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Windows 8

CH 5: Getting Started with Windows 8

Action center A feature in Windows 8 that monitors your system for various maintenance and security settings
Aero peek A sneak preview of any open window, even if it is obscured by another, by placing the mouse pointer over the program's icon on the task bar
App bars Bars, such as the Tabs bar and Address bar, that float on the screen above the app when summoned.
Calculator A tool that lets you perform simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to advanced scientific, programming, and statistical functions.
Charms bar Provides quick access to actions that most users perform frequently. To access the Charms bar, move your mouse to the top- or bottom-right corner of the screen or press the Windows key+C.
Desktop A modified version of the desktop in previous editions of Windows. Serves the purpose of a desk, on which multiple tasks can be completed.
Dialog box A window that displays when a program requires interaction with you, such as inputting information, before completing a procedure.
Firewall A software program that helps to protect against unauthorized access (hacking) to your computer.
Help and Support A feature in that provides answers to questions about a process or tool on almost any Windows topic.
Icon A picture or image on the desktop that represent programs, files, folders, or other items related to your computer.
Jump list A list of program shortcuts, which show recently opened files, the program name, an option to pin or unpin an item, and a close option.
Notepad A program that enables you to create documents.
Notification area An area of the task bar where icons are displayed that indicate tasks that need the user's attention.
Operating system Software that directs computer activities such as checking all components, managing system resources, and communicating with application software.
Paint A windows 8 program that enables you to create drawings and to open digital pictures.
Pinning Adding a title to the Start screen.
Screen saver A moving series of pictures or images that displays when your computer has been idle for a specified period of time.
Shortcut An icon, identified by a small arrow in the bottom left-hand corner, that provides quick access to programs or features just like the tiles on the Start screen.
Snap A process with Windows 8 accessory program that enables you to capture a screen display so that you can save, annotate, or share it.
Snip A Windows 8 accessory program that enables you to capture a screen display so that you can save, annotate, or share it.
Snipping tool A program that provides users the ability to capture an image of all (or part of) their computer's screen.
Spyware Software that is usually downloaded without your awareness, and collects personal information from your computer.
Start screen The display that you see after you turn on your computer and respond to any username and password prompts.
Switch list A list of thumbnails of previous programs.
Taskbar A tool for keeping track of open computer programs or files.
Tiles Standard square icons that are used on the Windows 8 interface to launch programs, or open folders or files.
Title bar The long bar at the top of each window that always displays the name of the folder, file, or program.
Toolbar Provides shortcuts to Web resources.
Virus A computer program that attaches itself to another computer program (known as the host program) and attempts to spread to other computers when files are exchanged.
Window An area of space on the desktop.
Windows 8 apps Applications specifically designed to run in the Start screen interface of Windows 8.
Windows 8 interface The name given to the Start screen that features large type with clean, readable block images inspired by metropolitan service signs such as those found on bus stations and subways.
Windows Defender Antispyware and antivirus software included with Windows 8.
Windows Updates Automatically downloaded updates provided by Microsoft to enhance Windows security or fix problems.
WordPad A program that enables you to create documents.
The Windows 8 feature that alerts you to any maintenance or security concern is the Action Center
Snapping apps means that you Move a second app to the left or right side of the screen so it displays along with the first app
Which of the following accessory programs is primarily a text editor? Notepad
Apps on the Start screen are represented by rectangular icons known as Tiles
Open apps are displayed as thumbnails on the Switch list
A shortcut icon on the desctop is identified by An arrow at the bottom-left corner of the icon
Help and Support is available from which of the following? Dialog boxes with ? buttons
Which of the following is a method of switching between open windows? Alt+Tab
When you maximize a window, you Fill the screen with the window
When you enter search keywords in the Search box of File Explorer and the Computer option is selected The search is automatically expanded to include every folder on the hard drive
This is an icon with an arrow in the left-hand corner. Shortcut
It floats on the screen above an app when summoned. App bars
It is the workplace for non-Windows 8 apps. Desctop
These are pictures that represent programs or folders. Icons
It shows recently opened files and other options for a program. Jump list
This is a software that directs computer activities. Operating system
It is an accessory program that facilitates screen captures. Snipping tool
It contains thumbnail images of open programs. Switch list
These are programs designed to run in the Start screen interface. Windows 8 apps
It detects and removes viruses and spyware. Windows defender
It is a basic word processing program included with Windows. Wordpad
It provides quick access to frequently performed actions. Charms bar
This is a window that facilitates user input. Dialog box
This app provides user assistance on topics or procedures. Help and Support
It provides system status alerts in pop-up boxes. Notification area
It means adding a tile to the Start screen. Pinning
This is the first thing you see after your Windows 8 computer boots up. Start screen.
It helps track open programs on the desktop. Taskbar
This is another name for the Start screen. Windows Defender
It delivers modifications to the operating system to fix problems. Windows updates
Created by: TroyIS2241