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French vocab

à cette époque at that time
à cheval on horseback
à condition que provided that
à côté de beside
à l'aise at ease
à la fois at the same time
à la mode fashionable
à merveille beautifully
à moins que unless
à raison rightly
à tort wrongly
à toute vitesse at full speed
à vélo by bicycle
aboyer to bark
accéder to have access to
acier steel
actualité current events
addition check
adoucir to soften
affaire to bargain
affiche poster
agglomération town/urban area
agneau lamb (meat)
aîné(e) older
ainsi in that manner
alimentaire dietary
alpinisme mountaineering
ambitieux/ambitieuse ambitious
améliorer to improve
amener to bring/take along
amphis lecture halls
ampleur magnitude
anathème something condemned
ancien/ancienne former
annuaire directory
annuler to cancel
anonymat anonymity
anorak parka
antenne parabolique satellite dish
antillais(e) West Indian
antiquaire antique dealer
antipathique unpleasant
apercevoir to catch a glimpse of
apéritif before-dinner drink
appareil camera; telephone; piece of equipment
appartenir to belong
armée army
arrêt bus stop
ascenseur elevator
assiette plate
atomique: centrale nuclear power plant
attraper to catch
au courant well-informed; on top of
auberge inn
autant as much
Auvergne region in central France
avare stingy
baignoire bathtub
maillot swimming suit
banc bench
barbant(e) boring
bas stockings
bas/basse low
battre to defeat
beaujolais a French red wine
bête stupid
bifteck steak
blanchisserie laundry
boîte can
bouche mouth
boulot job
boum party
bourse scholarship
camelote junk
caméscope camcorder
cantine school cafeteria
carrière career
cartes cards
caserne de pompiers fire station
ceinture belt
célibataire single
concours contest
connu(e) well known
consacré(e) devoted
contractuelle parking enforcement officer
dactylo typist
décapotable convertible
défiler to march
deltaplane to go hang-gliding
démarrer to drive away
déménager to move (house)
dents teeth
devise motto
devises currency
dizaine about
doigt finger
durer to last
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