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SC History Test 6

everthing up to - rice changed the sc forever

vesile in which materials were pounded or rubed with a pestle mortar
usually club shaped tool used to pound or ground material in a mortar pestle
plant growen for its blue dye indigo
close regulation of trade - benefit for the state mercantilism
crop grown to sell or money, no consumption staple
earthen bank used to keep water in/out of areas dick
water control device- 2 allow h2o in/out of area floodgates
2 part(GB to WI) of 3 parts trip - transporting african slaves(AF->USA) middle passage
restrict active of slaves activies Nedro Act of 1740
remove hole thresh
woven basket - separates lose holes fanner basket
list of items that had to be shipped to england from the colonies enumerated list
1660 ANT I
1663 ANT II
1674 Yeamans
1682 west fired
1685 rice
1708 equal numbers of black and whites
1739 Stono rebelum
1740 NA of 1740
1745 indigo
1787 rice mill
___ needs to stay out of business gov.
___ requires goods to be shipped on England ships and a english crew ANT I
3 items on the enumerated- tobacco, rice, and indigo
England got mad bec. ________ so England created what America was getting around the rules, ANT II
items sold to America had to go to England 1st the America on England ships(___________) ANT II hard to inforce
____ of each colony was in charge of trying to enforce the laws government
______ was in charge of the colonys but then they created __________ - what was there main job Privu Counsil, Board of Trade, to increase trade
when yeamans died who became gov. West
why was west fired he wouldnt stop the indain slave trade
carolina trade with indains as far to the west as __________ Mississippi
_____ was sucessfully grown, it was____, who ^was one of the two people who got ______ [___________________________________^ rice, given as a gift, woodward
what did rice do for SC what was it became known as it changed it forever - Carolina Gold
Created by: mrBECCAje