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Final 35

Chinese Patents

Si Ni San Cold fingers and toes, a warm body (s/t w/irritable & fullness in chest & hypochon), mood swings, depress,PMS, tooth grinding, cyclical sympt in robust person Liver Qi Stag T: red w/yellow ct P: wiry Dawn
You Gui Exhaust of long term illness, aver to cold, coolness in extremes, impotence, spermat, ache/weak low back & knees, infertile, loose stools, incont, edema of low extremes Kid Yang Def w/ Essence def T: pale, swollen, thin white ct Restore Yang & Essence
Bu Zhong Yi Qi wan 3 patterns: Sinking Mid Jiao: hemorr, prolapse, chr diarrhea, irreg uterine bleed Spleen & Stomach def - unable to raise clear noted by dizzy, unclear vis, SOB, loose stools. Qi def Fever:worse w/exert, spont sweat, aver to cold, thirst for warm bev Sinking Spleen Qi: Prolapse Uplifting (includes depression)
Gui Pi Tang Forgetful, palps, insomnia, dd sleep, anx & phobia, fever, reduced app,chr bleeding,continuous periods of pale blood with little flow Heart Blood and Spleen Qi def Spleen qi creates blood to nourish Heart
Li Zhong Mid burner cold from def, diarrhea w/watery stools, n/v, loss of app, abd pain,bleeding due to yang def w/nosebleeds, excessive menstrual bleed,rect bleed, blood is pale w/cold ext. Not to use with Yin Xu or fever. Spleen Yang def T: pale w/white coat P: Thin, submerged For the Cold Cauldron
Si Jun Zi Tang Pale complex, low voice, reduce app, loose stools, weak limbs, weak digest Spleen Qi Def T: Pale P: Weak Basic Spleen Qi def
Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Reduced app fr Damp, loss of taste, can only eat a little at a time, bloat aft eat, epigast discomfort, gen weakness Spleen/Stomach Qi def w/cold Damp Cold in Mid burner Lazy Boy Chair Middle Jiao helper
Liu Jun Zi Tang Cough in morning, legs ache till they get moving around = DAMP. Loss of app, n/v: morning sick, abdominal distent, stifle in chest & epigast, cough of thin white sputum, diarrhea Spleen Qi def w/Phlegm Damp T: greasy, thick ct Morning Sickness
Ping Wei Distension & full epigast & abd, loss of taste and app, heavy sens in limbs, loose stools, diarrhea, inc desire to sleep, n/v, blech, acid reflux Damp stag in Spleen & Stomach T: swollen w/thick, greasy, white coat P: moderate slippery Old Tom Jones Let's the body feel the Sunshine Is Out! : )
Bao He Abd distension, full in chest & epigast, occasional pain, rot smell belch, acid regurg, n/v, aver to food Food Stag in Spleen/ Stomach T: yellow greasy P: slippery Thanksgiving Meal or contaminated food
Bu Fei Tang Breathless, sad, grief, Cough & wheeze, dry parch throat, poss bl streak sputum Lung Yin Def w/Heat T: red w/ little ct P: float, thin, rapid (Lung Heat) Lungs w/heat Weak Lung pulse
Yu Ping Feng Freq colds & flu,spont sweat, aver to drafts, pale complex, breathless Lung Qi & Wei Def T: pale w/white coat P: soft, float, deficient Michael
Gui Zhi Tang Fever & chills unrelieved by sweating, HA, aver to wind, stiff neck, nasal congest, dry heaves, disharmony b/t ying & wei, THE BATTLE, wind-cold Wind Cold Attack T: thin, white, moist P: float Disharmony of Ying & Wei
Yin Qiao Fever with slight chills or no chills Cough, sore throat, headache, and thirst. Sores/boils, no sweating or has difficulty sweating. Constraint of protective Yang Qi causes fever and initially causes chills. Exterior Wind-Heat with heat toxins T: red tip w/thin yellow or white P: floating & rapid Wind heat develops rapidly, affecting the nose & mouth, then the Lungs Early Release of Wind Heat. Sweating reps the Qi aspect. If dissemination of Lung Qi is blocked, a cough will develop. When het damages the fluids, it causes thirst.
Cang Er Zi copius, purulent, foul-smell nasal discharge, nasal obstruct, dizzy, frontal HA Wind Heat & Phlegm T: normal or thin white or greasy Steaming the Sinuses 'Seepage from Brain'
Ge Gen Tang Common cold with stiff painful neck & upper back, chills, mild fever, no sweat, alcoholism Acute Wind Cold invades Tai Yang T: thin white P: Floating, tight TaiYang invasion
Sheng Mai Chr DRY cough w/sparse sputum, diff to expectorate, SOB, spont sweat, dry mouth & tongue, palps, night sweats, insomnia Lung & Heart Yin & Qi def Caution if high fever
Tian Wang Bu Xin Insomnia, Palps, night sweats, 5 palm, anxiety & panic attacks, vivid dreams, can't think or remember. Low grade fever. Heart Fire going up - the shen is restless. Kidney water is not cooling the fire. Fire not warming the Kidney Heart & Kidney Yin Def T: red dry, red tip P: thin & rapid Heart & Kid not communicating
Gui Zhi Jia Long Gu Mu Li Identifying piece: a sense of the energy going out & up, needs to go descend; Yang floats upward - dizzy,palps, insomnia, low abd contraction and pain and cold feeling in genitals. Deplete essence -> loss of hair Wind Cold, Qi needs to descend and go in Yang is Floating
Gan Mai Da Zao Stressed,wired,burned out, easily upset, like chamomile tea, cheap, moves the Liv qi, soothe the shen, longterm okay Nourishes Heart, calms shen, Harmonizes middle jiao Ahhhh!!!!
Si Wu Tang Blurred vision,dull complex & nails, gen musc tension,irreg menses w/litt flow, low abd pain Blood Deficiency T: Pale P: wiry, thin, rapid Basic Blood def
Ba Zhen Pale/sallow, palp w/anx,reduce app, SOB, laconic, extremities easily fatigued,lite head/vertigo Qi & Blood Def T: Pale w/white Nettice
Dang Gui Si ni Chr icy cold hands & feet that are blood def. pale or purple pale, cramp pain in limbs, bilateral Cold Extremes blood Def T: pale w/white P deep, thready Annie
Si Ni San Cold fingers and toes, a warm body (s/t w/irritable & fullness in chest & hypochon), mood swings, depress,PMS, tooth grinding, cyclical sympt in robust person Liver Qi Stag T: red w/yellow ct P: wiry Lisa Trazadone
Xiao Yao San Free & Easy Wanderer Worse w/ upset, PMS, irritable,depress, mood swings, tooth grind, breast tender w/poss lumps, sighing, constip, insomnia Liver Qi Stag w/Spleen & Blood Def The B Take in last 2 weeks of cycle
Xiao Chai Hu Tang Alt fever & chills, dry throat, bitter taste, treats chr or persis viral, parasitic, or other low grad infect of a ShaoYang type, never well since a severe flu, fatigue, irritable, dizzy N/V, loss of appetite. ShaoYang Syndrome w/ Alt fever & chills Alt fever & chills... shaoyang
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang Dizzy, HA, red sore eyes, hearing loss,swell in ears, bitter taste, irritable, short temper Liver Fire, Damp heat in the Liver & GB T:red w/yellow ct P: wiry, rapid, forceful Gramps
Zhi Sou san coughing w/ or w/o Slight chills & fever, itchy throat, diff to expectorate Damp Phlegm in Lungs: Cuts the Cold Heading for Lungs off at the pass Stop the Coughing Powder
Er Chen Copious white sputum easy to expectorate, stifled chest, n/v, dizzy, palps Spleen & Lung def leading to phlegm damp T: white, moist, greasy P: slippery Yuck!
Ban Xia Hou Po A feeling as s/t is stuck in throat b/c of emo situation Plum Pit Qi T: moist or greasy P:slow & wiry or slippery & wiry Moves Rebel Qi downward
Wu Ling san Damp in Middle Jiao, Mild edema assoc w/ Sp Qi def, puffy eyes & fingers, diff urine Taiyang Syndrome - usu Wind Cold obstruct UB channel Upper body Puff
Xue Fu Zhu Yu san Chr pain in chest, hypochon, stubborn headache with a fixed piercing quality, a choke sens when drink, dry heaves, depress & low spirits, restless sleep, irritability, mood swings, eve tidal fever, incessant hiccup, palp, insomnia Blood Stasis in Chest T: dark red or purple with dark spots on sides, dark or purplish lips P: choppy or wiry, tight Bing: impaired blood mvt above diaphragm, obstruct qi in chest, prevents clear qi rising, blood stasis in stomach -> rebel choke feel. Long term stasis -> heat ->fire, may obstruct bl vess to heart
Yunnan Pai Yao Bleeding: uterine, blood in vomit, spit up blood, rectal bleed, local bruising, damage to ligaments & tendons, weeping sores Stops Bleeding all types Trauma: Contains the Red Pill for serious wounds -> shock
Liu Wei Di Huang Sore & weak low back, light head, vertigo, tinnitus, dim hearing, night sweats, spon/noct emissions, 5 palm heat, chr dry & sore throat, toothache, wasting & thirsting disorder Kidney & Liver Yin Def T: Red w/litt or no coat P: rapid, thin Classic Formula
Zhi Bai Di Huang Malar flush, night sweats,dry mouth & tongue, 5 palm heat, irreg or no menses, low back ache, vag dry, dizzy & tinn, tend to constipate Kidney Yin Def w/empty heat Stella!
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