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Ancient History

Amphitheatre oval arena
Atrium open central courtyard or hall of a house
Basilica public building that contained the law courts and business activities
Caldarium hot bathroom
Comitium building for town meetings
Curia Chamber building where the council met
Forum main commercial area of the city
Freedmen/women slaves who had been given their freedom
Frigidarium cold bathroom
Fulleries shops where fabrics were washed and bleached
Hoplomachus heavily armoured gladiator; known as Samnite before Augustus' rule
Hypocaust system of flues beneath the floor that distributed heat from a furnace
Insula/e cheap apartment house/blocks of housing, shops, restaurants and factories
Myrmillo gladiator with Gallic weapons
Palaestra open exercise area in the public baths
Peristyle courtyard encircled by a line of columns
Pyroclastic surge surge of rock and lava caused by the explosion of a volcanic eruption
Sacellum chapel
Tabularium building where government records were stored
Thermopolia bar or tavern
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