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Digital Vocabulary

digital community a community that is sustained online rather than in person
cyberspace a place where you can post things online, or, the Internet
post writing something on the Internet
online context knowing what is posted along with your video, such as advertisements or other videos
flame a very mean message you send to someone else on purpose
RL vs VR RL is real life. VR is life on the computer, or virtual reality. Some people don't tell the truth in real life, some don't tell the truth in virtual life either. If you have questions or are worried, talk to an adult about things online.
online the Internet
online guidelines rules that we decide on as a class, with my help, that will help you feel comfortable in talking about what happens online. This will also help us not break the rules of being good digital citizens.
membership signing up for something online that makes you part of a website or club
conditional trust believing what someone says online, but making sure you can prove that the information is true...an adult can help you find proof if you need help
Created by: wbaruth