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CH 1: Introduction to Word: Organizing a Document

AutoRecover A feature that enables Word to recover a previous version of a document.
Document Inspector Checks for and removes certain hidden and personal information from a document.
Document Panel Provides descriptive information about a document, such as title, subject, author, keywords, and comments.
Draft view View that shows a great deal of document space, but no margins, headers, footers, or other special features.
Footer Information that generally displays at the bottom of a document page, worksheet, slide, or database report.
Header Information that generally displays at the top of a document page, worksheet, slide, or database report.
Insertion point Blinking bar that indicates where text that you next type will appear.
Landscape orientation An orientation for a displayed page or worksheet that is wider than it is tall.
Margin The area of blank space that displays to the left, right, top, and bottom of a document or worksheet.
Outline view A structural view of a document that can be collapsed or expanded as necessary.
Portrait orientation An orientation for a displayed page or worksheet that is taller than it is wide.
Print Layout view View that closely resembles the way a document will look when printed.
Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) A component of Office 2013, located at the top-left corner of the Office window, that provide handy access to commonly executed tasks such as saving a file and undoing recent actions.
Read Mode View in which text reflows automatically between columns to make it easier to read.
Ribbon The long bar of tabs, groups, and commands, located just beneath the Title bar.
Symbol A character or graphic not normally included on a keyboard.
Template A partially completed document containing preformatted text or graphics.
Thesaurus A tool used to quickly find a synonym (a word with the same meaning as another).
Watermark Text or graphic that displays behind text.
Web Layout view View that displays how a document will look when posted on the Internet.
Word A word processing software application used to produce all sorts of documents, including memos, newsletters, forms, tables, and brochures.
Word processing software A computer application, such as Microsoft Word, used primarily with text to create, edit, and format documents.
Word wrap The feature that automatically moves words to the next line if they do not fit on the current line.
Created by: TroyIS2241