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Guidelines for Virtual Behavior vocabulary

Coaching This occurs when teachers help students make good decisions about issues of safety and responsibility online.
Filtering This occurs when students are not allowed by adults to access content online.
Social Communication Distance The amount of virtual "space" you allow between parties when communicating online. This is similar to the space you feel comfortable with when communicating in RL.
Proxemic Allowing students to develop personal relationships online when it is reasonable to do so.
Strangers Strangers online aren't always danger. Students need to learn how to balance safety, common sense, and opportunity in a digital community.
Disclosure When communicating online, students should know the policies about how much of their information will be made public.
Vague Students should think at least twice before posting something that could be inappropriate. Sometimes not saying everything you are thinking is better.
Reading myself Since nonverbal cues are not available in online communication, students must be cautioned about reading more into a message than was intended. Don't project personal feelings onto the sender.
Metainformation Information about information, esp. information about a document or a Web page – Dictionary.com
Interlational Communication Communication across social distances – Jason Ohler
Created by: gilmanator