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Ch4 Review

Achieving 21st Century Learning Environments

RE: ASSURE model, Analyze, State Standards and Objectives, Select Strategies...,Utilize..., Require..., Evauate and Revise. It is during ________step that teacher-centered strategies are implemented. Utilize
Name the Strategy: The teacher seeks to increase student learning by having them work cooperatively to research, share, evaluate, and synthesize new content into a group product that demonstrates their learning. Cooperative Learning
Name the Strategy: The teacher wantsto challenge students into thinking about what they know and need to know about a topic. Problem Solving
Name the Strategy: The teacher recognizes that the students need to apply their knowledge or skills in a "real-world" situation. Simulations
____________ involve learners working with an agent--in the form of a person, computer software, or special printed materials,---that presents the content, poses questions or problems, requests the learner's responses and provides appropriate feedback. Tutorials
_________ _________ provides a competitive environment in which learners follow prescribed rules as they strive to attain a challenging goal. Educational gaming
Through the use of ______ ______ ______ students actively seek solutions to structured or ill-structured problems situated in the real world. problem based learning
________ are structured problems that include specific steps for students to follow, identified online resources, and instructions for students to prepare a presentation on their solution. Webquests
__________ _________ occur when the teacher and students are not together at the same time. asynchronous settings
______ _______ websites offer free productivity suites (e.g., word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software)similar to Microsoft Office and Apple iWork. open source
_____ _____ is a mix of synchronous settings (e.g., face-to-face or real-time video/televison) times when the teacher and students are not together at the same time. blended instruction
The ______ strategy uses an inductive, or inquiry, approach to learning that fosters a deeper understanding of the content through the learner's involvement with it. discovery
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