis (polio) in warm srings
In what region is the Little White House located? Coastal Plain
Coastal plain is famous for what vegetable? vidalia onion
What is Georgia's state vegetable? vidalia onion
What crops are abundant in Dougherty plain? peanuts, pecans, and corn
Where is the Dougherty plain located? coastal plain
the okeefenokee swamp is also known as? trembling earth
The Savannah river forms Georgia's border with which state? South Carolina
Savannah and Brunswick are both____? deep water ports
What in the soil makes the vidalia onion so sweet? lack of sulfur
Northeastern part of Georgia? Blue Ridge Mountains
Where is Dahlonega located? blue ridge
What is the significance of Dahlonega? site of first gold rush
Where's the TAG region located? Appalachian Plateau
Where is Cloudland State Park located? Appalachian PLateau
Where is Lookout Mountain located? Appalachian Plateau
What is the granite capital of the world? Elberton, Piedmont Region
Naval stores are an important industry here? coastal plain
Created by: sydlevett
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