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Words important to understand when dealing with digital etiquette for students

Proxemic Non-verbal communication including touch, body language, and tone of voice; development of personal relationships
RL Abbreviation for Real Life; non-digital
VR Abbreviation for Virtual Reality; digital
Disclosure Allowing others to know secret or personal information
Infosphere Environment of information and communication; typically online
Interlational Communication Communication across distances; made easier by Internet and digital communication
Conditional Trust Trust that is given but requires conditions to be met; information must be verified before it is believed
Cyberspace Digital environment of computer networks, the Internet, etc.
Digital Membership Belonging to or being part of an digital organization, group or community
Digital Community Online community where members interact in cyberspace
Flame Posting or sending an offensive, rude or angry message on the Internet; a discouraged online practice
Created by: CarrieBowman