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Mycology Hyaline and Dematiaceous Fungi

Muti-celled, sickle-form macroconida Colonies: rose red or purple red pigmentation Fusarium sp.
Dark, elliptical conidia each support by a conidiophore (lollipops) Colonies: grayish-brown appearance Scedosporium apiospermum
Chains of spherical conidia produced from branching phialides Colonies: typically green, granular, rugose Penicillium sp.
Tight clusters of spherical conidia held by finger-like phialides Colonies: "green lawn" that extends from border to border across the petri dish Gliocladium
Microscopic description: Flower-like appearance Colony description: Green granular colony with a white peripheral apron Aspergillus fumigatus
Microscopic description: Stem with bulbous extensions Colony description: Gray-white, cottony growth rapidly filling the Petri dish Zygomycetes
Muti-celled, rough walled macroconidia with a tapered terminal cell Colony: cottony white with a lemon yellow apron. Microsporum canis
Dense aggregated of echinulate, brown-black conidia Colony: peppered brown-black on the surface and gray-white on the reverse. Aspergillus niger
Loose clusters of elliptical conidia arranged in a "diphtheroid pattern" Colony: smooth, pastel rose pigment Acremonium sp.
Chains of large, lemon-shaped annelloconidia Colony: buff-brown with distinctive radial rugae Scopulariopsis sp.
Chronis sinusitis Scedosporium apiospermum
Otitis externa Aspergilus niger
Mycotic keratitis Fusarium sp.
Tinea pedis Trichophyton rubrum
Stale bread Mucor sp
Hospital construction Aspergillus niger
Shared bath towels Epidermophyton floccosum
Fermenting stored grain Fusarium sp
Created by: emery87
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