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Chinese Patents

*Tian Wang Bu Xin Insomnia w/freq wake, wake anxious, viv dreams, palps, anx att,tend to constip, wake hot, nite sweats w/hands & feet,; thin, nervy, dry, most women 40+,chr mouth ulcers Heart & Kidney Yin Def T: dry red cracked or very red tip P: thready, rapid Shen cat wakes anxious
*Gui Zhi Jia Long Gu Mu Li (Cinn, Dragon, Oyster) Spermat, or dream of sex in women,palps, insomnia, dd sleep, dizzy, water diarrhea s/t,blood & essence def, loss of hair, yin& yang def Heart & Kidney not communicating P: floating or big but weak Yang up, Yin down -> nervous excitability, oversensitive to noise
Suan Zao Ren Irritable, can't sleep, palps, night sweats, dry throat, mouth, tongue,dizzy & vert, w/heat Liver Blood Def, mild shen & sleep T: dry P: wiry or thin rapid Sedative for mild heat disturb shen
*Gan Mai Da Zao Moody, depress, hysteria, hypersensitive, assoc w/hormone changes in women Heart & Spleen def Sedative for emo disorder 'Rhoda'
Mu Li (Oyster shell) Spont sweat worse @ night, palps, easy startled, SOB, irritable, gen debility,insomnia Heart & Wei Def Anchors Shen
Ding Zhi (Settle the Emotions) Insomnia, anxiety, poor memory, palps, timid & indecisive Heart & GB Qi Deficiency with severe fear, emotional shock, or restlessness Take courage!!
Xie Xin 'Drain the Heart/Epigastrium' Fever, restless, flush face, red eyes, dark urine, constip,delerious speech, epig distension, jaundice, diarrhea, tongue/mouth ulcers Heart w/Damp Heat excess T: Greasy yellow Strong heat & fire drain. Qi needs to go down
Zhi Gan Cao (Honey Fried Licorice) Arrhythmia hb, palps that are gen worse @ night,insomnia w/part diff go to sleep & switch off mind, dd sleep, forget,sob, tend to constip Heart Qi w/Blood &/or Yin Def T: pink or pale w/little coat P: knotted, irreg knot, thready Irreg irreg beat with beats dropped at irreg intervals
Created by: vwilson157